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This older home had lots of character, but only a tiny bath on the second floor?which had been added to a cramped attic space.
To accomplish our goals, we planned a renovation that would expand an existing shed dormer, to create the master bath the homeowners really needed in order to keep from having to look for another home.
2 Frame the new master bath over the existing footprint of the first floor, extending the shed roof to cover it.
4 Bring new plumbing supplies and drains from the basement to service the bath, and relocate the vent stacks through the new roof section. 1 The roof over the existing shed dormer had deflected 2? in the middle and was over-spanned.
2 The over hang which was to be kept on the opposite side of the dormer was found to be very poorly built from it?s original construction and had also deflected significantly.

3 The siding on the same side as the sagging overhang had been severely damaged by the last re-roof.
4 The original framing of the floor members in the space were of sufficient size, but had settled significantly out of level. Andersen 200 series SDL double hung window (we got close to matching the existing window, but not perfect. I don't normally talk to people like I talk to you, however you have the little immature schoolgirl mentality so this is new to me. That was a what?!, I started by jumping on craigslist and searched for an armoire that had a similar shape with four panel doors. Structural options - rochester homes, inc., Below are our offerings for additions to the structural components of your new home.

Unfortunately, there was no space to be re-purposed from any of the adjacent bedrooms or storage closets. The roofers had cut the bottom of the siding up from the roof line for flashing and installed a 1x trim over the gap that wasn?t the proper depth. The siding was split in several places from their work and someone had done a very sloppy caulk job. While we would have preferred to have kept the original siding and trim, we had to remove and replace it to make it sound.

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