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Well, creating tension for trains and suspense movies is one way to use the diminished 7 chord; however, there is much more the guitarist can do with it.
The first time a guitar student fingers a diminished 7 chord, he might be tempted to move on to other things because of the sound. Although there are many ways to play any chord, there are three fingerings that I use most of the time.
If the song keeps repeating the progression, then Ia€™d invert to make it more interesting.
The most common use of the diminished 7 chord in jazz is to replace the vi chord in the I, vi, ii, V chord progression with the bii dim7 chord.

The IV chord in the I, IV, V chord progression can be substituted with the #IV dim7 as illustrated in the chord diagrams below. However, keep in mind that it needs to be heard in context with other chords to make sense. For example, the I, vi, ii, V chord progression in the key of C is CMaj7, Am7, Dm7, and G7. The diminished 7 chord has four intervals: The 1, the b3, the b5, and a bb7 (bb7 is the same as a 6).
The chord ita€™s coming from -- and the chord ita€™s going to -- makes all the difference in the world.

The third reason the dim7 is unique is because the chord inverts every three frets (every minor third). In other words, if I take Cdim7 and slide it up the fret board three frets I have the same four notes -- the same chord.

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