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Our relationship works like this: when one of us panics, the other gets all stoical, logical and calm, and vice versa.
Still, I was determined to avoid the visit at all costs, and so turned to Google, and then to Twitter, where I got lots of reassurance (thanks all) and no horror stories. When she finally got round to prodding the lumps, I thought we’d be out within a minute.
Now, 40 minutes in the company of a stranger with two frustrated lads in a room that must have been 80 degrees hot can feel quite awkward. The sweltering room grew hotter with a tense silence as we all wondered who was going to speak next. GPs work on the assumption that most things clear up by themselves after a couple of weeks at the most.
Well as you know from my good lady wife I have something very similar to this, in fact have had them for 10 years now. After the third lot I stopped worrying and the last time he actually saw a DR he was 10 years old.
My son suffered flu-like symptoms soon after the visit to the doctor, and then the lumps gradually subsided until they disappeared altogether. I realized my son had a small lump behind his neck and in the back side of his head, can lymph nodes appear behind the head?
Hi I am so pleased that your son was OK, no than to your useless g.p lol, I am very concerned re my own son, he is now 4 n half and has a limp in neck mini egg size, maybe slightly larger. I’m not a doctor or an expert in any way, shape or form, but I do think you should take him to see your GP again as a precaution and for your own peace of mind.
HiWas going to just put up a wooden one then thought may as well brick it, two facing walls are face brick and the rear are block. Is it damp due to water coming through the brickwork or condensation from within?When you had the exterior rendered, did this breach the dpc?

What about a couple greenhouse heaters on a stat or on constantly, leaving the small window vents open ?Or batten and clad with pvc stuff ? I have rendered the block with waterproofer, not sure if i could seal the bricks somehow ??I have a dehumidifier which has an external drain pipe that i will stick in there. And my wife went into panic mode after discovering these little growths under our seven year-olds skin during bathtime on Saturday night.
But by and large, it was very obvious to us both than I didn’t to be there, and she wanted me there even less.
Enlarged lymph nodes in this position are very common in children; they are part of the immune system and are particularly prominent after infections such as coughs and colds . All they have to do is keep you busy until then, after which you come back and say what a fabulous doctor they are. All I can say is that my son’s lumps disappeared after a couple of weeks and never came back, but if you are concerned, then, yes, of course you should follow your instincts and take him to see a doctor. He has had blood test all OK other than slightly low iron, now I have just found a second lump near back of neck.
Inside was roughed with waterproofer abd plastered but now walls are damp (expected really).I have also had the outside of the block skimmed with cement.Is there any way to remedy this ?
Plus put some insulation behind it ??Don't really fancy emptying a dehumidifier all the time. I have a block built garage which gets damp on one side as i couldn't get to the back of it to render it. And waited for her colleague to finish with another patient who was far more likely to be suffering from something far more sinister than a couple of pea-sized lumps in their neck. Providing he is otherwise well and doesn’t have swellings anywhere else it is worth waiting a couple of weeks to see whether they get any smaller. Have they gotten any bigger?…please respond….I’m so desperate at this point and really worried!!!!

I’m really starting to get worried, so much that I almost took him to the ER when I felt them.
Everything I read, as with yours, is tat the lumps goes after a short time so is 2 yrs so far normal??
She had a marble sized bump under the skin , on the back of her neck , then it just went away . Fine doctors we have today that live luxurious lives by not being able to diagnose a simple lump on the side of a child’s neck to it origin. I’m too old to be told how to live my life, so I nodded a lot and vowed never to go again, unless my leg was hanging off.
My son is scheduled for a biopsy this Monday and the Frustration of “The WHAT IF?” is making me crazy!! Before they would see you one week then have to go sift their libraries to find an answer, now they’ve got instant searchable options.
To me, when there is a problem on the human body that is out of ordinary such as lumps, skin rashes, etc. Please help me or maybe somebody knows this kind of symptoms and can give me some sort of advice..thank you !
For you to seal though it would mean stripping it right back and still don't know if that will work.

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