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A 20-year-old Vermont microbrewery has announced it has shipped the final cases of its beer. Otter Creek, which is owned by Long Trail Brewing, broke ground in October on an expansion of its Middlebury production facility. Otter Creek was founded in 1991, but brewmaster Mike Gerhart has led an identity shift since taking over in 2009.
Today’s announcement indicates the brewery is working with the Non-GMO Project to verify all ingredients comprising Otter Creek and the Shed brands.
From birthdays and weddings to anniversaries and corporate events, special moments are worthy of unforgettable celebrations. Good news: more people over the age of 50 are doing what the doctor has ordered and are being screened for colorectal cancer.
Whether you’re going to the chapel, a beach, or a blooming rose garden to tie the knot, your wedding day will be one of the most special in your life. World class academic institutions and medical facilities are some reasons we’re proud to call Boston home.
Imagine the feeling of a shock of electricity or a hot poker hitting your face when you talk or chew…or even when the wind blows around you. The push to look younger and fresher is certainly not a new concept—both women and men have sought the service of cosmetic enhancements for decades.
Boston magazine partnered with The New England Board of Higher Education to teach readers about the vast educational options in the area. I had purchased Otter Creek variety pack at a grocery store when we first moved to Vermont. Since The Shed Brewery & Restaurant is now closed (purchased by Otter Creek), we received both The Shed Brewery and Otter Creek stamps here. This blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Guide to Vermont's MicrobreweriesOne of Vermont’s most important industries is the sale of artisan foods, novelty items and fancy foods.
My head’s about to explode and I blame it all on Bryan Roth, the genius or demon behind The Six-Pack Project.
In May 2013, I started an effort to collaborate with beer bloggers from around the country with the Six-Pack Project.
It’s a simple concept: bring together writers from all over the country (and maybe world) to highlight a six-pack of our home’s native brews that best represent what our beer culture has to offer. There are occasional sightings–Hill Farmstead’s Edward Pale Ale was on tap at the Whetstone Station in Brattleboro for a while, and I had the George American Brown Ale there last night.
Just the same, “if someone is coming to visit,” the Vermont beer I might want to share could easily be unavailable. Switchback Ale, 5% ABV, Switchback Brewing Company, Burlington: I had it from a fairly reliable source that Switchback Ale was the best-selling Vermont beer in Vermont, though sales stats for individual beers are difficult to come by and that was before Heady Topper came along. Always happy to argue about any of this over a pint, naturally, as we look forward to the southern migration of some of Vermont’s other beery wonders.
Tom has written about golf and golf travel for American Airlines’ luxury magazine Celebrated Living since 1999, and for Travel & Leisure Golf, Golf Connoisseur, Virtuoso Life, Lexus Magazine, Acura Style, Tee It Up, American Way, The Met Golfer and many others.
Two beers from The Shed Brewery in Stowe, Vt., recently showed up on shelves at beer stores around Maine, and they are good additions. Double Dose IPA, a collaboration by Otter Creek and Lawson’s Finest Liquids of Vermont, is top-notch. Kierstad said these are the only two Shed beers now being brewed at Otter Creek, but others from Strong’s repertoire could be added.

OTTER CREEK made some other news earlier this month when it released Double Dose IPA, a collaboration with Lawson’s Finest Liquids in Warren, Vt. I jumped when The Bier Cellar on Forest Avenue said it was getting this collaboration, because I had heard many good things about Lawson’s and it is not licensed to sell in Maine. IT TOOK a while, but I finally got to taste Gritty McDuff’s fourth 25th anniversary beer, Monster Mash, and it was rich and superb.
Here at MaineToday Media we value our readers and are committed to growing our community by encouraging you to add to the discussion. As Boston Restaurant Talk reported, Wolaver’s Organic Ales is ceasing production of its products due to rising costs of organic ingredients, the company shared in a blog post today. Adding 8,000 square feet, the brewery will be Vermont’s largest when work is complete. The organization certified all Wolaver’s products are free of genetically modified organisms in 2013. We reserve the right to remove impersonators or personal attacks, threats, profanity, or flat-out offensive comments.
This brewery purchased The Shed Brewery from Stowe, VT and Wolaver’s Fine Organic Ales (USDA Certified Organic). At that time, I was seeking out local breweries and it was available in nearly every store.
Bryan holds down the fort at This Is Why I’m Drunk,  and earlier this year that old light bulb went off for him. Beer must be made in your state, but “gypsy” brewers are acceptable, so long as that beer is brewed with an in-state brewery and sold in your state. Current seasonal offerings are fine, but try to keep selections to year-round brews as much as possible.
For a small state, Vermont is pretty big, as least when I think about queuing up on a beer line for hours, hours north of here. A wonderful Smoked Maple Lager was widely available this spring, a collaboration between Lawson’s Finest Liquids and Jack’s Abby Brewing of Massachusetts.
In any case, Switchback’s flagship beer is still enormously popular and in bottles since 2012. But it was The Vermonster that put Rock Art on the national brewing map, when the Hansen Natural Corporation, makers of Monster energy drinks, sent Rock Art a cease-and-desist letter.
The Crop Bistro & Brewing rescued the site for diners and drinkers, and Otter Creek rescued the name and some recipes. The brothers are on hand, but so is a sister, spouses, and parents in the background, the founders of the Neshobe River Winery.
There’s even an annual Strolling of the Heifers in Brattleboro, Vermont’s answer to the Running of the Bulls.
But it was the revered and pioneering Vermont brewer and author Greg Noonan who came up with the idea for a black IPA, despite what those Cascadian Dark folks think.
Before his first golf article, Tom had established his chops as a beer expert; as far as he knows he remains the only member of both the Golf Writers Association of America and the North American Guild of Beer Writers.
Availability is a big part of sharing beers, so these are some solid picks that folks may not know about.
The blacksmith shop later became a cider mill, so it was a hangout before Strong got involved.
This had a heavy off-white head, traces of yeast in the otherwise clear orange color, a strong hops aroma and flavor, and a crisp finish.
There are some similarities between Mountain Ale and Long Trail’s Double Bag, but they are enough different that it is fine.

It was known for a smooth Oatmeal Stout, a Brown Ale, and a balanced India Pale Ale, as well as seasonals including a collaboration with Vermont Coffee Company, Alta Gracia Coffee Porter. Additionally, Otter Creek’s brewpub is currently closed, likely through mid-December, for a complete remodel.
Wolaver’s was based out of California and the brand sold very well within Vermont, so in 1997 the two companies merged.
They also had a small gift shop where you could buy beer, t-shirts, glassware, and lots more. Heck, I could just list Heady Topper, Lawson’s Finest Double Sunshine IPA, four beers from Hill Farmstead and the deal would be done. One could travel up to Waterbury, go directly to The Alchemist brewery and find out that even there they’re plumb out of Heady Topper.
After the brewery’s founding in 2002, the beer was the only brew it produced, and only on draft.
Rock Art fought back in a successful social media campaign (that I covered fully enough in “Tempest in a Brewpot”). Along with a fine Shed IPA, this unfiltered strong brown (called a “rugged brown” on the label) is a long way from mild.
There’s a tasty Ginger Wheat beer in the portfolio and a new IPA making the rounds, but the Native Brown seems to be the star of the show at the moment, a deep, dark and hearty brown, the malty sweetness amplified by a maple syrup addition. Long Trail, which began brewing in 1989, used to serve Double Bag only in its brewery taproom as a “Stickebier”—their secret treat for visitors. Otter Creek first put this one out as a seasonal Alpine Black IPA, but it immediately became so popular that the beer quickly lost the Alpine and went year-round.
Because strong beers were not as popular when Halloween Ale came out, Stebbins dialed the beer back a little. All of its new offerings also stand out with tie-dyed labels featuring cartoons of Gerhart and his Bernese mountain dog, Oslo, and not-so-subtle references to the hop’s cousin, cannabis. Now, Wolaver’s is produced alongside other Otter Creek beer keeping the tradition of using local and organic ingredients. My wife usually drinks either Porters or Wheat beers, so we tried both the Otter Creek Porter and Wolaver’s Wildflower Wheat. Scoring some Hill Farmstead specials is about as easy as snagging a tee time at Bethpage Black, yet people are camping out in the wilds of Greensboro to do just that. So The Vermonster lives on, highly potent both in the glass and as a symbol of common sense and poetic justice.
It’s deep, dark, and dangerously drinkable—bready, nutty, with sweet hints of toffee and a bracing enough finish. But word got out, and the full-bodied, malt-accented double alt is packed with four malts and three hop additions. It’s really quite a lovely brew, hoppy to be sure but black as night, with a mild but appealing touch of roast and coffee. The one that really stood out for us was the seasonal Wolaver’s Wildflower Wheat beer made with Vermont honey. Serious stuff, even if the label shows two Holsteins from the rear, two full bags on display.

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