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An assortment of tools and a riding or push mower needs a home by way of a garden storage unit. One choice when buying a plastic storage shed is a chest resembling a toy or linen chest, only it is a plastic storage unit. When considering what type of plastic garden storage unit to purchase, you may want shelving for storing trimmers, hand tools, gloves, and other items. When looking at large plastic sheds, the Keter shed manufactured by Keter Plastic LTD, is large enough to accommodate a riding lawnmower. Rubbermaid is a small plastic shed that is becoming very popular as more people discover it. This clear plastic storage container provides unique solutions for storing, organizing and carrying items around the home, office, garage or classroom. The most economical and maintenance-free type is a plastic storage module available in many styles, colours, and shapes. The chest is an ideal size for storing outdoor furniture cushions, pool supplies, garden tools, and sports equipment.

A tall plastic utility cabinet measuring 75x44x158 cm opens up to reveal two shelves and a sturdy bottom which supports heavier objects. The polypropylene resin shed has double, swing-out doors with a high-arch roofline, a window, and a skylight. As a matter of fact, all of the small sheds are made out of high quality plastic that is designed to last. The lid features a durable, locking latch and a comfortable handle for secure one-handed carrying. Before buying your plastic shed, get a handle on your buying possibilities, and then review listings by eBay sellers to find the perfect storage space. Measuring 140x62x72 cm, the all-weather plastic box is beige, mocha, or another colour with a contrasting lid shade. The maintenance-free shed is UV resistant to fading, has a woodgrain finish, and does not rust, warp, or dent. The lift-up lid is lockable and when closed serves as temporary seating positioned on a deck or patio.

Other units have three adjustable shelves holding up to 20 kilogrammes per shelf made from recycled material in a grey and black plastic.
The floor panel means you do not need to put down concrete, and the gable vents help cool the building during summer.
The storage unit never rots and has wheels and handles for moving easily to another location in the yard.
The structure reinforced with steel includes two shelves, is set up to include a lock, and has a storage capacity of 11.8 cubic metres. Look for a Keter unit with an additional access door for ease of use when removing objects, such as a stepladder or gas grill.

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