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Tuff Shed, and check out Tuff Shed on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Tuff Shed Incorporated is a manufacturer and installer of storage buildings and garages in the United States. Many of these products will also be artisan made, but you'll find a variety of items from hammocks and clothing to even major retailers like Tuff Shed and Jamberry. Most people are familiar with Tuff Shed's storage sheds and garages, but now the 30-year-old company is designing and manufacturing structures that could be used as tiny homes. The Orbea-Tuff Shed professional men's mountain bike team is growing its roster for the 2013 season. Tuff Shed Inc., a Denver-based maker of sheds, garages and carports, has acquired a competitor, Dallas-based Wood Master Building Co. I'd be interested to hear from some of the other tire geeks on YT as to their experiences with older (and new if you wish) rubber quality and the effects of age or abuse on different brand of tires generally used today for pullers. Ethan, I have a set of coop agri powers 13.6 x38 uncut on 11" rims that I have pulled for years on a MM Rtu and then on a Zau.
Hi I am from the Caribbean and I like this house design, would it be possible to purchase this house as a kit so I can assemble in my country.
Damar Hutchinson, DesignerHey I am from the Caribbean too, you like these modern house designs?

Island TimberFrame Ltd.My apologies, we neglected to respond to this post from over a year ago.
Ann Drive, construct 120-square-foot portable storage shed to right rear of dwelling, $2,713.
I have a set full cut and a love-hate relationship with them.You didn't mention Safemark tires.
We have credited Travis Deeble in the main portfolio listing for this project and recommend him for any projects in the Campbell River area.
I would be grateful for your answer as I am in the process of planning to build a home this year. Tuff Shed, 619 Oak St., construct new 100-square-foot portable storage building to left rear of dwelling, $2,000. However, there was a point in the company's history at which the sidewall quality suffered. All newer Power Torque, Traction Torque, and 45deg Diamond tires crack on the sidewall eventually, usually before the tread warrants replacement. Traction Torque tires in particular have a split in one line entirely around the sidewall, only seen when flexed or when the casing finally starts to split.
Twenty five years on a moderately used Moline loader yielded no significant tread wear, yet both 14.9X28 6 ply tires split and blew the sidewalls out on the same day with 12-14 pounds of air pressure in them.

GOODRICHThe rubber of almost all the BFG tires I've used or owned stays very shiny and black, even with the pounding the sun gives them.
The 30degree tread tends to crack in a major way between the bars on almost every one I've owned.
ARMSTRONGThese are the cheapies but take a good top cut, pull agressively, and usually don't weigh much.
They are prone to huge cracking, and I've even seen rubber start peeling off in layers from the case and on the sides of the bars.
Titan and Maxi-Trac are newer versions.FIRESTONEFirestone by far has been the most robust all around tire. These include the 45 degree style, ricers, All Traction Field & Road F151, and the mighty Deep Treads (these were nearly indestructable and logged long hours before replacement.
Some 23deg tread, Deep treads being the worst offender, wear down in the middle pretty easy (rim width is a factor).
Later variations included the lighter plain Field & Road, Traction Field & Road, Heavy Duty Field & Road, and Super All Traction tires with 23 degree tread.

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