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I’ve noticed that many of the anoles in my breeding colony occasionally have white protuberances emerging from their nostrils, like the two-month old hatchling to the left. I am interested in whether, how, and why ecology shapes evolution (and evolution shapes ecology) through time, with an emphasis on microevolutionary pattern and process, adaptation, and field experiments. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I haven’t been able to determine whether these protuberances are the remnants of an old shed or whether the lizards have a fungus growing in their nostrils. Most (all?) reptiles have salt glands in the nose and will, under certain conditions, get a crusty buildup around the nostril. Dehydration would cause the ion concentration in the blood to increase, and the little anole hypothalmus would probably detect that and try to get rid of excess salt to maintain homeostasis.

Our goal is to disseminate new scientific research, natural history anecdotes, and a wide range of other anole-related information. By the time I catch an afflicted individual in its cage the protuberances are gone, seemingly because the lizard blew them out while moving to evade my hand.
Mammalian kidneys have structures called a loop of henle (which utilize salt movement across membranes), but lizard kidneys don’t.
We mist moderately twice a day but our lizard room is fairly dry now that winter has set in. I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Texas, Austin studying threespine stickleback. The result is that mammals can create urine with a high salt concentration (by retaining water), but lizards can’t.

Secretion by the nasal salt glands of two insectivorous lizard species is initiated by an ecologically relevant dietary ion, chloride. If they’re salts, any suggestion that their prevalence should increase with decreasing temperature?

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