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Unlike antiquated designs of old, modern electric horse fences are safe, affordable, and reliable. In many instances, modern electric fences are the most effective way to safely contain your horse. Visible Fences – older fences used electrified bare metal wires, which were almost impossible to see. Versatile Components – with an array of insulators, step-in fence-posts, and expandable gates, modern electric fences are simple to build.
Do it yourself window awning kits, deck enclosure kits, garage shelter kits, and backyard storage shed kits are all worthwhile home improvements. Home of the famous Garage in a Box, our portable garages and auto shelter section will be a great comparison guide where we cover the basics you'll want to consider when choosing a shelter. To ensure customer satisfaction and correct order details, we 'purposely' do not maintain a shopping cart site. If your interest lies in endurance, polo, eventing or any type of showing and travelling overnight, our yards are perfect to keep your horses safe. In fact, if you’re like most horse owners, an electric fence is the ideal solution for all your horse containment needs.

True, electrified fence systems of old were viewed as a mess of wires and mishandled electricity strewn about the pasture as though it were Frankenstein’s lab.
But modern polytape, polyrope, or polywire fencing weaves stainless steel conductors around UV-stabilized polymer. Better yet, the versatile design of each component works with just about any wood post, T-post, or round post you already own. In fact, when you add all the specialized fencing, posts, and fasteners, traditional fences can cost well over one dollar per foot to install. The Fi-Shock™ Portable Paddock electric fence system is perfect for containing 4-5 horses for short periods of time. We can help you consider all the styles, types, and features when buying an auto shelter.With warehouses in both Connecticut, USA and Ontario, Canada, available for pickups, they make it easy for us to ship throughout North America. Are you looking for an economical and easy-to-install fence for your farm field or paddock? But today’s designs incorporate the best aspects of safety, visibility, durability, and convenience. The result creates a physical, highly visible boundary that withstands years of use in any weather.

It’s perfect for use at competitions and shows or as a temporary fence while on the riding trail. Add labor costs, should you choose to hire a professional to install the fence, and costs can soar even higher. Even more so, knowing your horse is safe at all times offers a peace of mind that is priceless and well worth the minimal investment in a suitable electric fence. In fact, electric fences are safer than traditional wood, metal, or barbed wire designs that often catch and injure legs, cut and puncture skin, or worse. Best of all, this pulse instantly and quickly reprimands your horse when she touches the fence wire and then rewards her for backing away.
Plus, a single person can enclose a typical pasture or paddock in less time than it usually takes a whole team of people to install a traditional fence. Similarly, modern fencing is available with less imbedded stainless steel conductors to contain ponies in small paddocks or more imbedded conductors to corral the largest horse in huge grazing pastures.

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