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Modern-Sheds are not really restricted in size, however, we categorize them as Small, Medium and Large where a structure which is 8’ in depth (front to back) is “small”.
Requiring a bit larger space -- for an art studio, large office, home gym, man cave or diva den or guest studio? Honestly, I find the term "man cave" sort of irritating despite being guilty of using it often enough. Instead of a she shed, I'd love a space where I could DIY and make a complete mess without having to worry about destroying my house while being inviting and well lit. Green Courtyard Shed Office Glass Door Wood Floor Updated by Dick Oatts on Thursday, March 21, 2013, is one of the pictures from the main article Amazing House Extension Design for Working Purposes.There are 8 more pictures that you can see below. With the available storage space already being used up within the house, the husband and wife architect duo decided to look outwards for a solution. The company Modern-Shed was launched in 2005, and since its creation it has developed a variety of contemporary living spaces that can serve a variety of functions, including a home office, studio space, retreat, guest house, or even a fully-fledged home.
According to their website, the living pods have been designed with the environment in mind and as well as your wallet – the sheds are designed to be in-expensive and cost effective. All building materials are purchased from local suppliers, providing a little boost to the local economy.
Each shed is pre-assembled on site by their own experienced in-house team, and can be tailored to your specific needs.
For more spaces check out these cylindrical sleeping pods in France that are used by hikers for multi-day treks.

The stairs go to the roof deck so if you are too cold to use the stairs in the winter then you probably wouldn't want to be on the roof anyway would you, and there are many parts of the world that don't get cold ever. Artists, whether professional or hobbyists, encompassing all aspects of art such as painting, photography, sewing or music usually desire a space they can “get messy” in and don’t have to worry about cleaning up and all have smells and or sounds which may be undesirable, at least at times, within the home itself. That solution came in the form of the humble backyard shed, albeit with some modifications. Modern-Shed provides a feasible solution to those that have outgrown their existing living spaces, providing a means for people to remain in their current home instead of up-scaling to a bigger one. This shed has four sliding glass doors at the front and two sets of sliding glass windows on the side that open allowing the shed to be part of the garden. If the stairs were inside you would need an enclosure for them on the roof that wouldn't fit with the design.
If you are asking a question, please be sure to type in your email address so I can respond directly to you. The exterior stairs are "built-in" and don't stick out of the main design like an afterthought.
I like the idea of using the roof as a social space, which incorporating into office environment.
The majority of our small structures are used for storage space or small personal space such as a small home office, art or craft room or meditation-yoga studio. Modern-Shed can provide the complete shell – fully insulated with finished ceiling and walls.

There is a rear door and stairs to a roof deck on top of the shed, this space can be for relaxation or work. Utilizing a Modern-Shed for personal space does not usurp the use of the family garage either.
A Modern-Exercise room or gym can provide a workout space where you can blare music if you desire without bothering anyone else in the home. Modern-Sheds can be customized with higher ceilings or more insulation and as few or as many windows or doors as you want. Photographers, artists, corporate heads, you name it, realize that working from a home office contributes to their lives significantly. This size also makes a great yoga studio, meditation room and is the perfect size for just getting away into your personal space. It features a smiley face optical illusion, a cider bar, as well as a full sized gorilla that guards the entrance.

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