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The beautiful sunshine in London over the past week or so has left me craving a garden of my own to curate and tender to under the warm summer sunshine.
The Gable Shed Deluxe transforms the average backyard storage shed into a building that compliments the style of the modern home with it’s graduated roof line. Bring Your Shop into the Houseby Marshall FletcherMarshall Fletcher has one gripe about all the different shops he has lived with through the years.
At The Horse Shed Shop we design, engineer and build all our stable barns to meet and surpass the unique requirements of our clients and their horses.
Well considered and built stable barns will provide a more usable facility, will be safer and add more value to your property than a lightweight shed.
From conception to completion The Horse Shed Shop has the ability and resources to cover all aspects of the process, planning, design, pre-fabrication and construction. I did wonder who would need a feather duster in a shed but of course all sheds come with a resident spider so perfect. Love the black and green shed, never thought of such color palette before but this is so inspiring!
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Our barns are designed from the ground up to be accommodation for horses. We use stronger materials and a more rigid construction technique to ensure the most comfortable and safe environment for you horses.
Our barns can incorporate all the facilities you require and are designed for the seamless intergradation of our full range of stable panels. How chic and striking is the black and lime green colour combination of the sheds themselves?
Will has been blogging about his love of colourful design, fashion and travel since 2009, engaging an army of colour lovers across the world with his quintessential make-you-smile style.
I'm pretty new to your blog after stumbling upon it in the nominees for the homies, but I really enjoy your writing. With incorporated ventilation our barns offer better airflow and stay cooler in the summer months.
The Horse Shed Shop can design, engineer and build a quality stable block to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your horses. I’d never have considered a black she before seeing these but I think they look great!
Also, for some reason I had assumed you were American and so, after reading this post about Conran in London I read the information about you in Meet Mr Bazaar and low and behold you're from the UK too!

The strength of our barns equates to more than safety and durability, our barns are quieter than lightweight sheds and therefore provide a more restful environment. Whether you want something simple or an equine Taj Mahal, The Horse Shed Shop is able to construct the stable block to meet your needs and budget.
The visual merchandising team have done an outstanding job of displaying their garden product in an inspiring manner. I especially like the little window shelf with the terracotta pots filled with succulents under bell jars.
To me there’s something magical and playful about exploring the sheds within the windows. StavrinidesSpace comes at a premium on the island of Cyprus, where woodworker Stelios Stavrinides lives.

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