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Installation was fairly simple,  I just mounted the solar panel to the shed roof and ran the wires into the shed. I then hooked up the solar panel to the controller and it immediately started charging the batter.  The sun was behind a cloud, but it still charged the battery. I also have a 60 Watt light florescent light inside the shed that I was able to turn on in the morning even with the low battery indicator on. Since the inverter consumes 10 Watts of power while turned on, I decided to keep the inverter turned off unless I need 120v power for some reason,  Like the main lights, or something else. Sometimes you have to put the wood work aside to take care of other stuff around the place.
I sat the shed down on some treated leftover 4×6 pieces from my pole barn and repeated the same thing on the other side. In the pic to the right on the back you can see the runners that go up the middle of the building. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog.
I wonder what skull is from its seems to be pretty big to be under your shed?Maybe a ground hog whatever that may be.

DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Shed designers and engineers are always looking for new ways to improve the quality and functionality of storage sheds. We have found that the most popular place for a garden shed is ‘off the wall’ or a fence of the home.
What’s different about the ‘Off the Wall’ sheds to your regular slim garden sheds, is the back wall panel has been removed from the kit and you have been provided with wall anchors. They are manufactured from low maintenance, top grade steel and have been tried and tested to endure the harshest Australian weather. So if you need a storage solution to keep your outdoor belongings in but have limited room, check out the OTW range which are affordable and convenient. Michelle Sperinck is a young and outgoing professional who has worked across many industries and contributed in many ways to the community through her work. Growing up with a large family, her fondest memory was the countless hours spent in the backyard having adventures in the Garden Shed. Its only natural that with Michelle's professional background and passion for backyards that she is now a valuable member of the Cheap Sheds team.

Off the wall is the best option to use a free space using garden sheds to cover area into a store room. They often look at what customers are doing or asking for, and find ways to make it happen. By placing your shed against either a fence or wall, it not only saves space but it also ensures it does not stick out like a sore thumb. This means your shed sits up against the wall, with the wall acting as the back panel, and you anchor it against the wall instead of the floor. Normally I have one of my several gardens next to the shed as well but this year I had to put it off because the shed was sinking into the ground and being taken over by ground hogs. Due to such delight around one shed, the family extended the fun by building a fort, adding a cubby house and tree house. I just had to dig under it enough to lay a 2×12 down as a base and set the jack on it.

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