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The Rowlinson 4x2 metal storette is the most durable metal storage facility you can find it is fireproof, rot AND rodent resistant! Lockable internal sliding double doors, helps prevent leaves and other garden waste fouling the door glide. Malvern, Shire and Rowlinson Garden Sheds and WorkshopsSummer Garden Sheds is a specialist garden sheds website administered by Summer Garden Buildings. This pretty Playaway playhouse is designed to give your children a place for them to let their imaginations run free!Your child’s safety was first priority when designing this cabin, it is fully C.E. With this Playaway playhouse your kids can take themselves off into the worlds of their own imagination, while you relax knowing that there are safe.
At WhatShed we review garden buildings of all types, so we know what to look for in great potting sheds that stand out from their competitors. Potting sheds are among the most practical of all garden buildings, but that doesn’t mean that they all have to look the same, or that they can’t be very attractive as well.
The single doorway leads into the shed section which takes up half of the building, and there’s more than enough room for a lawnmower and a good selection of tools and equipment. Most of the potting sheds we review follow the traditional design that gardeners have been using to their advantage for decades: a rectangular timber frame with a sloping glass front that’s designed to make the most of the sun’s rays. We’ve reviewed lots of Strongman garden buildings, and as their name suggests they place an emphasis on tough and durable components.
We were also impressed by the strong frame, measuring 44 x 27mm, upon which the shiplap cladding is mounted. This is the second from the Rowlinson range of deluxe potting sheds to make it into the top half of our league table, and once again it takes a radical approach to the genre by combining it with a traditional wooden shed to great effect. As the structure as a whole is considerably larger than most potting sheds we see, there’s still a generous amount of room to grow plants in the potting corner element of it.
This is one of the most traditional looking potting sheds that we’ve seen, with a bank of glazing ready to make the most of the sun. An indicator of the high quality of components used by the manufacture is the use of horticultural glass rather than the more cost effective styrene.
Whether we’re reviewing potting sheds or plastic workshops, we always like buildings that provide extra features and added value, which is why we liked this model so much. One thing that became evident as we reviewed this shed is that it’s heavy duty, with thicker than average tongue and groove cladding, and in fact this turned out to be the case with 18mm cladding used rather than the 12mm that we frequently see.
We have here another high quality potting shed that offers a base area of ten feet by eight feet. This comfort is enhanced by the ventilation that can be provided by opening the large window, or by opening the upper half of the stable doors. Although this bears the word ‘greenhouse’ in its name, it’s very much a traditional potting shed, and it’s a good example of the advantages they hold over classic glasshouses.
At eight foot by eight foot, these potting sheds have more than enough space to grow seedlings, flowers, tomatoes or any other plant that needs to get a good supply of sunlight and heat for as much of the year as possible. What made this stand out from the other potting sheds we’ve reviewed is that it’s very tough. This is the second of the Malvern Solar model to make our list of the ten very best potting sheds that can be bought over the internet in the UK today, but this is a slightly larger model and so will have more appeal for those who have larger gardens, or even those who grow plants and seedlings as part of a small scale commercial operation. What makes this stand out from many of the other potting sheds that we’ve reviewed is that it’s very tough, and we were pleased to see high calibre components used throughout the building.
Although the number of potting sheds available is lower than many of the categories of garden buildings we review, we still found ten of exceptional quality.
Plastic garden shed reviews from the best manufacturers including Keter, Rowlinson, Duramax and BillyOh.
Keter is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plastic garden sheds; they offer high quality products that are practical, affordable and low maintenance.
The Keter Gemini is reasonably straightforward to assemble with 2 people, and if you have a firm, level base prepared, it should take less than 2 hours to put together. Rowlinson is a family business that has been manufacturing quality garden storage units since 1926. The shed is quite lightweight, so try to position it out of the wind, ideally against a wall and anchor to a firm foundation.
The Duramax Duramate shed has a sturdy construction using a metal frame to support PVC panels. Assembly is straightforward, but as with all sheds you need to make sure you start with a firm, level base.
The BillyOh Retford plastic shed is constructed from high-quality vinyl panels fitted around a hot-dipped, galvanised steel frame making the shed corrosion resistant and maintenance free. Assembly instructions are clear and assuming you have a firm, level base prepared and a helping hand to hold the panels at the start, this plastic shed can be built in a couple of hours. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It is supplied to you pre-painted in green and white for long lasting low maintenance durability, and will blend into any garden setting.The 4x2 metal storette has a lifting lid and double sliding doors for excellent access into the store. All wooden products are delivered in either a natural untreated finish or with a preparatory treatment. As timber is a natural material, there are certain weather conditions that may affect the materials properties. This website has been designed to help you find the right garden shed quickly with no other products getting in the way. They provide a warm environment, secure from damp, cold and rain, that encourages the growth of plants and seedlings, and traditional models with angled glazed frontages can be particularly good at giving plants the light and heat they thrive upon.
When putting this list together, we considered sheds that were sold by the ten leading internet retailers in this field; they’re the companies you know and trust who between them sell over 95% of all the garden buildings purchased online today. This deluxe potting shed from Rowlinson is proof of this, as it caught our eye from the moment we saw it.
The latter half forms the potting area, with five closed windows, five opening windows for ventilation, and five sloping windows so typical of potting sheds.
This retains the glazed frontage but in this case allies it to a pent shed design, meaning that it’s the roof that slopes whilst the glazing is placed vertically. We were pleased to see a potting bench included as standard, ideally positioned adjacent to the windows, and both the windows and stable style door can be opened to create the perfect temperatures for your plants. We were pleased to find that they had carried this ethos on to their potting sheds as well, and we found that this looked and acted strong.

On this occasion, from one side this looks like a standard, if attractively constructed, garden building with an apex roof to carry rainwater away; it’s only when you walk round the other side that you see the potting shed extending from and occupying one corner. There are three opening and seven fixed windows in this section, and being made of styrene they’re tough and shatter proof. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, as we know that this traditional styling will appear to many gardeners, and we ourselves found it good looking from the moment we saw it. This does mean, however, that the owner will have to be careful not to break any of the four large angled panes, even though they are still tougher than standard glass. Once again it has a large section that can be used as a garden storage facility alongside the potting area, but this time the potting shed follows the classic design with angled glazing leading up from a tongue and groove clad lower section.
This makes for a strong and reliable building, even though like all but two of the potting sheds in our top ten list it doesn’t feature an extended warranty beyond the statutory one year provision. This provides a large area to grow plants in as well as enough room to store gardening utensils such as dibbers, and items such as pots, soil, and compost. It’s a simple and effective way to control the temperature, and yet it’s not something that we always see on the potting sheds we review. There’s a lot less glazing, so they are less likely to get damaged or broken, and yet the positioning of the glass gets the maximum benefit out of any sunlight.
It isn’t, however, so large that it becomes obtrusive, so we feel this is a good choice for those who love the idea of having a potting shed and yet don’t have too much space available in their garden.
The 22mm tongue and groove cladding is almost twice as thick as that which we are used to seeing, and it fits tightly together to ensure that rainwater is kept out. It occupies the final spot in our table, and yet we found it to be a very high quality building; it’s only the price point of nearly two thousand pounds that prevents it from claiming a much higher position.
Examples of this are the toughened glass which is very hard to shatter, and the framing which at 44 x 44mm is thicker than that provided by any other manufacturer. Choosing the very best wasn’t easy from such a competitive classification, so it’s congratulations to the Rowlinson Shiplap Potting Shed. Plastic garden sheds are becoming very popular due to their durability, ease of assembly, and weather-proof construction. The Keter Gemini 6×6 shed offers the benefits associated with a resin construction – virtually maintenance-free, and both weather resistant and UV-stabilised, which means that it will not fade over time.
A tip to ease assembly is to apply some spray lubricant such as WD40 to the joins of the interlocking sections to help them slide together. Check the shed panels on delivery for any warping, as the shed will be difficult to assemble and won’t sit square if the walls are deformed. Made entirely from polypropylene, a tough and durable plastic, this shed is hardwearing, whilst ventilation panels ensure a flow of air within the unit itself.
Although advertised as weatherproof, in extreme weather conditions, rain can seep in, so again try to position it in a sheltered area of the garden. The combination of steel and plastic results in a solid structure that gives the impression it will provide many years of service and provide a reasonably safe and secure storage space.
All parts are pre-cut, drilled and numbered for ease of assembly and the flat-pack kit includes all necessary hardware as well as illustrated instructions. The resin is UV resistant so will not fade over time and the shed is weather proof so your bikes, mower and garden tools are safe from the elements. Given the pent shed design, an excellent feature is the option to be able to fit the door to either end of the shed depending on its position in the garden. Assembly instructions are available for all products and can be emailed through prior to purchase if required.
To validate the warranty untreated products must be treated either during or immediately after construction as advised in the assembly instructions with a recognosed external wood preserver. In times of excessive dry spells the material may lose some of its internal moisture causing a certain degree of shrinkage on a panel and in periods of excessive rain there will be a certain amount of swelling throughout the wooden panels.This process can not be avoided. Established in Norwich in 1981, Summer Garden Buildings is a leading UK supplier of sheds and garden buildings with a retail show centre in Norwich. To many people, a timber potting shed is also a much more attractive and desirable building than a greenhouse, and they can also be tougher and more resilient.
This means that every potting shed in our league table is not only of a very high quality, it will be very easy to find.
We also looked at the quality of components used, and their durability, and also at the design and look of the shed as a whole. In effect it’s a combination of a potting area and a secure garden shed, and it captures the best of both of those elements.
We were impressed by the 10 year warranty as well, as not only does it give added value and added peace of mind, it shows how effective and reliable the tongue and groove cladding is. Whilst gardeners may debate which system produces the best results, we found it very striking. For such a sizeable shed we were surprised at just how little it cost, and with its good looks as well this was a worthy runner up in our league table of the very best potting sheds that are available to be bought online in the UK today. By this, we mean that the first thing that caught our eye were the four angled panels of glazing, which were proportionately larger than we usually see, and that can therefore can capture more of the sun’s rays that plants thrive upon. This could prove especially important for those who would like the benefits that potting sheds bring, but who are worried that their garden is often exposed to strong winds. Not only is this incredibly practical, meaning that the customer gets two garden buildings for the price of one, it also creates a look of its very own, and this could become a talked about and loved garden feature. The 10 year warranty is an indicator of how tough the shed as a whole is, and it’s only the price that may be beyond the budget of some that prevents it from achieving an even higher position.
What earns it such a high position within our WhatShed league table, however, is that it represents very good value for money.
The tongue and groove cladding has a strong frame behind it, and we were also pleased to see that the single hinged door can be securely locked with a key.
For this reason, we feel it’s sure to appeal to those who want the versatility that the extra storage space provides, but who also believe that the traditional angled front potting sheds provide the optimal growing conditions. It also costs significantly more than some potting sheds of a similar size, and this has been taken into account when determining its final position. The tongue and groove cladding used has a standard thickness of 12mm, which accounts for the lower positioning of this shed compared to the shed above it which has similar dimensions, but on the plus side it is a little more affordable at a price of under thirteen hundred pounds for what is a well designed and well constructed potting shed. With a lot more timber on show as well they are in many people’s eyes much more attractive garden buildings, and we were certainly impressed by the design and styling of this building.
It means that the glazed panels are longer than we often come across, bringing added benefits for your plants.

This is the second model in our league table to have vertical rather than sloping glazing, and yet with smaller windows at the sides as well, including two opening windows, a good supply of natural light will still reach the integral potting benches below. This function is also helped by the pitch of the apex roof, so it should prove to be a very durable and reliable shed even though there it once again only features a one year warranty period rather than the ten years or more we would have liked to see. If this falls within your budget, therefore, you may want to consider it as one of your first choices. We also liked the inclusion of staging across the width of this potting shed, saving the owner time and money that would have been spent on adding shelves and benches.
It takes top spot by being two great garden buildings in one, a storage and a potting shed, and also coming at a very reasonable price and with a ten year warranty period. Plastic sheds are a cost effective solution to garden storage with the huge advantage that they require virtually no maintenance.
The interlocking construction and the integrated floor will keep both wet weather and pests out, whilst the double door opening, window and integral skylight allow some natural light in.
Double doors provide good, wide access, meaning that although the shed is compact, you can easily store bulky items such as mowers and kids bikes. The door comes pre-assembled and hooks onto hinge pins which are ready mounted onto the door jambs.
If you have problems with certain boards shrinking in dry spells try to decrease the amount of direct sunlight on the building or the amount of air passing over the building. If you’re thinking about podding sheds at the moment, take a look at our handy WhatShed guide to the ten best potting sheds available in the UK online right now.
In this way, we found ten models that were worthy of being in our league table of the very best potting sheds that can be found online in the UK today. Considering its size and high quality components it also represents good value, and it’s one of only two potting sheds in our top ten list to feature an extended warranty. It also means that there’s a real expanse of glazing, and there’s also more room within the shed than we usually see. Another feature that we really appreciated was the inclusion of secure key operated lock as standard. If you’re looking for secure potting sheds at a lower than average price, this is a model that should be added to your shortlist.
We were also impressed at the inclusion of toughened glass throughout, although the higher than average price tag has prevented this high quality potting shed from achieving a position in the top half of our league table. Whether you’re looking for the perfect potting sheds or great greenhouses, WhatShed bring you independent and in depth reviews that have the answers to all your questions. Plastic sheds are sturdy, long-lasting and waterproof allowing you to keep your garden tools, furniture, mower and bikes safe and dry, whatever the weather. The assembly instructions are clear and straightforward, and no tools are required to fit the plastic interlocking parts together. Manufactured from PVC vinyl, it won’t fade or deteriorate over time making it virtually maintenance free. Keep in mind though that the Duramax doesn’t come with an integrated base or floor, so if you don’t have a suitable base already, you’ll need to purchase the steel foundation kit. The shed also comes with a steel foundation kit, which can either be filled with concrete or fitted with wooden panels for flooring.
Products maybe shown in a stained colour etc but this is only to show the potential finish that can be achieved.
It is open 7 days a week - click here for more info.SEE THE FULL CHOICE IN YOUR LOCAL AREA .
With so much to recommend it, we have no hesitation in putting this at the very top of our league table. 1 person familiar with following flat-pack instructions can put the shed together in under an hour, but make sure you prepare a flat base to stand it on.
Although there are no windows in the side panels, a transparent roof panel lets plenty of light in, and having solid walls will help with security. At 4ft x 8ft, this plastic shed is an ideal storage solution for a narrower garden and with the pent design the shed looks great positioned against a wall.
Splitting and warping may occur which is perfectly natural and will not affect the strength or longevity or any guarantee given on the product. It means that the owner can keep not only their plants inside, but also valuable items of gardening equipment, and this useful addition helps to carry this into our top three especially as it comes at a very affordable price. If you don’t need a full sized shed but still require somewhere to store your garden tools and accessories, then this tall plastic shed is perfect.
The Duramax 8′ wide format is ideal as an extra storage space for most gardens or large patios, and its steel frame construction makes it a notch up in terms of sturdiness compared to other plastic sheds. However, it’s also worth noting that Rowlinson make an add-on system for this shed allowing you to extend the dimensions to double the depth if you find you need the extra storage space later on. We deliver garden sheds throughout the UK but many of our best bargains are only available regionally. The Malvern Bewdley Pent and the Bewdley Apex are quality storage sheds at affordable prices. The Malvern Heavy Duty Apex and Heavy Duty Pent are high specification workshops with a choice of cedar or pressure treated timber.
Other distinctive designs to grace any garden include the Malvern Worcester corner shed, the cabin style Malvern Ludlow and the rustic Malvern Barnstyle shed. These sheds are better quality than other budget price sheds with more features including double doors, shiplap cladding and strong planed framing.
The range of apex roof sheds includes the Shire Tresco, the Shire Harris and the Shire Arran with double doors. Other sheds include the Shire Corner Shed, the Shire Pent Shed and the Shire Small Storage Shed. Quality features include fully interlocked tongued and grooved shiplap cladding with planed framework and a tongued and grooved floor.
This small store is a purpose built recycling bin storage shed and includes two wooden shelves as standard.

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