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The cover project of the October 2010 Popular Woodworking issue is an Arts & Crafts sideboard by Robert W.
Michael Dunbar reveals how to understand and use a bowsaw – a traditional tool that is woefully misunderstood by modern woodworkers. In his second installment, Toshio Odate and his assistant add an innovative drawer design to Magobei’s dining table. A shop experiment answers the question of where glue goes, and leads its author to adopt a new gluing technique.
Online Extras for the October 2010 issue include the free SketchUp model for the Factory Cart Coffee Table, a free 3-D model of the buffet cabinet project in SketchUp format, a video of Michael Dunbar using a large and a small bowsaw, video of a visit to the David R.
I made the decision to murder with a tinge of remorse because I have heard more than a billion times during the last few years that we need trees to help stem global warming.
On my first day on the job as an apprentice cabinetmaker, my task was to glue together radiator panels for an office building. The fear of a sagging tabletop leads to a solution that incorporates Western joints and Japanese aesthetics.
Many countries have their own woodworking traditions, which are often a combination of mythology and ideology. We make the case that the material used on the finest furniture of the past should be in your future. I designed this buffet cabinet a couple years ago for a weekend seminar on Arts & Crafts joinery. This reproduction of an industrial workhorse will give you years of use in your living room.
At the turn-of-the-century, no factory existed without several industrial carts (also known as trucks) at its disposal.
Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years.

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If you are running an ad-blocker or an old browser version, you may need to update or disable the ad-blocker to use the entry form. This week we have the pleasure of working with Alf Sharp in the Popular Woodworking Magazine shop. Under the pressure of hot lights and cameras swirling about his head as he works, Alf is building a Goddard-Townsend Newport Tea Table (sweet piece of furniture). Glen Huey is a former managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, a period furniture maker and author of numerous woodworking books, videos and magazine articles. The cover project of the October 2008 issue of Popular Woodworking is a versatile new 21st-Century workbench designed and built by senior editor Robert W. Our series of articles by David Mathias continues with Greene and Greene: Details and Joinery with more never-before published photos of this incredible body of work. Michael Dunbar lists the layout tools we all need as well as how to use them in power and hand tool applications. Marc Adams continues his Woodworking Essentials series with ways to work smarter (and safer) at the table saw. And of course, in every issue you’ll find Flexner on Finishing, Tricks of the Trade, an I Can Do That project that can be built in a weekend with just a few simple tools and easy-to-find materials, Design Matters from George Walker, Arts & Mysteries and more! Lang that combines classic elements from Gustav Stickley, Harvey Ellis and Greene & Greene.
In this first of a series of articles, he shows how to get started using this material that was used on the finest furniture of the past.
With turbines the air pressure is established by the number of “stages,” usually two, three or four. Each issue of PopularWoodworking Magazine is packed with at least 15 can-do projects for the practical woodworker.

Selling this subscription at any other price is in violation of our Subscription Agent's Code of Conduct. Yes, this DOES include the territories and commonwealths ( American Samoa , Federated States of Micronesia , Guam , Marshall Islands , Northern Mariana Islands , Palau , Puerto Rico , Virgin Islands ). Alf is a woodworker with one foot in period work and the other planted firmly in the realm of studio furniture. By Jeff Skiver Page: 88 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now I already have more lumber than I can use.
By Bob Flexner Pages: 84-85 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now Shellac was once the most widely used wood finish in the world.
By Marc Spagnuolo Pages: 78-79 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now Most folks I talk with in the woodworking hobby seem to follow a similar path.
Each PopularWoodworkingMagazine project is complete with close-up photos, easy-to-follow steps, tool reviews, shop tips, finishing secrets and more! He’s also the 2008 Cartouche award recipient from the Society of American Period Furniture Makers.
Elements from historic benches makes this the ideal work-holding bench for both power and hand tool woodworkers.
Huey Pages: 58-63 From the October 2008 issue #171 Buy this issue now As we prepared to test random-orbit sanders, we considered the vast number of tools available.

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