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Your the man Joe, as far as the garage I would just build around it like the existing roof is correct? You are going to have a funky spot on your roof on the other side of the perpendicular roof you have a couple options there also how to frame that.
If you talking about were the garage ridge meets the main roof yes because the garage ridge sits below the main roof by a ft ft and half. SBE Builders is a commercial and residential framing contractor located in Discovery Bay California. Helping apprentice carpenters on their journey to becoming master carpenters with Certification in roof framing. Rafter Tools+ is a rafter calculator for complex roof framing angles that other roof framing calculators don't offer.
I should also mention that I am going to tie into the side of the existing rafters, unless the ledger on the roof is a better idea. What size rafters are you using on the porch rood and will the top of the porch roof header be flush with the top of the existing top plate? As far as the rafters running along side the existing rafters or sitting on top of the existing rafters with sleepers and getting the sheathing to lay flush, it doesn't matter, it lays flush both ways. I was going to use the same as the house 2x6 nd i would like the new top plate match with the existing.

Sometimes it's easier (for me, at least) to put up the beam or wall that the roof will sit on at the outside edge, then put the ledger where I want it.
You can put the ledger right on top of your shingles in many cases, which helps if you can't get the whole thing built and dried-in quickly. So your saying i can put the ledger any where i want and then figure out my rafter lengths?
If somebody gives you a rafter length all you'll have to do is set it on top of the beam and go from there, either way it's essentially the same thing. So from what your saying I dont have to go that far up my existing roof in order to get the same pitch. That is why I;m asking all the questions because in my county i need to have a scaled drawing for them before they will issue me a building permit.
I was driving around my neighbor hood and saw a house with the same style porch that i want. Will I still need that collar if use the 2x8 or is it there for more support to the new roof? Also, what is the length of the existing rafters and the measurement from the existing wall to the bottom of the skylight measuring up the rafters? I can set the ledger board say about four ft up from the top plate then figure everything out from there.

Also since this is pretty much a new roof system on the front should I go with a bigger rafter or just stay with the 2x6? Also i dont care how much roof damage is done becaus ei plan on also putting new roofing on after this is completed. If you don't have to deal with another roof in the back, raising the front ridge will work fine. I wish I could have a drawing for you but sketch it isnt letting me open your drawing that you had fr me. I will draw your roof for you so that you can have the porch girder the same height as the top plate. You also would have to install collar ties from the existing ridge to the new shed rafters.

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