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After having her house re-decorated, Ruth wanted to continue this into the garden and create a tranquil place to spend her evenings. To begin, Ruth wanted a new sun deck where she could sit and enjoy the sun during the summer months.
Then we created a low maintenance decorative slate divide that lay alongside a fresh new lawn. To complete the sanctuary of this new space, MH Landscapes inserted a stylish new feather-edge fence around the whole perimeter, that really complimented her new sun deck.
Our garden is fantastic, I looked at it again earlier & it looked just like something out of a design magazine… We are extremely pleased with the MH Landscapes team!
The cookie settings on this website are adjusted to allow all cookies so that you have the very best experience. Call us and shout down the phone that it’s really bad and all our fault demanding replacements whilst holding up your install for several days. We left them all leaning against another building so as the day wore on we had some bends and warps to contend with. These could be used within the build, replacements are not necessary if you know what you are doing.
It’s always important to have a 100% level base and to make sure the building is 100%.
Realise that wood is wood, it cannot be precise by it’s nature but it can be worked with. Before you start it’s a good idea to run a tape measure over the various parts and compare the parts to the plans. In this example the rectangular gazebo has a king pin that joins the end rafters to the ridge. For bigger roofs you can also mark the ridge beam for the exact positioning of the side rafters. Use a prop of whatever material you like to get the rough roof height, this helps greatly in your build. Another example of a prop being used, it really does help your install and in bigger roofs such as this it keeps things level.
Fixing the corner rafters as we are happy with its position, it’s roughly level and has been spanned without a problem.
Log cabins will have notches created by the ring beam of the cabin and there is only one way to locate it. We now start to make a few adjustments and there is a little bit of mucking about at this point, it’s best to be methodical and work with the building getting the ridge straight. Remember these pictures are of a gazebo, a log cabin generally has notches in the main ring beam for locating the rafters. Back to the gazebo install:- As we are confident the corner rafters are well positioned we measure the overhang either side of the center rafter taking our cue from the corner rafter overhang. Also check that nothing has gone wrong with the top wall or ring beam, a quick eye to check it is still straight.
Check by eye that the ring beam or top wall is nice and straight before fixing the lower rafters. Methodically work around the rafters getting the alignment just right or as near as damn it. We’ve already sorted out our roofs into the triangle sections, this makes it so much easier and quicker and you can easily see how they are going to go together without confusion.
We had some discussions on the best way to do the roof boards and the best way to advise you.
I like to test a triangle section first so I will tack the first board and then lay in all the others. To minimise trimming I can raise or lower the triangle and perhaps only trim the leading edge board at the bottom.
Tack your first roof board and carry on around the whole building first, this will tell you the alignment is correct, it should be sitting roughly to the center of the rafter. After again assessing the building and our self created bananas we decide to start at the place that is the best, this is the furthest away from the really bad bow. Using clamps we can brace off other rafters and push or pull the bows out as we fit the roof boards. Steadily work around the building, if you have to you can remove slight bows as we are doing with a clamp and plank. A little bracing is all that is needed to bend the bow out when the roof boards are nailed on. We can carry on laying the rest of the boards on this gazebo, do not worry if it’s not particularly neat where it joins. Don’t worry too much about the join at the corners or other rafters, all this will be covered. When you come to the small triangle pieces at the top of the roof it’s a good idea to pilot hole them or you will break them guaranteed. As I said there is always adjustment and cutting to do with any roof and this was where we needed to trim on this particular roof. Roof structure and roof boards complete on a log cabin ready for the final roof covering to be applied.
The square, pyramid roof construction of a log cabin is pretty much the same as the rectangular roof described above. Some buildings will have additional corner rafters as the above and below pictures show (the ones in the corner). Corder bracing coming from the corner rafters could be fitted after a few roof boards have been put on, you can then push the rafter up to them for a 100% perfect fit. There are different ways of doing things, you could also start from the top of the roof as this install was done, there really is no right or wrong method and all fitters will chose their own. I prefer roof boards like this, they can just be nailed on and cut down to get a perfect joint on site. Finally please only use nails in your roof boards, a great deal of the overall strength of any building comes from the roof. Staples used in the roof construction made a VERY weak building and it didn’t fare will in a huge storm with the roof boards lifting in places.
This log cabin belongs to a friend of mine I supplied from Tuindeco years ago, apparently, after 12 years she’s still deciding on the right colour!
Look at the state of the poor old thing, very neglected and unloved it would seem but it’s home to chickens on the veranda and guinea pigs inside during the winter and very much loved and used so she tells me.

The back wall of this log cabin is covered by a hedge, it’s never been cut and now Ivy is growing over it. Untreated doors on a log cabin, they have warped a bit as have the windows which don’t open but not too bad. Of course with all my above whittering and pictures I am not AT ALL advocating not treating your log cabin or any garden timber.
As well as the above external pictures, internally, water marks could become visible which is unsightly and can develop damp spores especially if internally it is not ventilated. This log cabin is fortunate but insects can attack timber and a good treatment will stop this. Also, if you find darker marks on it which are a damp fungus forming all you need to do is apply a dilute bleach solution and it will all go and bring the timber back to normal ready for treatment.
Did you know on average a wall log which is untreated will move by up to 3mm over the course of the year as it absorbs and then expels moisture. If we don’t treat it as well as it getting dirty (least of our problems) we can also have other problems as the logs, doors and windows will expand and contract due to moisture transfer happening too rapidly causing the timber to expanding and contract too quickly. Please do NOT use a cheap treatment, all the problems that have been reported with a log cabin can often be traced back to this.
Expensive is the way forward, you get what you pay for and it’s certainly pertinent when regards to treatment.
A great source of advice is Brewers, they’re a professional trade paint supplier and may have other ideas and I’ll always agree with them, they are the people who know treatments! My old log cabin was painted 15 years ago with Sikkens, all I do is give it a quick wash each year and that’s it, I do recommend it. It can dry in 15 minutes, be painted on wet, it’s clear and still provides UV protection. I’ve even seen it coat grains of sugar in a glass of water and the sugar didn’t dissolve!
Regardless what log cabin you buy, from us or anyone the Carefree is excellent and one of its properties is protection against humidity. Just quickly note on hot tubs, Log Cabins are great as a hot tub enclosure but make sure you use a vent, this also applies if you are storing lots of damp tools. But, oh my goodness that is a real pain, you get paint in the grooves, on the corners and joints, it’s harder to install. So you’ve had the official answer, the unofficial and my opinion only is just build the cabin and paint it later. You do NEED to treat it to make sure it lasts and helps to inhibit the transfer of moisture. ONLY use an expensive treatment so you know that you will be getting a depth of at least 80 microns.
Watch out for the natural equilibrium of timber, inhibit this with a good treatment and make sure it is high in elasticity. Please see another post on the depth of timber treatment and the correct moisture content for log cabins. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking.
Most purchases from business sellers are protected by the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013 which give you the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days after the day you receive the item.
By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking 1 Click Bid, you are agreeing to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder.
Our windows in the cabin sheds are also made by hand with a perpex insert to let in the light. We got to work straight away and built Ruth a smart and practical new  sun deck, using pressure treated boards, that extended out from her french doors and also included a step leading down to the lower part of the garden. Its my favourite place to be… you have given me the tranquil garden I’ve always wanted! If you continue without changing your cookie settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website. It will feature mainly pictures of the gazebo roof but the method is highly relevant to the install of a pyramid roof on a log cabin. The roof is always the last part to be installed and while you are mucking about with the walls of your log cabin or the posts of the gazebo the roof parts will be lying around doing all sorts of things behind your back. Come the afternoon when it was time to install the roof we found the rafters had bowed all out of shape. This will happen in a matter of half an hour so please watch out for it and follow our advice like we didn’t!
With normal apex roofs you can get away with it a little if it’s not but with a pyramid roof it is REALLY important. Sometimes things don’t look right but it will all come together, you can spend a lot of time worrying about it.
Some log cabins, mainly when there is a dividing wall or a gazebo to the side, will have a few subtle different sizes of rafters, identify all the parts first and be sure of their positioning from the plans. I tend to tack the corners of the rafters into the ring bem until I am certain they are in the correct position. If the measurements of the parts were correct according to the plan and you are sure you have used the correct parts then this will come good when you add the remaining rafters, at this point you can spend a lot of time worrying, please don’t. Note, regarding the gazebo we are installing here we are using the longest screws through the rafter into the ring beam.
Technically you don’t need to screw through the rafter into the ring beam but I ALWAYS do this, weighing just short of 16 stone I like to make sure the roof is as strong as possible when I get on it to shingle.
You don’t have to but I recommend you source some longer screws and fix all the rafters into the top log.
We have already marked the location of them on the ridge beam so we don’t have to try measuring from the ladder. It can take some adjustment, it may also be necessary to release the corner rafters again to get everything perfect.
Please expect this as part of the building process with any pyramid roof on a log cabin or gazebo.
Of the three size of screws we had in the fitting kit we’re using the smallest ones here. We did decide to ring the office and make a serious complaint, we even demanded someone comes and rectifies it for us.

It’s a cracking example of a problem you can encounter with timber which can be easily overcome. Both Wayne and I differed on how we did it and you may have a different idea as well, there really is no right or wrong way of doing this. Once I’m sure it will work I then fix fully and use this as a template for the rest of the boards. Wood is wood and we are only human, it is very rare that you will get the perfect situation intended by the factories design computer for a perfect fit without adjustment, a few millimeters out here and there will affect the fit of the boards, it’s impossible to get the roof structure 100% perfect. There’s other smaller ones  we created by our dodgy storage the we want to remove as well. As we have now boarded all the other sections of roof we have stabilised the building more and given it a lot more strength to brace against taking the bow out is now no problem at all.
This bow will be removed and will disappear, adhering to the shape we’ve asked it to maintain. As long as you can nail it on the rafter it is fine as all will be covered by the roof covering. For the square roof gazebos it is a little different and uses a truss system making it easy to do and a lot less complicated.
I will fit these after I have put on some of the roof boards as you can then push it up into the roof boards for a perfect fit.
This page is only my advice and you may have a better idea to accomplish your install quickly and easily. There is no real right or wrong way of doing it, just personal preferences and what works for you and what you feel comfortable with.
I actually prefer this as you simply nail them in, mark with a chalk line and cut down the line, to a certain extent it saves a lot of mucking about getting the perfect fit.
He’s done a lot for home building and one of his principles was that of timber ventilation with buildings on stilts. Even though it may not rot it will still soak up water and this will percolate through to the inside especially at the corners, doors and windows in an exposed environment. This will often happen if you’ve left a cabin out in the rain and covered it with plastic while waiting to install it for a month or two.
Any complaints we have had with cracking timber or mould algae, excessive shrinkage etc have always been found to be caused by a cheap treatment, use at your peril but we will not offer any guarantee if you have used it, i can always tell as well! If you use treatment beginning with the third letter of the alphabet and only given it two coats and then complain in a few months time that you have splits I will tell you to apply five more coats of the same treatment or treat it again with something expensive.
Most of the time they will recommend two undercoats of preservative with two top coats of Sikkens. Wood Protectant is a quick-drying material and will dry within 15 minutes ( depending on temperature , humidity, type of substrate ) . In my opinion it is always better to get it up and worry about treatment later, don’t let a bit of rain put you off! I remember this morning, we had to remove a layer of snow off the roof and then it rained all day while trying to install the insulation and roof shingles. Find out more about your rights as a buyer - opens in a new window or tab and exceptions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. However, if you would like to, you can change your settings at any time using the Change cookie settings link in the Special menu.
If these are being left for over a few hours you can consider adding weights to the top to keep everything flat. If you are not 100% level and square you will pay for it when installing the roof so please check this. It’s a good idea to pilot everything that will be screwed into the top of the roof first as a batch. You may want to check the fixings in the corner rafters at this point and fully send the screw home as we know they were in the right position as the ridge beam was reached and has been fixed. Log cabins will be easier as you will have numerous logs keeping it straight but please still check for straightness. This then tells me if the triangle is going to fit and whether I need to cut any boards, as I’ve only tacked it I can remove the boards and adjust easily. Note the gazebo roof boards are flat edged, all the log cabin roof boards are interlocking Tongue and Groove. The Log Cabin pictured above is always ventilated for the guinea pigs sake and another reason that even though she is not treated she’s still going strong and NOT rotting. Even a tanalised log cabin still needs full weatherproof treatment other wise it will still behave in the same way. To accomplish the same depth with a cheap one may take up to 10 coats and this is where the problem comes when customers use a cheaper treatment and give it two coats, you may as well not bother. Do NOT use the lower end of the market to treat your log cabin I guarantee you will have problems as they do not inhibit the transfer of moisture which is important with log cabins.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Regardless it helps the install to lay out the roof section so you can see it before you install it.
If you are fitting roof shingles please see the advice and videos on the shingle page linked to a couple of lines above. It’s good on a shed perhaps but no good at all on a log cabin as we need to inhibit its movement.
It forms a thin layer on the substrate , so that the structure of the wood and the concrete remains pretty visible. To Wood Protectant This makes the long-term protection of wood and concrete in a simple and quick job .

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