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Wishaw's Origina€?a€?Originally known as Trout Run, Wishaw was a large lumber provider settled by Scottish and English immigrants.A  Today you will notice Trout Run is a local stream. When my father-in-law, Jack Tabone, a life-long resident of our beloved Wishaw, shipped overseas in WW II the troops stopped in Scotland for a short layover on their way to England and Europe.
The hill at the intersection of Wishaw Road and Wishaw-Panic Road where the schoolhouse stood was once known as Scots Hill.
The Scotland connection started in 1825 when a distillery was established along the line of an ancient Roman road in largely open countryside. 1918 Wishaw had a successful Metro League Baseball team which lead to the beginning of the Federation baseball level. During the 1930's Silas Buhite purchased the farm now owned by his step-son, John and Sue Horner.A  The previous owners were reportedly counterfeiters who passed off their printed money at fairs.
1934 Frank a€?Turka€? Nocerini became President of the Sons of Italy and retains the title to date. During the 1940a€™s Wishaw had its own Boy Scout troop lead by Frank a€?Turka€? Nocerini for 4 years.

In 1995 George and Pat Day closed their pig farm, and focus on produce and vegetables to date. Erma (Ghezzi) Shaffera€™s home was originally the mine supervisora€™s housing quarters.A  The home was purchased for $500 and included 90 acres of land. Adjacent toA the intersection of Wishaw Rd, and Panic-Wishaw Rd, the flat vacant lot beside George Day's home is the former baseball field. We took out the rickety shelving on the one side (I can now get in the car when it’s in the garage without contorting my body) and made the other side where we house our lumber (and in the rafters). Just as anal picky as I am about organizing, Greg is about constructing and repairing things. The space is warm and comforting now but I think my wet-dry vacuuming pissed off the previous tenants and they are trying to rebuild. I know you can’t really see with this picture but it was near the end when everything found its place. This entry was posted in Dressers, Furniture Finds, Our First House Projects and tagged antique, craigslist, crystal, empire dresser, furniture, garage, garage sale, garden shed, organize, shelves, stemware, vintage.

Knowing that both Scottish and then Italian immigrants came to Wishaw to work the mines, it seems most likely that the Scots brought the name a€?Wishawa€? with them. Fugate from Sykesville made house calls to Wishaw.A  Most children born during the 40a€™s and 50a€™s wereA delivered by Dr. Finalle commit suicide in the small storage room on the far left of the building, he was in the final stages of cancer.A  Phil and Shirley Mennitti Sr. Shaw.*A  This made sense considering most of the current population was Scottish, and there is a Wishaw, Scotland. He had been about attending to his restaurant and real estate business up until a few days ago.
Many times he had eggs in the basket and he walked ever-so-carefully when he had the eggs, it was obvious that he knew that he had delicate supplies.

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