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Ball Python Shedding When your Ball Python sheds, the shed skin should remain in one piece. If it does not, you will need to check the snake carefully to be sure that the entire skin came off, especially around the tail and eyes.
These signs could give clues as to any unhealthy conditions the bearded dragon is going through. There are times when it shows signs of an unhealthy state that it can be remedied by simply changing its habitat or food.
A film over the eyes could simply be a shedding issue, or it could be something more serious like an infection. You can also use Repti Shedding Aid, or Zilla Bath Shed Ease, to help loosen the skin and promote healthy shedding.
Often low habitat temperatures coincide with loss of appetite as well.When seasons begin to change from summer into fall and then into winter many bearded dragon may brumate, or hibernate. It is a good idea to use two – one located in the basking area and the other located in the cooler area so that you can check the complete temperature gradient throughout the terrarium. Adjust temperatures as needed by adding a larger or smaller wattage basking bulb depending on your needs. If everything in that area is right on, then just wait a couple of days and try feeding again. Clean the entire terrarium and any decor at least once per month with a quality terrarium cleaner. This will keep bacteria to a minimum.It is very important to keep your bearded dragon hydrated. If you begin to notice the white part of the poop (the urate) is a yellow-ish tint there could be a hydration issue. If using tap water treat the water with a water conditioner that removes chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals, and other chemicals. This method of lighting is also sufficient enough to provide heat and should be placed over one end of the enclosure to provide a heat gradient. A log or piece of wood placed at a 45 degree angle with the highest end under the light will allow the snake to bask and thus thermoregulate its body temperature. You should also give your bearded dragon a bath in clean, dechlorinated water at least once a week.
Baths not only help keep the bearded dragon hydrated, but also help facilitate shedding and can even help with light constipation.If your bearded dragon is new to its home, or recently moved around it could be stressed, causing temporary diarrhea. If a snake is spending all of its time in the hot end of the enclosure the temperature should be raised, as this is an indicator that the ambient enclosure temperature is too cool. The reverse is true if the snake is spending most of its time in the cool end of the enclosure.

This could come from a fall or when multiple bearded dragons housed together get into a skirmish.
Limbs or a tail that tend to break or fracture easily could be a sign of Metabolic Bone Disease.
There could also be a bacterial infection, such as tail rot, that could cause swelling.RecommendationsIf your bearded dragon has a swollen limb or tail seek a qualified veterinarian immediately. It is impossible for the snake to raise its temperature to 10 degrees above the object that it is laying on.
Unfortunately, our cute bearded dragons cannot talk to tell us what the problem is, so we must use our best judgement according to conditions.RecommendationsCheck the habitat temperatures to make sure they are in the proper ranges for the age of bearded dragon you have.
Providing an overhead heat source is the best and most effective way to allow a reptile to do this. The most stressful times are when a new pet is first brought home, or when the terrarium setting drastically changes.
Remember, bearded dragons have different personalities just like people, so each one will act differently.
Since ball pythons are nocturnal eaters providing constant light may effect eating habits, thus making a problem eater even more of a problem. Check habitat temperatures and adjust them accordingly.Inside of Mouth is Blacked or DiscoloredA discolored, or blackened mouth could be the symptoms of mouth rot.
It is best to go a head and invest in an enclosure of this size from the start to avoid the cost of having to replace the enclosure every time the snake outgrows it. It is typically caused by unsanitary conditions and low temperatures, and must be treated by a veterinarian.Discolored StomachIf the stomach of your pet darkens, or becomes black, it could be due to stress. This can happen most commonly with bearded dragons that have recently been brought home, or changed habitats. Be sure that the enclosure that you use is purpose made to house reptiles since these snakes have been known to escape from glass aquariums covered will the commercially sold screen mesh lids.
Do not fill the bowl to the top since the water will be displaced every time the snake soaks in it. Have a veterinarian perform an exam immediately.ObesityBearded dragons in the wild are very active creatures.
Captive-raised bearded dragons do not have the room typically to be as active as in the wild. It also carries the risk of exposing the snake's ventral body surface to the potential of a moist dermatitis as a result of having to lay on moist bedding.
The water bowl should be placed under the side of the enclosure where the light is to help maintain humidity. Often times stress alone is enough to cause one of these animals to stop feeding, so be sure to make every attempt to provide the snake with privacy.

Placing a strip of duct tape around the outside bottom edge of the enclosure will also help to provide security for the snake. This can be remedied by ensuring the bearded dragon’s enclosure is adequate and has the proper diet. All bark should be avoided because it can be ingested which can lead to intestinal blockages, which in turn can lead to a secondary prolapse. Taking it out of the habitat occasionally can also help with snout rubbing.Sunken EyesIf your bearded dragon appears to have sunken eyes, it could be the signs of an infection. Pieces of bark that get stuck in the mouth can lead to an oral infection known as stomatitis or more commonly as mouthrot.Water and Humidityprovide a dish large enough for the snake to soak in. Another alternative is to provide a humidity retreat, which similarly uses a covered container with an access hole lined with damp sphagnum moss to provide the moisture (a water dish is still provided outside the retreat). The record age for a ball python is more than 40 years – so plan on a long life for your new pet snake. It will lap up drips of water from its nose as you mist it.There can be many signs that point to an unhealthy, or unhappy bearded dragon. It’s always important to keep an eye on any issues, and take it to a qualified veterinarian for periodic exams. Adult female ball pythons average 3 to 5 feet long, and adult male ball pythons average 2 to 3 feet in size. Most unhealthy symptoms described above should be examined and treated by a reptile veterinarian.
A 5-foot ball python is considered big, although lengths of 6 feet or more have been reported.Ball Python Handling and Temperament Ball pythons are generally shy and will spend much of their time hiding. Some snakes may not eat for several hours or longer after being handled, so avoid handling if you plan to feed.
After a snake has eaten it may be a good idea to limit the handling because it may be uncomfortable for the animal. Avoid putting your snake’s cage in a heavy traffic area, excessive movement, and other pets should be avoided. SO PLEASE HELP ME I REALLY LOVE AND I AM SCARED THAT SHE IS NOT FEELING GOOD ??Reply archangel saysAugust 10, 2015 at 8:57 pm Sometimes they brumate (hibernate).

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