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The Nordic Lawn Mower Plow features a rubber-composite blade that's tough, lightweight, and will never rust.
After reading reviews on this plow, I decided to install one on the rear of my JD D160 tractor. Skinny jack wheels will not be good for moving the trailer, there is to much pressure per square inch of surface area that the tire sits on.
I would think that a frame that is about 4' long with wide tires about 2' apart on one end, and the hitch ball about 8" - 12" forward of the wheels, and then a hitch that will fit on the tractor about 36" forward of the hitch ball, then you will have 75% of the weight on the tires and 25% or so on the lawn tractor.
I don't know if the lawn tractor can handle 150 pounds on it's hitch, so it might be better to not try it. This member is not responsible for opinions that are inaccurate due to faulty information provided by the original poster.
I have pulled my trailers around the property with my compact utility tractor on many times. I have a front mount hitch on my tractor, and it moves my little utility trailer with ease.
My neighbor could not put his trailer exactly where he wanted to, so he bought an electric winch and mounted it to a fence post. Please post your results when you do it---in the mean time, I'll have moved mine with the TV dozens of times----and at no extra cost or risk!
Seriously, I move mine around with a John Deere 750 (Yanmar, 3 cylinder diesel), but it's really more like a small farm tractor than a large riding mower.
Every situation will be different, and ours worked fine for what we needed to do in our situation.. Well, we did something like this once - moved a 19' boat on its trailer, with a lawn tractor.
It worked OK, lawn tractors are geared soooo low, they can move a lot of weight at real slow speeds. As long as you're talking level ground, and keep it to crawl speed (which you'd have to), I dont think stopping would be a big concern. Now, you'll definitely have to rig some kind of dolly, to handle the trailer's tongue weight.
Soooo, I will say that yes, this is quite possible, although you definitely need to be cautious.
Why cant you just rig a switch to the 7-pin connector on the Trailer and let it stop its self or pull the safty wire for the break (make sure you have a good charged up battery first). Keep in mind that you will have to mount your dolly to the tractor so it will not pivot at that connection point. I would also be concerned with the size of the casters and them digging in the ground surface unless it is concrete. BarneyS wrote:Keep in mind that you will have to mount your dolly to the tractor so it will not pivot at that connection point. I was really hoping that people had already done this, but maybe I am trekking into undicovered territory.
If you are moving it on the level before you get good brakes I would have at least two 4x4 in hand and walking beside the trailer in case it jumps the first on.
I know a storage place near our home uses a beefed up Cub Cadet to move them around on the paved surfaces (both indoors and out).
I have been moving my trailer in and out of the yard with my Jeep since I bought my new to me truck. I would test that much weight on the hitch area and see if it brings the front tires off the ground if it does forget about it, if not then you would need to install a brake controller on the tractor and plug in your trailer brakes to it.
Back in the day, my Dad and I used to back the same #6000 TT into a space that had, maybe, 6" of clearance on either side for a total length of over 30' Not to mention the 25' or so of driveway that you had to be dead straight on before wedging it in! At times I stored the Popup in my garage, so I'd park it in the driveway, unhitch, and move it with one hand.
Locally, some of the boat dealerships use a small tractor (twice the size of my old riding mower) to move around their largest boats, which easily exceed 6000 lbs. Oh, FWIW, I had a bunch of people tell me I couldn't do what I did, over the 9 years that I did it, LOL!
This may not be helpful but I move my trailer inside the storage barn with either my 1940 9N Ford tractor or my 1969 1020 John Deere.
I used a 14 HP lawn mower with a granny gear to move the airplane (Cessna light twin) in & out of the hangar for years. Welcome to the one and only riding lawn mower buying guide you need to look at, before you bite the bullet and buy one yourself.

I researched all the best selling riding lawn mowers on Lowes, Home Depot, and Sears websites for this comparison guide. 6 Speed - Just like a manual transmission on a car, a lawn tractor can be outfitted with a manual transmission. To Clutch or not To Clutch Ride is the Question and a reoccurring topic on Car Talk with Click and Clack, The Tapport Borthers. Hydrostatic Transmission - An internal pump and motor drive system where hydraulic oil pushes out pistons and it's those pushed out pistons that cause the motor to turn.
Our property is only a half acre but it's not perfectly flat, and it takes hours to mow with a standard lawn mower. At first I hated the idea of spending $2,000 on a lawn mower, but after I used it to cleanup an entire yard full of leaves with minimal effort and actual fun, the money factor became less of an issue for me.
This fall I went to Glastonbury Home Depot to buy one of the last tractors that was still in a crate in Connecticut.
Deanie Spikes: I've had my mower for 2 years now, and would like to replace the deck belt, as well as the 2 drive belts. I did a search for lawn mower manuals model # 917255441 riding lawn tractor, I went to sears and bought new belt but I do for instructions on how to change the drive belt? We have over 200 tractors in our lawn mower junk yard graveyard with many more parts already disassembled and on the shelf. Nates Mower Salvage, Richwood OH lawn mower and outdoor power equipment sales, repairs, parts, yard and garden tools Used Lawnmower parts for MTD, Murray, AMF, Noma, Dynamark, American Yard Products, Sears, Yardman and many others since 1990. Directory listing for A D Lawn Mower Repair, a Junk Yard in Fayetteville, North Carolina Find great deals on Lawn mower yards michigan Lawn Mowers Tractors.
The material is safe on all surfaces and the plow's rounded bottom edge makes the blade safe on grass and gravel. I had a plow on the front, but this cuts the time needed to plow the 3 parking lots in just about half. I would also invest in a cheap brake controller so you can stop the TT and also be sure to hook up the break awayway switch, just incase!
It is slightly downhill to its parking area but fortunately I have surge brakes on the trailer, so that helps stop. After watching "The Straight Story" I keep have visions of doing a cross county trip using my 18hp Yardman lawnmower as the TV.
Believe me most websites want to sell one of these instead of simply reviewing it, so there are very few unbiased opinions out there. I suggest to any serious buyers that they read the latest customer reviews on the mower they're considering. With this type of transmission there are only 2 pedals on the floor board and no gear lever.
I actually can't wait to mow my lawn this year, and clean up the leaves using the riding mower I found by doing this OCD research. The guy helping me knew very well why I drove 30 minutes to his store when I have one 5 minutes away from my house. The engine of the riding lawnmower not only runs the blades of the machine, but it also propels the machine forward.
Compare Prices on Lawn mower yards Lawn Mowers Tractors top brands such as MTD, Oregon and Briggs Video from May 2007 Our tractor junkyard, there's just under 50 right now.
Compare Prices on Lawn mower yards michigan Lawn Mowers Tractors top brands such as at lawn mower junk yard. While cleaning out your garage, you phonebook or online directory for salvage yards in your area that will accept old riding mowers. The Nordic Riding Mower Plow quickly clears your sidewalks and driveway, so you can finally toss that shovel away for good. Only cons I see is manual raising and lowering (I use a rachet strap to raise) and the inability for the plow to clean snow all the way down to the ground. I had to slightly modify the mounting brackets to attach to the rear of the frame, just drilling some additional holes. I actually used this data to buy my own riding mower, wait till you hear about how my purchase went from really good to really bad, and what I did to fix the situation.
Remember you will still have access to the most popular data people use to choose a lawn tractor, such as deck size, horsepower, brand, total reviews, average review rating, and of course price. This is easily done by simply clicking on the hyperlinked model name above each tractor photo. Pressing the go pedal firmly causes the mower to reach full speed, pressing it lightly causes the mower to move slowly, kind of like a car.

The Best Petrol Lawnmower For A Striped Lawn, How To Get Husqvarna Riding Mower – How to Change Learn how to change the belt on your lawn mower with not even run at all.
Eventually, the deck belts will Wonder How To is your guide to free how to videos on the Web. Be sure to consult your operator's how to change a lawn mower belt – The way to change a lawn mower belt, all How To Change Riding Lawn Mower Belts?
Take advantage of our riding Best Answer: Most likely the mower deck will have to be removed. A drive Change a John Deere Lawn Mower Belt How to Use John Deere riding lawn equipment safely How Do I Change The Drive Belt On A Riding Lawn Mower?
Having a plow on your riding mower gives you extra mobility compared to a truck or SUV - you'll have no problem clearing winding paths, curved sidewalks, or patios.
The tounge weight was around 200 lbs which gave the tractor enough traction in the dirt it would pull it BUT I did add a wheel to the bottom of my hitch to keep it from rearing all the way over. My pros and cons section will be very insightful and loaded with info you can only learn by reading a ton of customer reviews. The reverse pedal works the same way, the only thing that changes is that pressing it causes an opposite set of pistons to turn the motor in reverse.
Belts are also used to turn the multiple blades that are commonly found on riding lawn mowers.
Search, Browse and Discover the best how to videos across the web using the largest how to video index need to replace drive belt in craftsman riding lawn mower, model # 247.27022. There should be a diagram on the mower deck showing the proper path for the belt or your Best Answer: well, it should have a spring loaded belt tentioner.
Length of Clip: Follow these steps to change the deck belt on your Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower in the comfort of your own garage!
While cleaning out your garage, you notice that your old How to Start Up a Salvage Yard Recycle Center.
I'm mostly looking to acquire the best virtual assistant in my next Smartphone and Cortana from Microsoft Windows 10 is looking really promising. I was pissed off, because I didn't originally have plans to spend two grand on a lawn tractor and I can't imagine what putz would deliver something so expensive in such bad shape.
Simplicity riding lawn mower belt diagram Where can we see a Simplicity mower belt diagram so we can change the belt?
I used a couple of spacers between the swivel mount to keep the friction of turning the plow to a minimum.
When you spend $100 on a brand new product, you expect that product to be clean and in it's original packaging right,.
But the icing on the cake was that they gave me someone's returned bagger that was missing parts, a manual, and it was disgustingly dirty; it looked like it was used for years prior to the return. Well, after my wife calmed me down, I called Glastonbury HD, spoke to a manager, they apologized, then scheduled a pickup and a delivery of the crated tractor, and a brand new bagger from Glastonbury, which was hand delivered by the store manager. They wanted to cheap out on the delivery cost at Glastonbury, and Bristol HD just had a careless manager and employees working that day. Most of the time they get it right, but when they don't you have to talk to someone that can do something about it.
This year I literally spent a small fortune at these stores remodeling our house, and dealt with more than one headache.
But one time, I made a mistake in ordering the wrong whirlpool tub, and it sat at my house for months before I opened the box.
I called HD up, and they had that thing on a truck the very next day to process the return. You were more thorough in your video than some others so yours is the deciding factor in my buying this mower. I'm not so sure it would go this smoothly at a small mom and pop shop who already spent your money on their overhead costs the month you bought it.
Don't do this if you have kids, as this is a safety feature to ensure the mower won't run unattended.i»?Ashley Steinbrick: Thanks for the video - Were a repair shop 40 years experience tractor repair myself and specialize in transmission repair so must comment, STOP DISENGAGING THE SAFETY REVERSE SWITCH I do 50 - 100 repairs every year the problem is PEOPLE DO NOT COME TO A COMPLETE STOP BEFORE SLAMMING INTO REVERSE EVERY TRACTOR THIS YEAR WITH BAD TRANSMISSION HAD THE SAFETY REVERSE SWITCH DISABLED!!!!!

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