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If you’re in the United States and you look out your window in a typical neighborhood, you will notice asphalt shingle roofs as far as the eye can see.
Flying in to Sydney a few years ago, I noticed that their suburbs looked completely different than ours.
So during the short life of my house building company, I was pleased that the architect recommended I use metal roofs for the same reasons: They look cool, they can last a lifetime, and they keep out summer heat much better than shingles.
For my current house rebuilding project, the relaxed schedule and budget allows us to go All Experimental, All The Time.
I have just finished installation of the bulk of this roof and put it through rainstorm test, and the whole experience has been a great one. General Awesomeness and Durability: The biggest reason to choose metal is that it looks great and lasts forever. Weight and Environmental Impact: your typical 2000 square foot shingle roof weighs 5400 pounds and contains over 200 gallons of sticky black crude oil, soaked into its fiberglass mat and covered with ground stones. In contrast, a metal roof of equivalent size weighs only half as much (meaning you can design with lighter structural members), and requires less than half the fossil fuels to produce.
All this is much less expensive than I thought (in other words, I got ripped off when building those other houses back in the day). Although I installed my own (with the help of a few friends), you don’t have to do this to get the benefits.
Metal roofing components are extremely simple: Sheets of galvanized steel get rolled through a shaping machine, cut to length, and optionally painted. I got this quote from a local building supply store called Budget Home Center – they sell MSI stuff at the same price at Home Depot, but the staff is far more knowledgeable and responsive. In a nutshell, you screw and rivet down all the pieces from eave to peak, in the same order I listed them above. In the end, it will take us about 60 person-hours to do the whole thing, which should come in under $2000 if you figure labor at $30 per hour, or under $1.00 per square foot for my relatively simple roof. My husband has always touted the benefits of a metal roof, and I was picturing a corrugated tin roof that makes tons of noise when it rains.
The rain or hail noise is pretty quiet even when you are outside, because the metal sits flat on the wooden deck beneath (no chance to resonate and make a racket). Some people report that when the snow slides off the roof, the roofing screws occasionally have their heads ripped off. Standing seam roofs’ fasteners are covered by the next panel, so no heads to rip off. Unless your roof is a single slab, and the snow can slide off without encountering any resistance, and land in a safe spot without breaking anything, you’re better off designing it to stay put.
Metal roofing has the advantage of the possibility of withstanding high winds and attaining a high level cyclone rating.
This would depend on the shape of your house and the path the cell signals take to get from the tower to your phone. All this is irrelevant if you happen to use Republic Wireless as I do though, since your phone will route calls over your own Wifi network when you are at home. At the cabin I go to, it has a metal roof and acorns from the oak trees are extremely loud as they crash into the roof. Alternatively, it is no problem to add traditional solar panels to a metal roof with a few brackets and weatherproofing. The PV array will last longer than the shingle roof, so repairing that roof will be more expensive and more of a pain because you have to remove the panels. I have been anxiously awaiting to see how MMM weighs in on Solar Panels, perhaps looking at Solar City versus buying your own. We put our metal roof up over 20 years ago, and put a full solar system up there about 5 years ago, it work perfectly. One of the downsides in some areas is that in winter they can heat and melt and cause sudden avalanches next to the house. I’d be interested to here if someone else had come up with a good solution, to prevent the sudden avalanches after a heavy snow. We get lots of snow in Upper Michigan, and the snow will often all come down in one big avalanche. And last time it snowed and we got one of those avalanches out back, we noticed that some of the big slate shingles came right off with the snow as well as some other little roof doodads.
A lot of people and businesses in my area install little metal tabs on their metal roofs or little fences on the eaves.
You just need to install those little bracket things that stick up over the pedestrian areas to stop the avalanches from coming down all at once.

Metal roofs are used by almost everyone in Hawaii because of durability and it’s the best way to collect rainwater for catchment tanks. We have shingles on our house and I have been reluctant to collect rainwater runoff from the roof due to contamination. If we ever have the opportunity to replace an entire roof, we are definitely going with metal, for all the reasons you listed, plus more. The gable vents MUST get sealed and block off air flowage so as not to short circuit the proper ventilation flowage from the new soffit type vent. With the SMART VENT from DCI Products, you would not have to be concerned with the gutters being in the way or not.
Here is an image of the product installation procedure and a link to the web site for the Smart Vent by DCI Products, inc. If I have slots cut the full length of the roof for the smart vent, then I'll have way more vent at the soffit than the ridge can handle. Instead of wrestling with the vented panels and trying to splice in more, the smart vent would make things MUCH easier for me.
The intake ventilation aspect of the ventilation scenario is more imperative than the exhaust portion. The exhaust can not function properly without some access point to draw the neww fresh air into the attic from, and if there is too little of the intake ventilation portals, then a portion of the exhaust ventilation system will act as the intake vent.
If you have 100 % vented soffit panels with all of the wood cut out above the panels and without the panels being clogged from dust, paint, cobwebs or any other type of particles, then your intake ratio probably will be sufficient. I choose to run the Smart Vent 100 % continuously on all eave edges to allow for the most amount of fresh air intake as possible.
But, I have just a few questions that I think I'll post in a new thread since this one is drifting from vented drip edge. Remember, I'm trying to retro-fit this to an existing roof, and I'm most likely going to have to do this myself. Every single roof was an attractive geometric expanse of detailed steel panels, often in bold colors. I paid about $13,000 to have a local company install standing seam metal roofing on each of the two houses my company built, in contrast to the $4,000 that other builders were forking over for shingles on houses of similar size. So in case you ever want to consider such a roof for one of your own future homes, here’s a quick primer on why and how to do it. The rusty corrugated stuff that you see on old barns and chicken coops is in a different category than the architectural standing seam panels we use today. After only 15-25 years, all of this will need to be torn off, trucked away, and replaced with another layer of oil. On top of that, new steel is made from 50-100% recycled steel these days and is fully recyclable at the end of its life, which will be 200-300% longer than the life of shingles. Understanding the components involved, and how easy the stuff is to install, will give you ammunition in selecting your own roofing company. I have labeled the various parts, because you’ll need to know those when ordering a roof of your own or hiring a contractor. Some roofing companies buy their own shaping machines so they can buy rolls of plain galvanized steel and crank the stuff out right on the job site. Note that my 1500 square foot house has a 2100 square foot roof, because of the large overhangs. The line of screws is then hidden by the overlapping seam of the next panel, which locks into place beautifully. I won’t get into all the details, because they are covered well in this YouTube video from Metal Sales Inc itself. Add in a bit more complexity for the typical roof and some profit margin for your roofing company, and I would still think that installation cost should not be much higher than shingles. If you are a roofing contractor yourself, I’d recommend adding metal roofing to your portfolio. Metal roofs are louder in the rain, but if you have good roof insulation the noise is greatly reduced. Our standing seam metal roof was installed over the old shingle roof, but still, that first Spring, it seemed SO LOUD! In my new house, the walls have many windows and the roof is pretty flat – so the generally-horizontal cell signals never have to cross the metal. Here, we can get a metal roof profile that is pre-built for amorphous (flexible) solar panel. As an aside, if you choose a bigger solar system (that will produce more power than just covering your bill) ensure you choose a company that will let you have the money from excess power sold back to the grid credited to YOUR account, not just onto your energy account (as there would be no point, your bill is already paid) we get ours credited, and the system is slowly paying for itself.

I’m sure that a solution could be designed for, but I know homeowners in the NE sometimes stay with a shingles because they are stickier. It makes a loud slam when it happens, and you have to shovel you entrances, but its not bad. We have a roof made with, I think, slate shingles (we do not own–we live on a boarding school campus).
Fortunately, this wasn’t our problem and we just had to notify Buildings and Grounds.
All the neighbourhood cats prefer our bucket we regularly refill with rainwater, although they all have water bowls at home. Especially with exhaust vent products without an internal weather filter and an external wind deflecting baffle, which are more prone to allowing weather infiltration by mistake. The Australians told me that these metal roofs save them a lot of energy, and last forever as well.
You actually get a discount on your annual insurance premiums in many areas if you have a metal instead of shingle roof.
While even a corrugated steel roof can work well, the modern stuff is better in almost every way. This keeps your attic (and in turn your house) much cooler, and also reduces the urban heat island effect and smog formation. Metal is only a bit higher at roughly $2.20 per square foot, and from my own experience the installation takes about the same amount of work and skill level. The total cost, including complimentary delivery right to my front yard, was about $4500 if you avoid ordering the unnecessary stuff. The last time it took our chimney with it, but each year our eaves would be bent down and need repair. Packed snow and ice acts like a glacier when it moves around, and will rip your roof to shreds, whatever the material. You should be able to find a local roll former in your region and that person should provide you with a correct profile. Having lived in Duluth for over 30 years, last year they made the switch to metal roofs and couldn’t have been happier. Those roofs are so bad for snow avalanches that some walkways are off-limits after a big snow!
However, I do not have soffet vents and the gutters and soffets were redone only three years ago.
I have two layers of insullation in the attic - do I need to install those foam channels for air circulation. And this is a shame, because it is a pretty wasteful roofing material that causes a lot of unnecessary cost and headaches. In areas like Dallas and Houston where there is too much heat and too little fresh air, shingle roofs still dominate and the average cooling bill for a single house is over $1200 per year. So the overall installed cost should be only 25-35% higher if you hire it out, and you can build your own metal roof for less than you would pay a very competitive company to shingle it. I went with Metal Sales Inc, a nationwide company that makes all sorts of exterior metal panels and sells through Home Depot’s special order department as well as other retailers. I have done quite a few shingle roofs in the past, and this operation was faster, tidier, and less tiring than shingling. This means that your panels do not stick out from the roof and instead the solar panels fit between the ridges of the metal roof.
Imagine the effect of a widespread switch to light colored metal roofs in areas like these. Being older, less capable than MMM and afraid of heights, the down side of trying to do it ourselves (ie death) led us to simply getting rid of it. Your roll former should have a brake available to bend all the trims you need for your home.
I hate to pull down all that new materail to install sofet vents so the contractor suggested a vented drip edge.
And perhaps most exciting for me, installing my very own standing seam metal roof for the first time. The under flashing acts as a hurricane tie and extra water proofing… Just takes a bit more material.

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