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Summers here and the time is right … It’s the right time to start your Plastic Shed Base project.
Shed bases made from concrete slabs can be difficult because they concrete has to be mixed just right, it has to set and it has to be the perfect weather conditions or the concrete will have problems.
Traditional methods for creating shed bases have been from wet poured concrete which creates a large area slab.
Other methods for creating a shed base are patio slabs, Initially a good surface can be created but can crack and decay over a short time usually caused by cold weather and frost erosion. Steel and wood shed bases can be created, but overtime surcome to the elements and degrade leaving your shed uneven and falling down. The plastic Shed Base has been developed to create a long lasting, durable surface which is quick and easy to install.
It’s that time of year again when everyone is out in the garden, planting flowers and mowing the lawn. Creating a concrete base can be time consuming and also very expensive, especially if you have to get a landscaper to install it for you. Each base is made up of individual panels (330mm x 330mm x 40mm) that are interlocked together to form any shape or sized base, making them suitable for most types of garden building. Don’t be fooled by how light weight the plastic shed base panels are, you may be able to pick them up and move them around easily, but once installed they will hold up to 320 tonnes per square meter, making them the strongest plastic base on the market! Each panel is manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic, meaning that not only are they user friendly but they are Eco-Friendly too.
Another advantage of our plastic shed bases is that if you need to move your shed for any reason, you can simply take up the plastic shed base panels and re-install them in another location, now that’s something you couldn’t do with a concrete base! You aren’t just limited to traditional sheds with our plastic bases either, maybe you’ve got a new green house, or a large log cabin that needs a base, well that’s no problem. When it comes to sheds, it really is all about the base, so make sure you choose yours wisely. Having read your blog, I can see that you can use these panels instead of laying a concrete base or slabs, however can you tell me what substrate I would need to laty the panels on, and whether any anti-weed membrane is required.
Bespoke and non standard sizes sheds still require a base, to ensure that we service all of our customers requirements we sell individual panels.
To calculate the number of panels you require for you shed base, simple multiply the length in feet x the width in feet. Eco shed base panels are made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic waste making them a truly Eco-Friendly alternative to the traditional concrete slab bases. Eco base for sheds is made from 100% recycled plastic and is manufactured in the UK making it the real eco friendly shed base on the market.
Shed bases made from plastic are the best way to go when you are building your prefect shed.

So you can store even the heaviest of lawn mowing equipment without making a dent in the ground below. The panels can hold up to the warm summer days with the hot sun beating down or the cold winter days with the snow and sleet pounding against the panels. If for any reason the panels don’t fit your space just right you can use a fine tooth saw to trim the panels.
To install the shed bases plastic panels simply place them on level ground and snap the panels into place. The traditional wet pour concrete method is difficult to undertake and requires both skill and great care to ensure a smooth flat surface. To make selection easy we have created our shed bases inline with the standard sizes of shed or log cabin.
You may be thinking that you really could use a shed to house all of your gardening tools in but you don’t have any hard standing areas to put a garden building on. Our easy to install plastic shed bases are a simple DIY project even for beginners, meaning you can save money on install costs. They can also be cut or trimmed down to incorporate any odd curves or angles that you may be faced with. Each panel has been engineered to be resistant to erosion and weatherproof, giving them a great advantage over a traditional concrete base that may begin to crack over time or a wooden base that will decompose in the damp weather. A good base will prolong the life of your shed or outdoor building, giving you total piece of mind.
Let’s start by telling you all the great things about why the plastic shed base is the right choice for you.
The plastic shed base can be purchased in either a kit, which comes in a variety of sizes, or as individual panels. Because it is made from 100% recycled plastic you don’t need to worry about fixing the rusty spots like you would for a metal shed base. These are just a few of the great things offered by using the plastic shed base for your shed needs. We can supply and fit, or just supply fence panels, bases, posts and gravel boards for DIY installation.
When you have finished with your eco shed base and it's no longer required, the eco base can be fully re-located or recycled back into another useful product. The reason the plastic shed base is the best choice is because it is made from 100% recycled plastic. The plastic shed bases are lightweight but tough enough to keep your treasures, lawn care equipment or whatever you store safe and sound.
The plastic shed base panels are strong, sturdy and because they are plastic, they will outlast any of the competitors shed bases.

Not to mention it also comes with a full set of easy to read instructions to help the installation move along with ease. Overlap the edge of one of the panels above the edge of another panel and they should snap together with ease. With the help of our plastic shed bases you can create a stable and strong surface on any area of your lawn.
To calculate the amount of panels you will need, simply multiply the length x width of your shed (in feet) and you will be left with the total number of panels needed. You can even combine the two by purchasing a kit and panels to reach your desired plastic shed base size. The kit comes with plastic shed base panels, ground cover membrane and fixing pegs as well as complete instructions for an easy install.
It is as easy as simply placing one of panels’ edges over the edge of another panel and snapping it into place. It also won’t crack or crumble like a concrete slab would, plus you won’t have the leftover slab in your yard. If you decide you want to move your shed the panels are lightweight so they are easy to move. By using the recycled plastic materials you are helping to save the planet one plastic shed base at a time. The individual panels can be used alongside the kit to make the perfect shed base possible for your requirements.
If you are unable to find the shed base to suit yor requirements, please contact one of our plastic base experts who can guide you to the right products. You can even cut the panels by using a hacksaw to trim the panels down to size, now that's handy!
Making the base panels out of recycled materials keeps the plastic waste from being tossed into the already over flowing landfills. The plastic shed base panels won’t breakdown or decay in the elements, saving you a ton of money on repairs and upkeep. By recycling the plastic we are helping the environment and keeping the plastic out of the already overflowing landfills. Easy to snap together and install makes for an easy installation experience, meaning you can then crack on with putting up your new shed or garden building. Good because the plastic shed base you are building will last a lifetime but bad because if we don’t recycle it is bad for the environment.

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