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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. As the person who filed the permit, you are the main contractor and responsible for the building. You should consider your tools for completing the job before you begin in order to save time and money.
Now that the basics of framing are understood, take a look at the sample diagrams for my framing.
Shingling is by far the hardest part of roofing and can be hellish in the heat and sun of summer.
With the building sheathed and the roof shingled, you will want to put in the windows and doors to complete the illusion of a completed project. Just wondering if you had checked into metal roofing (like I've seen installed on primitive cabins). To accomplish the goal of building a simple, sturdy, practical and useful shed a few design and material choices need to be made.
I continue to get comments about "jittering" and "jiggling" cursor movements during these screen capture video recordings. If you watched "A Step Ahead to Build a Shed" prior to seeing this blog post you'll remember that it can be an interactive process. A skill saw and jigsaw can accomplish the same task but you will get a smoother edge with a skill saw.
When you are working on the framing of the shed, a porter cable framing nail gun saves a lot of time. I always like to use screws instead of nails when nailing in the particleboard to the studs. Is it safe to use a 12 foot 2x4 wall with the ridge pole on top of that and install the rafters to just one half.
I have framed a couple small additions to my cabin in the past, using a framing book for guidance.
Even if your Instructable was only meant for showing how to build a garage, it can help with more than just that. I have the outline of my garage up and everything but roofing is another beast unfortunately.

I had a problem with the corner of my house where the wind always hits and didn't want to pay for a contractor, wanted to do it myself. I just can't picture getting up there in the heat and having to replace hundreds of tiles.
I am planning a big re roofing project for my parents' shed and I know this will help me out.
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Begin by imagining the shed you want to end up with and work back from there to know where to start. Even though this shed is 8' square, the principals apply to framing in general and could be adapted to a shed of any size. Here I give an overview of assembling floor joists on 4x4 support beams and discuss principals of getting the assembly squared up. I'm open to design, material and tutorial content input from viewers to enhance your learning experience so feel free to post comments or questions as this series develops.
When you’re building a shed, this machine works great with cutting particleboard and siding. There are other obvious tools that you will need such as a tape measure, square, pencils and other miscellaneous. Before you can do anything else you need to get another inspection of the rough framing and construction. While doing this screen capture video it became clear that I'm trying to pack a lot of information into this blog post. I completely understand how annoying it is for viewers to try to learn from the tutorial while being constantly distracted by cursor movement. Two other shed-building series here at Fine Homebuilding Online (a Garden Shed and a Tool Shed) have additional information for setup and framing methods for shed floors that you might find helpful to understand this phase. I have worked for construction companies that have banned this tool simply because there have been too many injuries occurring on the job. Sometimes there is trim at home depot or lowes that has trim already cut with smooth edges.
Its high value comes from its durability which allows sturdy construction without the need for a sheathing layer which would be necessary with horizontal lap siding.

Like a real carpentry apprenticehip, it can be difficult to grasp too many new concepts all at once.
I did't learn much in sophmore algebra class because my attention was riveted on counting how many times the teacher bobbed up and down on his toes trying to emphasize key points in his lectures. As a reminder, the shed model used for this tutorial series is availble at the SketchUp Component Warehouse by clicking HERE. It’s cheaper, it’s portable and it provides the necessary compressed air that you need when working with any type of nail gun. Will any home improvement store have them, or should I find a specialty store of some kind? Pre-planning wall layout so vertical siding seams land on studs is an important consideration. There are bound to be gaps in my presentation so help fill them in with questions and comments. This can save time, not having to plug and un plug cords, simply focus on what your doing with no distractions.
It seems from your progress photos, that you are missing a key structural component, a corner top plate (or cap plate). I've been super worried about the Oklahoma City men in my family who think that they can go up on the roof and fix just about anything.
If shop is a distance from house, consider installing security alarm system with loud siren on building and hard wired small siren inside house. The shed needed to be 8' square and 8' high for adequate storage volume so planning starts from there. You will not hear alarm on building if it sounds at 3:00am, but you will hear small alarm inside house.

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