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The rear yard can provide some crucial space-savings for items which many people don’t consider when designing granny flats.
This can easily be provided by erecting a small garden shed or tool-shed within the back yard. When you move into a new granny flat, you’ll bring items with you which must be stored inside.
We did build one in Orange NSW but the property had a 40 metre rear yard, so had ample distance to compensate for the massive rear setback required under the Affordable Rental Housing legislation.
We have actiually completed a few 3 bedroom granny flats with one bathroom for each bedroom.
The great things about granny flats for investors is that they’re effectively free when you factor in the rental return paying for it over just a few short years. What if you had a standard block with a rear alley way which doesn’t require a setback. If your property adjoins a Laneway, you can build onto the boundary for up to half that boundary’s width. Just wondering how difficult it is to build 2 granny flats on 1 property (specifically approvals). Granny Flat Approvals have been designing and managing the construction of their award winning granny flats for over 15 years throughout Sydney. Serge and his team offer an unparallelled solution for helping you create your new granny flat. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy, integrity, quality, completeness, usefulness or value of anything on this site. As I mentioned in my last post, I was able to go to the University of Minnesota day workshop on Saturday. Along with picking up some new ideas and tactics, I got to get around the surrounding Minneapolis area a bit. After the conference was over, I grabbed a cab (short stop at a liquor store to pick up some Surly Furious and Fest, cab driver smashed into the side of a parked van, yelled at the driver) and headed over to the Aesthetic Apparatus shop. Another car show season has wrapped up after the latest show, H2O International in Ocean City, MD.
I am currently on my way to a UCDA Conference in Minneapolis, MN and I plan on documenting this trip pretty heavily. The morning started pretty early as I was shooting to get to the gate 2 hours before the flight departed. Shedpress: I vended at two shows this past season (Volksfest and H2Oi) and went to one day of Waterfest as a spectator. In other exciting news, Holly and I have been shopping around for houses for the past few months and have made a decision. Speaking of the press (and the business), I have been thinking about a plan for the upcoming show season. On January 9, our friend Ashley came to stay with us for a few weeks all the way from Japan. I fell a little behind on my post from last month, so I’ll try to catch up without making this too long. I got a call from the powder coating guy the week of the 26th that my Raleigh bike frame was done and could be picked up at any time. Second dwelling which has to be one of the lovliest 'granny flats' we've seen and much more like a house than a 'flat'.
There is a one bedroom air conditioned (split system) Granny Flat measuring 9×6 metres. Large, concreted, lockable shed (9m x 12m) with 2 roller doors as well as extra storage room (also lockable) on one end.
Driveway along one side of house with access to the rear of the property, lawn & shrubs along the western side. The prescribed maximum of 60 square meters requires smart design to maximise usable spaces.
These structures are exempt development, which means you won’t need approval to knock them up.
The maximum height allowed is 8.5 metres as measured from lowest natural ground to the top of the ridge.
You can also hence build a 2-storey granny flat up to a maximum height of 8.5 meters, measured from natural ground. Whether it is for investment purposes or the family is extending, Granny Flat Approvals is here to help you from start to finish.
I broke down my usual “inside kid” tendencies and met, had dinner, talked, and befriended many new design folk.
I’l be keeping busy the next few weeks with some business planning, school work, and general everyday stuff.
If you haven’t seen my updates on my Facebook page or Flickr, he’s learning something new every day it seems, showing off his personality, which is really fun to watch develop. I kissed Holly and Benji bye since they were still sleeping and I was on my way to Greensboro, NC to Piedmont Triad International Airport. I feel full on both, but I don’t feel overwhelmed or overstressed, which is a very good thing. She recently sold her current house and bought a house in Floyd, VA, which is much closer than her current location.
From my research, it looks like Flickr is a bit more flexible than Picasa and allows hotlinking, which I use often in the online forums I frequent. I think what I’ll end up doing is selling off my current stock of shirts, retiring most of them, and come up with all new designs to replace the old ones. She had a conference to go to in the states along with some odds and ends that needed to be done here in VA. They sent a very touching letter along with a Custom Danny Gatton Signature Telecaster for Ben’s first Christmas. We went to Red Robin for Holly’s birthday, which was the first time the three of us went out to dinner. The cost versus returns may not seem immediately obvious but compared to other granny flats, you’ll have ample storage for your tenants.
The general and break-out sessions were generally good and I took a bunch of good tips and points back with me. They were just finishing up some printing and Dan was nice enough to show me around the shop.
I came up to the stairs to see a naked Benji and a fully-clothed Holly, both greeting me with big smiles! We had some issues with the space we purchased at the show both days, but all-in-all, I had a fantastic time.
Got there, went through security, the security checkpoint workers were eyeing up my Mediocre Show brass knuckle keychain, but let it pass, thank goodness.

Here’s a little back story: I contacted Dan and Michael at AA years ago before I started shedpress asking for some advice. I hope that we can get Benji on a more rigid schedule so Holly can get some more sleep and be able to take control of her life.
I did manage to get some time after Waterfest to come up with nine new designs, which I have yet to put up on my website (wow, I suck).
Holly and Ben have gotten over theirs, but I think I’m about half-way through mine, which really sucks.
We had an inside track on this one since it is currently owned by our landlord’s Lance and Julie. Putting his toes in his mouth, grabbing his feet and anything else within range, full-on laughing, rolling over, sitting up by himself, screeching, bearing weight on his legs, and more.
Seeing that we haven’t seen her since this past summer, it was very good to spend some quality time with her.
I got some tubes and tires for it and will use it for cruising around when I need some more flexible gearing which I don’t have with the fixie. I rode it right after I picked it up from the bike shop and I’m really pleased with it. We had a special visit from Santa Claus, lots of presents and got to catch up with some relatives we only see a few times a year. While looking at a poster and print blog (OMGposters!) I stumbled on an artist named Jason Sho Green who ran into some bad luck and was selling some of his original art. We drove up to Mama G’s Friday night in order to split our trip up a bit on the way up. Sixty square meters is difficult to maximise once you design the bedrooms, the living room, kitchen and bathroom. If you ever decide to move into your new granny flat, space savings will have already been designed and catered for.
I’ll be taking a class, one at time, to work towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.  So far, the class I am currently taking, Intro to Graphic Design II, is going very well.
While thinking of a way to get the Tech football game on our tv (internet broadcast), I thought it would be neat to have Benji check himself out on the big screen.
Two of my friend’s volvo’s broke while we were there, so maybe that’s a hint from the vw and audi gods to stay away, you meatball-eating race car drivers! Turns out the flight to Atlanta got a little screwed up and is going to be about an hour later than originally scheduled. One of the main reasons I have been absent from the ink tub has been because I’ve discovered the social networking site, Facebook. I oversee the 2 full-time graphic designers, the student graphic designer, and a work study student.
I also picked up 6 mk1 (first generation) vws; 5 being Rabbits and one being a Caddy (rabbit pickup truck). Jackson used his MacGyver-like skills to light a fire in their firepit (read: dump a box of matches on the fire logs) the rest of us enjoyed some food and drinks while watching Captain Outdoors work his fire magic. I ended up pulling the original front wheel from the Raleigh since the front wheel on the Univega had some bearing play. I didn’t have the head badge at the time I took the first round of photos, but I snapped a photo of it on the bike. I really liked his style, thought it would be cool to start a collection of original art for Ben, so I picked 2 pieces up from him (one for Ben and one for Holly). Standing rib roast, potatoes, green beans, macaroni & cheese, rolls, and some cannoli cake for dessert. I try to make time to do some design projects for myself, and this is where I showcase that work: fallenbythewayside. Little did they know I am a spaz and took pictures of every square inch of their shop (LINK). It’s not as easy as I expected simply because the thought process behind some of the project is different from what I have done in the past, through freelance project and professionally as a graphic designer. I met a guy, Dave Yakley, from Malone University while I was in Savannah who won a professional scholarship, which paid for either a partial or full conference registration fee.
I hope that our lives will cross paths again soon so my love for you can flourish into a robust bond. Being a manager is humbling and challenging, but I’ve learned a lot so far and continue to learn new things daily.
I had intentions of fixing up the caddy, but it proved to be too rusty for it’s own good, so I recently have started to turn it into a trailer.
There are plenty others that I could go to, but the distance to travel and the size of the shows doesn’t always make sense to make the trip. He has also discovered his feet just this past week and has started to grab objects in front of him. Derek and I ventured out to visit with our friends Mac, Michelle, and some of their friends. He would visit me when I would go to the bathroom and lie on my chest when my alarm would go off in the morning because he wanted me to get up to feed him.
It was great to see her and spend an evening with her since we haven’t seen her in a while. I ate real quick and walked him around the restaurant a few times, which worked out perfectly since I tracked down our waitress and told her it was Holly’s birthday. I swung by the bike shop on the way home to drop off the frame, wheel set, crank, and pedals. At the rear of the house, there is a large undercover area which is gravelled & connects with the other buildings in the back yard. A good idea here is to omit the laundry tub in lieu of a floor-drain for the washing machine. I thought I would enjoy the letterpress part of the day the best, but our time was short and we only had time to set 2 lines of type per person. As the guys finished out their days, I asked a bunch of questions (read: annoyed the piss out of them), picked out some merch, and drank a few beers. I think the future classes will also be a challenge and am excited to be working towards bettering my education and design skills. So, I regularly checked out their posters and other merch on a regular basis, picking up my favorites as the years past. Maybe I’ll introduce you to my other friend sideburns and we can make a glorious beard together. I think with the addition Facebook in my life, after this one, my blog posts will be a bit more brief than in the past. It will be a brand new look which should make ordering (for the customers) and updating (for me) easier.
Even though it had only been a month since we saw them last, it seemed as if both kids had grown and changed a lot.

Holly saw some unfamiliar dogs outside the house around the same time he disappeared and one of our neighbors said she saw a coyote around lately, too.
My cousin Brad’s son, Simon, my niece Rachel, and nephew Nathan, really seemed to enjoy meeting him. It’s been fun so far, which is cool and all, but it would be nice to at least score once…we were shut out both games!
I was told that all the rest of the parts would be in and the bike would just about be ready. We can provide a storage shelf above for the dirty linen and clothes basket.You can see our completed bathrooms and laundries HERE.
This is a collection of self-published, self-initiated magazines from the 1930s to the 1990s which was quite interesting and inspiring.
We think he just likes to see his own movements and expressions at a larger scale.  He also had his 2nd birthday a few weeks ago. I have been wearing many hats lately; design manager, student, husband, father, homeowner, one-man business owner, printer, designer…and the list goes on. He’s been going to daycare now since March or April (I think) and seems to really like it.
I’ll also be designing some new shirts to replace some of the older designs that will be retired. He’s continuing to eat very well and has even started eating some solid (soft) foods.
Brewed with a generous portion of wheat and our own special blend of spices, this beer is light and slightly cloudy in appearance, with a spicy aroma. There have been 2 big brown specks in his right eye for about 2 months now, but they are still mostly dark slate blue. The doctor numbed up the area around where the tick was, then dug the mouth parts out with a razor. As reflected on their website or in any of the articles written about them, they are regular dudes who have a passion for really good design and screen printing. I need some sort of break and the only thing that I can change right now is the business and how I run it.
A month pasted and I got an e-mail from UCDA saying that I had won one of the scholarships this year. Sure enough, I received a reply within 2 days setting up a time and date for me to come over.
I hope to get it started soon so I can start on pulling the engine and trans so I can rework some things in the engine bay and in the interior. We started packing boxes a few weeks ago, but I’m expecting this move to be the least amount of trouble, seeing that it is less than 10 miles away from our current rented house. Well, I lost (2nd to last) and ended up with a big can of what appeared to be rotten cough syrup called Four Loko Fruit Punch.  The game was fun, we had great seats, I ate a turkey leg, and Tech won. It looks like there are some nice days early next week that I might be able to get out and ride. He gave me a 1-time prescription that was supposed to take care of any infection that may occur. You then climb up this ladder, get what you need and it simply retracts back into the roof cavity. A few of his little friends were over at his party and they had a hard time sharing some of the toys. I’m going to step back and take a look at how I can change some processes and still keep sane with everything else going on. I asked if it would be cool for me to bring some beers over for them (and me), and they couldn’t say no. There was some interesting (read: stupid) things that previous owners had done to it that question their abilities, or lack there of.
Over the summer, I filled out the proper forms and got shedpress incorporated and got a business bank account as well.
We are very fortunate to have plenty of friends and family that have volunteered to help us with the move. I’m not sure if it was the two Furious beers I nervously gulped down or me being a total idiot, but I realized after the guys left and locked up the shop and pedaled home that I had left everything I bought IN the shop. Dan recommended a good, local beer, Surly Furious, which I will search out and am sure to enjoy.
We will be contacting the ears, noes, and throat doctor this week to see when we can get an appointment to see what they say about ear tubes.
If it comes down to it, I will, but I’m entertaining the thought of keeping it going, just running it a bit different. So I take a look at the conference options and one pre-conference workshop really catches my eye. The AA boys happen to be doing design work for Surly this year, which so far, is impressive to say the least. In other bike-related news, I picked up a bike trainer locally from craigslist on Halloween night. The past few years, specifically this past year has really worn me down and made me really bitter. I could go on and on how excited I am to meet the guys who continue to be one of my biggest inspirations for my business and design work, but that will be very boring and redundant. It got a lot of really good reviews and was comparable to the Britax seats, which have a very good reputation.
We felt some of the other convertible seats in Target and they seemed like they were rock hard compared to the Recaro, which is rather plush. I threw the Nashbar TT bike on there since it seems impossible to find a replacement front tire for that thing. She was born 4 days after Ben was, so it was his first interaction with another baby so close to his age.
I was down in our crawlspace and happened to find a 10-speed Univega road bike that belonged to our landlord. He said sure, so I took it out, cleaned it up a little bit, pumped up the tires, and road it around the yard a bit. He had to sit in front of a special monitor that had infared sensors on the bottom that measured where his eyes were focusing and where he was tracking.

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