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Honestly my first thought about stalls at the end of an indoor arena isn't about arena size at all, but about DUST. I currently board at a 4H barn with mostly western riders and an outdoor only arena that is slightly wider than regulation but about 15' too short. I do know of quite a few barns that do a 20x40m indoor, but they usually have a full size outdoor.
Our overall building size is 70 by 200, but we used 36 feet of that at one end for stalls, tack room, mechanical and washroom. When I was trying to do freestyles, not having a full size arena in the winter made it tough, but overall I find it works to have a smaller indoor, but full sized outdoor. And some horses cannot get any rest in their stalls when they can see and hear another horse working. And I agree, dust can be an issue - but with the right footing and frequent watering it isn't bad.
If the barn offered great care, flexibility in feeding, lots of turnout, good footing, and a reasonable commute, then I'd be willing to accept a smaller arena. I don't really like the idea of having stalls surround the riding arena, but could accept it if the arena were a large one. As someone who boards out, I definitely look at the number of horses per acre when making a decision.
A big thank you to my awesome barn builders who built such a sturdy barn that it is holding up perfectly in this hurricane.

B&B advises using local electricians, plumbers and HVAC contractors, but we install the floor drain and stub out for the washroom. Dutch Masters has significant experience designing major renovations of existing structures.
Large equestrian complex including 3 indoor arenas, sports field, outdoor stadium and seven sand rings.
I currently have a 72' x 200' indoor which I built to have over regulation size but am considering adding 12x12 stalls with an isle in front of them on one end. As long as I have room to work, it's fine, it's just no fun when you get 4+ riders in there.
However, I might be willing to accept something slightly smaller depending on other factors. On the other hand, if the barn were lacking in some of those areas, then a small arena might prompt me to look elsewhere.
I've seen facilities like this and it works if there is plenty of space for people to ride in.
There are more than a few facilities I know of in my area who have way to many horses for the acreage they have making it difficult to offer turnout options or what turnout they do have ends up being grazed down to a dry lot in short order.
In fact when I was in there a little while ago you couldn't even really tell there was anything going outside while your inside the barn!
From reconstructing old timber frame structures and buildings lost to fire to significantly renovating historic barns, Dutch Masters has lent its expertise to make these unique projects a success.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Chronicle of the Horse.
Several of our clients want to retain the architectural integrity of existing buildings in order to respect the traditions and history of our agricultural heritage. Our portfolio demonstrates some of the projects we have designed and built to satisfy these desires. Don't like it and do not keep anything in my indoor with the exception of an occasional cavaletti. Restoring timber-frame bank barns is especially satisfying for Dutch Masters because we also appreciate the benefits of preserving these buildings according to yesterdaya€™s genius. I imagine you need the space for one reason or another and adding stalls inside the arena is cheaper than adding onto the barn.
Through many years of experience, we have refined our ability to enhance the traditions of the past by carefully using modern construction and engineering technologies with thoughtful design.

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