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Granted, I’m not the most organized toolmonger out there, but I never really could justify the price for most of these systems.
I was just at Sears to look at these, and I have to say that Craftsman quality has gone way down in recent years.
What interests me in that photo is the epoxy-coated floor…anybody have experience with these materials?
Those pictures bring to mind images of Felix Ungar frantically running around in the midst of a panic attack when those things get the slightest bit of overspray, or body dust on them, or oil, or any of the million little messes that happen when you use a workshop. The amount of tools used by the majority of “toolmongers,” like myself, will fit in one modular upright combo of 3 tool boxes.

This weekend might be all about Moms, but before you know it, it would be Dad’s turn.
AboutDealRocker Coupons & Deals Blog : Follow our posts on regular basis to stay in-the-know about hottest online deals, free coupons, discounts, sales, deals and free shipping offers available at various online stores. They also come with a whopping price tag that can run in excess of a grand if you get carried away. I love having my own handiwork involved in the shop where I practice handiwork on other projects.
Since Father’s Day is fast approaching, many online stores are offering great discount offers for this special day of fathers.

Sears also has an interesting offer for those looking for a new refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, washing machine or a microwave oven. The four components include wall cabinet, floor cabinet, 6-foot workbench, and 5-drawer workbench module.

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