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My game plan is to obtain dirt from various sources when it is available (ie When people are trying to get rid of it).
If I can get enough dirt at once I will definitely consider renting something big (or hiring out like some of you suggest). Charlie, Frank, Donny, Keith and anybody else I didn't mention thanks for all of your input as well! Additionally, I was thinking of making a new topic about this, but I'm not sure of the forum rules and I don't want to impose.
It's surprising how many dump truck loads of dirt are removed from a road side ditch when it's cleaned out. The road crews have to haul and dump it somewhere and are willing to give it to you especially if it's a short haul from where they're working. MASSEY FERGUSON 135 STEERING BOX ADJUSTMENTLeading provider of parallelogram steering rack. Did that already on the same interchange, only get one hit: 368372R91 changes to NTA1625 which is highly available needle roller bearing.
He tells me they have fresh rebuilt Steering box s with the Power Steering option in stock and ready to be shipped.
I just got this parts machine delivered today and I am wondering if there is anything worth saving on that cultivator or if I should scrap it. Quoting Removed, click Modern View to seeAllen, a NEW sawtooth throttle is available aftermarket.

Allen, I have an excellent ratchet style throttle just like the one pictured if you're interested. I'd say a previous owner was very meticulous about maintaining the battery and charging system.
It was in such good shape that I thought it couldn't be as old as the rest of the tractor, but maybe it was stored inside and then put on the tractor at some point by a previous owner. I don't think IH made any of their bearings, a good bearing place should be able to get them, including the races. Power Steering - I am having a dilly of a time finding any info on the following replacement parts. This needle roller only helps if the tractor has the newer type races installed not thee older roller ball bearing races (grooves in races). The list is alphabetical, then numerical, the IH numbers will be labled as Navistar, may be faster to hit the end button on your computer and go through it backwards. TRADEMARK DISCLAIMER: Tradenames and Trademarks referred to within these website pages are the property of their respective trademark holders.
For those of you trying to help out by suggesting crossing it to a modern one, it cannot be done.
Does not have a John Deere hoist on it, but I have a John Deere #150 hoist available to put on it. It was made in sections in order to be assembled onto the shaft of that has two sector gears that are part of the shaft.

In other words, you cannot slide a new bearing onto the shaft, even if you found one with the correct dimensions. FP smith comes up when you google the part #, but I called, and they have not had one in years, same with other hits that came up.
Adding that counterweight to my 660 made it 'feel' like ps after moving clay with it all day, the day before..
This bearing was only used in a few models, and only on the power steering versions of those models. Salvage yards will not sell you a used one, because they only want to sell you a complete steering box.
Another common item that breaks in these boxes is the 3 toothed "rack", part number 366178R1. The aftermarket Jackson power steering for the 300 and 350U's uses a hydraulic cylinder on each side of the tractor to turn the wheels, but they have you leave the working manual box in place to keep the 2 wheels tracking together. But if your gears are broke, or not meshing because of the bearing failure like mine, your out of luck there.

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