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Finding antlers is a lot of fun, but it is also a productive way to determine the best areas to hunt next fall.
Hunting shed antlers in areas where deer don’t migrate to traditional deer yards (much of the country) is little different from hunting the deer themselves. Last spring this deer hunter had the opportunity to see a shed antler hunting demonstration.
The deer hunter packed the bag of bones out to an 11-acre CRP field grown waist high in small oak trees and brome grass. Military Headstone SymbolsProbably as far off as I'll get from a Nature related topic but certain events in life seem to have brought me here. You have the best success finding antlers in the places where the deer spend the most time – the same philosophy that you must use when hunting during the fall. This is also a good clue as to his fall range, which is where you find him during the hunting season.

Fresh droppings mean the deer are using the area right then and that is where you should spend your time whether you’re hunting the deer in the fall or their antlers in the winter and spring. Roxie finds antlers by relying on her sense of smell, a much better method than relying on sight. She took off with all the enthusiasm of a 3-year old and began covering ground like a pointer working a quail field. If you are scouting or antler hunting in a new area, pay close attention to where you find the droppings. Anytime you find an antler whether it be a spike horn or half a rack, it’s a special moment. Here in the mountains where White Pine and Balsam branches litter the landscape it can be next to impossible to find an antler on the forest floor.  After awhile all those branches start to look a lot  like antlers.
Two: deer are much easier to trail in the snow you can follow their tracks right to their bedding areas  where the probability of finding a shed is the greatest.

The main character in the hunt was not a man at all, but a 3-year old yellow lab named Roxie that was specially trained to find shed antlers by scent. If Roxie was going to find these antlers by scent, she was going to have to be pretty darn good at it. On the other hand too much snow especially several inches of light fluffy snowflakes will make it nearly impossible to find a shed.

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