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Pole barns have chemically treated poles that are sunk into the ground and extend up to the top of the wall, they are then nailed together using some type of header usually a 2×12.
Pole barns are designed to be as cheap as possible to pass building codes for a barn or garage. Post and beam barn houses have some distinct advantages over conventional construction as well. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

The only similarity between a pole barn and a post and beam barn is that they both have upright posts that support the frame of the barn.
Then conventional trusses are placed on the 2×12 headers and are spaced 24-48 inches apart.
Including, wood basements, poured wall basements, cement block, concrete piers, and concrete slabs.
Your barn dwelling can be built on concrete piers and the basic barn shell can be built without having to worry about doing a barn to house conversion right away.

I have even seen a 150 year old barn that had a large rock under each post and that was all that was holding that old barn up!

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