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The safety of Pointe Coupee Electric Membership Corporation and other line worker employees is a top priority of the cooperative, especially during dangerous times.
When storms hit our area as we expect during hurricane season, we rush to your aid as soon as weather conditions allow our line workers to travel and make repairs safely. We place ground chains on the circuit—on both sides of workers—to make sure the line cannot be energized while work is being done. Pointe Coupee  Electric is proud of our outstanding safety record, but sometimes, no matter how many steps we take to keep everyone safe, the very people we are there to help unknowingly put our lives—and their own—in danger. Portable generators, widely used when power lines are down, can prove fatal to line workers and your neighbors when used improperly. Pointe Coupee Electric employees are not the only ones in danger when a portable generator is used improperly. Never connect a generator directly to your home’s wiring unless your home has been wired for generator use. Connecting the generator to your home’s circuits or wiring must be done by a qualified, licensed electrician who will install a transfer switch to prevent back feeding.
Pointe Coupee Electric encourages you to protect the well-being and safety of your family during outages, and safeguard those who come to your aid during emergency situations.
Portable generators can be a lifesaver when a storm hits and your family is faced with an extended blackout. Smaller generators (under 5,000 watts) are excellent for powering a few essential appliances and are great to take out camping or tailgating. Every year for Christmas I pull out the lights and extension cords along with the decorations that go all over the house. For your portable generator you’ll need to connect extension cords from the generator to each appliance in your home. Don’t put any of the cords under rugs because they can build up heat and cause a fire. This video from Popular Mechanics talks about operating your portable generator, connecting it to your home, and provides some additional safety tips.

One important thing to remember when starting or stopping your generator is to never turn it on or turn it off with electrical devices plugged in or turned on.
To stabilize the internal temperature of the generator and its engine you should let it run with nothing plugged in (no load) for a few minutes. Some portable generators will also require you to turn the fuel valve to the off position as well. I recommend having the transfer switch professionally installed by a certified electrician. You can pick and choose which circuits you want running on the transfer switch by simply flipping the switches.
One final thing you should do to make sure you have everything connected correctly is to conduct a test run.
Related posts:A Heavy Duty Portable Diesel Generator Offers Reliability and PowerA portable diesel generator offers some unique advantages over propane and gas powered machines. Regarding the transfer switch – I have some friends who recently operated their generators safely by connecting a 240V line from the generator to a 220V receptacle in their homes. The Pros and Cons of the Coleman Powermate PM0435001 Generator Connecting a Portable Generator to Your Home Safely and Effectively A Portable Natural Gas Generator Offers Convenience And Ready Power Choosing A Portable Generator - What Features Should You Look For? A portable solar generator is a very practical thing to have around the house or when you go camping. About usGoodshomedesign is an online home design magazine but do not sell the products reviewed or showcased on this site. First, they verify a circuit has been de-energized and that proper switches are opened and tagged to isolate the circuit from the system. Generator owners themselves may be at risk of electrocution, fire injury, property damage, or carbon monoxide poisoning if they do not follow the necessary safety rules.
This can cause back feeding along power lines and electrocute anyone coming in contact with them, including line workers making repairs. A portable generator should only be used when necessary to power essential equipment or appliances.

You make no mention of circuit protection when using say, a 30Amp socket on a portable generator. By using the power of sun, once charged, this generator will last for a long period of time and you won’t depend on electricity in cases of emergency. We try to show you what is new and beautiful in this area, arranged in several categories (apartments, ideas, interior design, home decor, home design, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, hotels & resorts, architecture) related to the area and style. Nevertheless, a generator connected to a home’s wiring or plugged into a regular household outlet can cause back feeding along power lines and electrocute anyone who comes in contact with them—even if the line appears to be dead. Have a licensed electrician install the equipment necessary to safely connect generators to your home. Home wiring is protected from overloads and shorts by the 15Amp or 20Amp circuit breakers in the box. The solar generator can be used for lots of things and it will cost you around $90 to make it.
If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. The materials you will need can be purchased from any large store and the complete list can be found in the next link.
You will of course need some tools too for the project, but they are things you should already have at home, such as: a drill, utility knife, screw drivers and wire cutters. Start by cutting the wires as the instructions say and then assemble the portable solar generator.
It will come in handy at you next camping trip and even at a power shortage, so make sure you use the best quality materials as it’s a long-term investment.

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