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Ivan writes, "This year was a blast shed hunting eastern Montana as well as the Bob Marshall wilderness, as we found quite a lote big sheds. Most hunters who participated in the early contests used calls, put on drives or still-hunted.
At first, many people who saw eastern coyotes figured they were seeing coydogs, produced from the mating of coyotes and domesticated dogs.
With coyote hunting being so new to the Northeast, it’s logical that hunting methods and tactics would go through some changes before the passing of too many years. When the coyotes first peaked in population in the Northeast, many hunters shot them while deer hunting because hunters in the woods caused coyotes to move.
Hunters using dogs in the hunting contests accounted for more coyotes than other hunting methods, but callers still had half as many on the coyote list.
Thanks to coyote hunting contests that collected information about the tools and methods used by successful hunters, we can watch how the tactics and firearms have evolved.
Proper camouflage seems to be more effective when snow is on the ground than at any other time. This data is slanted in that all hunters reporting were successful coyote hunters, at least in the corresponding hunting contests.
Information about a total of 74 successful coyote hunters from coyote hunting contests during 2014 shows that 29 used one of the typical coyote hunting rifle cartridges.
An increasing percentage of hunters using dogs successfully have started using 12 gauge shotguns. This entry was posted in Big Game Hunting, Coyote Hunting, Guest Writers, Mike Bleech and tagged Coyote Calling, Coyote Hunting Methods, Coyote Hunting Rifles, Eastern Coyotes, History of Eastern Coyotes. Enter your email to get the best whitetail deer hunting tips, big buck stories, gear reviews, and venison recipes in your inbox - plus store discounts and special offers from our partners. Kentucky’s elk population has grown well in the 15 years since restoration efforts began in the southeast region of the state.
In one of the most deer-crazy states in the country, where a one-buck limit and decades of management help produce some monster nontypical and typical bucks, reintroduced elk have given hunters more opportunities to get outdoors. Elkhorn Creek in central Kentucky, the city of Elkton in Todd County and Elkhorn City in Pike County are modern day reminders of the elk that inhabited Kentucky when the pioneers arrived. Hunters looking for a chance at a Kentucky elk have until midnight (Eastern time) April 30 to enter this year’s quota hunt drawing.
Kentucky Fish and Wildlife will issue 900 general quota hunt permits and 10 youth permits this year through a random computer drawing conducted in early May by the Kentucky Commonwealth Office of Technology.

Based on last season’s numbers, Kentucky residents have a 1 in 149 chance to be drawn for a bull firearm tag, while they have a 1 in 30 chance for a cow firearm tag. Kentucky’s elk herd is the largest east of the Rocky Mountains and more than all the states east of the Mississippi River combined.
Traditionally, the hunter success rate for bulls is greater than 80 percent during the firearms seasons and around 60 percent for the archery season.
Hunters ages 15 and younger can apply for the youth-only quota hunt during the same application period as the general elk quota hunt drawing.
The youth-only option does not appear until the child’s birthday is entered in the drawing application process. The proposed 2015-2016 hunting seasons for elk open in September and close in January 2016. From Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, the 2015 Whitetails Wall Calendar features the work of deer researchers Wayne Laroche and Charlie Alsheimer, who reveal the 2015 whitetail rut prediction, based on years of lunar cycle research. The calendar features amazing whitetail deer photography, capturing deer in all the seasons and providing deer activity charts so you can plan your hunt. The watershed has an abundance of native brown trout but is also stocked with rainbows, goldens, and brook trout. I jumped off the Trout Train a couple miles up the tracks and started to fish, Trout were in every decent pool and crowds were light. Serious hunters were anxious to take part in the opportunity to fill the hunting gap through winter. During the first few years eastern hunters shot coyotes incidentally as they hunted deer, because numerous deer hunters afield got them moving. A survey of successful hunters entered in coyote hunting contests during 2007 indicated that hunters were switching to proper coyote hunting firearms. They discovered that coyotes would often turn on the hounds that had been used for fox or raccoons. Because not everyone can keep dogs, a fair number of hunters worked hard to get better at calling. And now that coyote hunting in the East is an established sport, more and more hunters have special coyote rifles, and in many cases shotguns. This makes the conclusions more valid than they would be if a random sampling of coyote hunters were questioned for our purposes.
Products dedicated to varmint hunting have proliferated on the market, due almost entirely to the eastern coyote.

Efforts have been incredibly successful and now, in the beautiful and rugged terrain of the region, hunting seasons provide chances for antlered and unantlered archery and firearms hunts for residents and non-residents.
In 1997, a landmark restoration effort began that re-established an elk herd in the state’s scenic southeastern region and created one of the most sought-after hunting opportunities east of the Rocky Mountains. For cow elk, the archery success rate typically is about 50 percent while firearms hunters traditionally experience success more than 60 percent of the time. They may also apply for the general quota elk hunt drawing, but cannot be drawn for both in the same year. Utilize this deer moon phase calendar to find out which days the deer will be seeking and chasing, so you can time the rut for the best time to hunt. It’s not only the most useful calendar you’ll own, but quite possibly the ultimate gift for any deer hunter! And no wonder — research shows that the big eastern coyote carries Canadian wolf genes.
It has now been well established that coyotes migrated to the Northeast both south of the Great Lakes and north of the Great Lakes. In the early coyote hunting contests, most hunters were not yet ready to lay down the cash for a coyote-specific rifle. Running coyotes with dogs had long been done in the Southeast, but those coyotes are smaller, like coyotes in the Midwest and West. It appeared as though callers could not compete with dogs, so many hunters gave up participating in coyote contests. Over the years he has become an expert at hunting the Allegheny National Forest and other public lands, and an accomplished trout fisherman. A local club and Trout Unlimited work together to keep miles of trout fishing open and stocked for anglers.
One pool I recall was called The Fat Man’s Hole because of a group that always set up shop along the bank in the same place each year. Over the past few years, ammo manufacturers have developed shotgun loads specifically for coyote hunting.
Of note, hunters drawn for a bull or cow archery and crossbow permit may not hunt when an elk firearms season is open.

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