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If you’re like most deer hunters, you spend the majority of your time in the woods during the fall and winter of each year. With spring just around the corner and whitetail bucks starting to shed antlers, there is a good opportunity to learn more about your hunting area and the deer that live there.
But on the other hand, there are those hunters that get excited as the hunting season ends.
Finding shed deer antlers not only ends with great rewards you get to take home, but also with some valuable information you can tuck away in your back pocket for next season. Shed antlers also allow you to physically track bucks that you may have been keeping a close eye on.
Hunters hunting for shed deer antlers has become a big event in recent years. Many people hunt for shed antlers for various reasons and some are not even hunters. However, the habitat that deer live in, just like the animals themselves, are found there year-round — so get out and explore it, learn more about it, and find some shed antlers!

Information such as the quality of bucks that made it through the last hunting season, the number of different bucks that were in the area, and specific areas that these bucks used while in your area.
Measurements that can be taken from year to year include common measurements such as beam length, tine length, and mass measurements.
The length of time it takes for rats and squirrels to gnaw shed antlers varies from location to location and year to year. Some want to find shed deer antlers to make various ittems out of…lamps, knives, etc. I recommend keeping an eye on the deer herd or using your game camera to document when bucks are losing their head-gear in your area. You know, there are ways to get a huge set of antlers on your wall other than shooting the big boy. In addition, warming weather will spur grass growth and make finding antlers more difficult.

And then there are those that are serious about find shed antlers for management purposes. Finding shed antlers (especially both sides) allows the finder to rough-score the bucks to get a good idea of current and future quality.
Look for shed antlers in winter food sources, in bedding areas, and along trails in between these two areas. Also, finding numerous shed antlers over years on a particular piece of property allows you to gain knowledge regarding the areas that bucks are frequenting. Just a thought for hunters and collectors wanting to get on the good side of a farm owner for future places to hunt.
Starting too late means antlers will either be partially or entirely eaten by small mammals and other rodents or vegetation will be well-grown making antlers even more difficult to find.

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