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Is that an 026 that you were using to fell those trees?  Nice saw!Great job on the house! Deck installed on a diagonal, custom built railing, shed style roof, vinyl soffit, aluminum fascia and gutters. From keeping bugs out to a little more privacy and comfort, a screened porch is a haven that is sure to be enjoyed by you and your family. You have many options for approaching your project, from walls only kits to hiring a contractor. We cover them all and show you how easy it is to build one yourself, from the foundation to the roof. Or, of course, you could hire an experienced builder to design and build the porch of your dreams. With this new module, you can make changes to a home plan and submit them directly to the designer (most plans!). For example, if you want to move walls, add closet space or expand your porch, all you have to do is draw your ideas on the plan with your mouse. You will find quite a few front porch designs on these homes from small porches to large spacious porches! Our granddog Cisco loves a good porch - although we must admit he likes his carpeted floors inside, too! Do it yourself or hire a contractor to construct an outdoor room your family will enjoy for years to come.
Many of our readers have purchased these screened porch plans - and there are other plans, too. Imagine the joyful times you and your family will have on your screened porch - playing cards, sharing meals, listening to music, visiting with friends. Dave and I made lots of memories with our sons on the screened porches we had while our family was growing up. It's easy to convert your new or existing screen porch into a three-season room by using this innovative porch windows.
This simple plan is great for additional storage, a potting shed, a small home office or even a playhouse for your children. One of the most important factors to building a quality foundation is to be sure it is square to your home. Download our step-by-step tutorial with helpful pictures, diagrams and a conversion chart for fractions to inches. Adding a porch to your home is just one of the 9 mobile home improvement ideas that we put together for you.

A front porch design can go from nice to elegant with the addition of handcrafted porch parts from Vintage Woodworks. If you are looking to build a home, we have a section on various plans online that you can browse. This time of year is when we dust our porches off and get our home ready for warmer days ahead.
We have gathered up some wonderful curb appeal pictures and tips to help you spruce up your home and make it look fabulous! If you are selling your home, get a variation of our eBook that is loaded with helpful information for impressing prospective buyers. All kinds: large and small, new and old, fancy, vintage, Victorian, contemporary, cottage-style and more. If you have a ranch home, our Porch Illustrator will give you some idea how a porch would look on it. Take a look at our Porch Illustrator e-Book to see how a plain home is transformed with the addition of a porch. As Dave and I have looked at homes over the years and strolled through neighborhoods, we have always been drawn to charming front porches. We hope that our front porch designs, decorating and entertaining ideas will help you whether you have a front porch, side porch, or a great back porch! Choosing the right ceiling to fit your own individual tastes and in keeping with the look you want to achieve within your porch is an important decision.
If choosing a vaulted or cathedral ceiling, the question arises of whether to choose an exposed rafter or an enclosed rafter design.
With our location here in GA, we cannot put together a post on interior ceiling finishes for porches and not mention the Southern tradition of painted blue porch ceilings. When considering any outdoor structure project including a new porch addition, you want to make sure you are using an experienced, licensed builder who has the knowledge, integrity and the design expertise to provide you with a porch that has your best interest in mind. Please visit our extensive porch galleries, including our open porch, screened porch and front porch galleries located on our website for more examples of ceiling finishes for porches. Visit our websiteArchadeck of Central GA is a full service design and build back yard contractor. Since these are construction blue prints, if you plan to actually build this shed, you will probably want to print the plans. There are a many choices, styles, accoutrements, details and materials that can be used to finish your interior ceiling.
For example, vaulting a 20-by-20-foot room can create a vaulted or cathedral ceiling that’s 11 to 12 feet high at its peak.

We are seeing a trend of finishing the space out using the same lumber as the rest of the structure. There are numerous theories as to why this practice started – from fooling spiders and wasps into thinking the ceiling is the sky, to blue being a harbinger of good luck, to the color extending daylight, to scaring away evil spirits and as an effort to discourage birds and bees from building their nests in the ceiling. Servicing the areas around Macon and Warner Robins, we build porches, decks, patios pergolas and so much more.
For an informal look we generally recommend using T-111, which is rough- sawn, grooved plywood. Our goal at Archadeck of Central GA is to provide you with a porch built with quality and beauty at the best value.
I've never had a custom client where we did in-floor heating to be anything but spoiled for other heating systems. We want to provide the information to help you make the best decision for your specific needs and wants. In this article, we will explore the various interior porch ceiling options in an effort to educate homeowners providing information to make the best decision.
Many homeowners like the rustic look of T-111 and choose a clear seal to keep the natural look intact. There are ways to give the space a finished look without having to paint everything in the process.
Bead board is also popular and gives a more formal look and is less expensive than using grooved planks.
I suppose I could have wrapped straps up the sides of the posts, but that wouldn't be as clean looking. Installing a flat ceiling under a sloped roof requires more lumber and will add to the cost of your porch. This conveys a rustic earthy elegance to the structure and is actually less expensive than choosing to enclose the rafters.
When leaving the rafters exposed the size of the rafter itself will greatly impact the look of your space.
It is also a consideration as  larger rafters with more girth and presence reflect a  more masculine feel and also leave a bigger cavity within the ceiling itself.

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