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For years, hunting for shed antlers has been a common pastime for mule deer and whitetail hunters. Yes, shed antlers are a resource for the hunter, but they must be understood properly and utilized in order to be effective.
But if the area that you hunt late in the season holds migratory deer, then you need to spend time searching for sheds amid their wintering grounds.
Many breeds of hunting dogs can be trained to retrieve antlers, said Waller, who first started working with Labradors. It’s important to get a pup from a breed that has a lot of desire for hunting and retrieving. Dogs hunting with their heads up will detect more scent, especially in brushy canyons where blacktails and Roosevelt elk live. One of the first steps to training any dog to hunt for shed antlers is to praise a pup for picking up and bringing in a shed used as a training tool. After about six months to a year, once their adult teeth come in — and depending on how they mature — it’s time to teach them to force fetch. According to Waller, if your dog gets in a canyon and finds an antler, and something else like a grouse grabs its attention, it might drop the antler, and you’d never know the shed was there. After teaching the pup to force fetch, the next step is to start training your dog to handle, or cast-off. When teaching your pup to handle or cast-off, Waller uses what he calls the Baseball Drill. As your pup starts to handle, you can begin running him to piles, which is a pile of bumpers placed in the field. Once you do hit the woods with your shed hunting dog, the key to maximizing the number of antler sheds you find is to get into the field when the scents of blood and bone are still strong. Then the sooner you can be in the field after an antler is dropped, the better the dog’s chance of finding it, right?
With two suitcases, three carry-ons, a diaper bag, a double-stroller, and a pair of additional car seats, the van was packed, too packed for a shovel.
A bittersweet week in Madison as the famed octopus signs from the Octopus car washes are coming down. Though your lawn itself may not be growing at an accelerated rate, the roots and rhizomes are going nutso beneath the surface. Everything from hunting business cards, to postcards, banners, posters, print ads, and anything else that has to do with hunting related designs.

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Shed hunting for antlers can open up a whole new realm of knowledge, especially if you have a shed-hunting partner with four legs! In fact, if you want to gain insight to the caliber of bucks in your hunting area, now is prime time. Within each of those racks is a wealth of information that can improve your shed hunting success.
But when it comes to hunting for the antler sheds of black-tailed deer and Roosevelt elk, the playing field changes.
For instance, if you hold an early-season deer tag, knowing where you find sheds each winter won’t do you much good unless you’re hunting lower-elevation homebody bucks. It’s crucial to correlate the time of season when you intend to hunt with the places where bucks are during the time they shed their antlers.
Others who have changed the dynamics of hunting sheds are finding up to two dozen shed antlers a day.
He’s been training dogs since about 1970, and his level of knowledge and dedication to the sport is impressive.
You might consider starting them off on training dummy, gradually working to a small antler. Their level of stamina is exceptional, and they are willing to work hard — exactly what’s necessary in the rugged terrain of many deer habitats.
Also, according to the trainer, they’ll wind more mule deer sheds in sage country, as well as Rocky Mountain elk antlers in big country. They should be house-trained, as well as introduced to the environment they’ll be hunting in.
Force fetching is using an act of stimulation to cue a dog to pick up an object on command and reliably return it to the person in charge. The “pitcher’s mound” is where you start off your pup with the commands: “Over” for 1st and 3rd base, “Back” for 2nd base.

The longer a shed antler lies in the woods, the more odor it loses — so the fresher a shed antler, the more likely your dog will pick up its smell. Her mom is a wild, Californian sea otter that sought refuge in the pool to shield her against other animals and the stormy days. Every lawn is different, so if youa€™ve got some problem weeds, dona€™t ignore that bag of weed-and-feed. You know youa€™re going to need fertilizer and planting soil and lawn mower maintenance kits, so buy them now while most stores are liquidating the inventory.
Just as with hunting the animals themselves, looking for their antlers is a true challenge. His work with dogs in hunting sheds has revolutionized how people are searching for antlers.
It’s OK if puppies makes mistakes — this is their time to learn, and your time to bond with them.
1 purpose of having dogs is to find antler sheds, then you will want to teach them to force fetch. The ola€™ mini van stood tall in the face of Ashleya€™s 13+ inch assault, though the ripple effect was felt, snow piled high on the sides and behinda€¦drifting and plowinga€¦quite the pile-up. Like your grass, weeds are supercharging in the fall, and attacking them will be quite effective this time of year. Sure you might get some looks from the neighbors when your turning the auger in 65 degree weather, but it's worth it. A Itasca County Sheriff Vic Williams gives a public warning about the current ice conditions. For most dig out conditions, like long-term airport parking, the garden trowel provides plenty of clearing ability and great ice-chipping leverage, and it stores under the seat or often in a glove box or easily in a backpack if you're a winter hiking, snowshoeing, or camping enthusiast. If youa€™re wondering which fertilizer to use, dona€™t overthink it a€“ anything is better than nothing, and most companies make it easy on you, offering a€?winterizer" blends. If youa€™re a do-it-yourselfer, you will save a lot of money by preparing for spring right now. PDF, AI, PSD, PNG, GIF, JPEG, InDD These practices have been in place since January 1, 2008.

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