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Robust is the best word that describes this shed and that is because it is made with such incredible materials such as 12 mm tongue and groove boards for both the roof and the floor.
The material used for the apex roof is tongue and groove boarding which is 12 mm thick and that we must tell you is just fantastic.
Any shed that has security actually in its name must have a set of strong, sturdy walls that have a look which will make a thief think twice about seeing what you have inside. We just told you how great and secure the cladding was, but the cladding does have some very impressive back up in the form of the frame that is keeping this whole shed together.
In keeping with the secure theme of the rest of the shed, Treetops Traditional have gone for 12 mm thick tongue and groove boarding for the floor. When the shed is delivered to you the wood will have been given a free base coat treatment. Getting in and out of the shed with your items is not going to cause you any headaches as the door is 2 feet 6 inches wide and a little under 6 feet high. The small windows on this shed are very unique and apart from the other sheds in this line we are having a hard time thinking of another shed that uses windows like this.
We have not come across too many other sheds with windows that offer as much privacy as this one does.
As far as extras with the shed go, you will have to buy a padlock as the shed does not come with one. Just because security is what this shed is all about does not mean it is not one great looking shed.
The walls are tongue and groove shiplap cladding and they are kept up with one of the most impressive and durable frames out there. We have really liked this line of security centred sheds that Treetops Traditional have released and this one here is for you people who want a secure storage space, but lack a huge garden to have a giant of a shed installed. At this kind of price point we thought for sure there would be cheaper boards used for the roofing, but Treetops Traditional really stepped up their game with this roof and it helps add to the overall security of the shed.
Well that is exactly what this 12 mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding does and we must have gave it a little tap about ten times as we could not believe how strong it felt.

With its rounded edges this 44 mm x 27 mm frame is going to do an incredible job at keeping your shed robust for lots of years.
This will enable you to store many heavy items inside the shed without the floor starting to sag. Please make sure you then treat the shed yourself shortly after and then once per year as this way the wood will stay rot free.
Their small size and high placement allows them to let light into the shed, but they are out of the way enough where no one would want to bother trying to look into them. We feel this shed would be perfect to store expensive things like bikes, mowers and other electrical gardening equipment. Those windows do not allow for a person to walk by and easily glance in too see what you have stored inside.
You need to treat the shed shortly after construction anyway so you can use a coloured wood treatment which will protect the wood and also give it a different look. Of course in order to get all these years out of the shed, you must remember to treat the wood. If you plan well enough and do put some shelving in there then the space you have to use will make you very happy.
The shed we feel is available at a very fair price for the level of security and even the storage space that it is offering.
It has a very modern style that lets people know it is a strong structure, but it will also fit in any style of garden and look fantastic while it does. Those incredible horticultural glass windows let light into the shed, but they are placed high so it is not easy to peek into them and see what is inside.
The shed is a little under 5 feet deep and 7 feet in its width which we know does not sound huge, but this kind of space can be more than enough as long as you store your items carefully and make use of things like shelving.
This cladding as well as feeling secure and looking the part is actually some of the best cladding when it comes to keeping things inside safe from the rain. Also while a good looking floor is not high on the list of what makes a good and reliable shed, we do really think the look of the floorboards goes very well with the rest of the shed from a design point of view.

Actually we would say that these hinges are one of the things that stand out most on the front of the shed and we feel they will make a thief think twice as they do make the door look incredibly solid. The windows are very high quality as they are made from incredibly strong horticultural glass. The shed has a door handle which has a padlock protector to give you that extra security you need to really feel confident that your belongings are safe. While the shed is a very secure structure, we must take the time to tell you that we really do love the design of the shed and think it looks fantastic from an aesthetic point of view.
The compact design means that it will allow you to store plenty of things inside and it is not going to need a whole lot of space in order to be installed. This shed was designed with two things in mind and those are high quality and high security. This is a shed that has lots of headroom with the ridge height being, 7 feet 8 inches and the eaves 6 feet 1 inches.
All of the windows will be on one side of the shed, but what side they are on is up to you.
These will help strengthen the floor and be great if you have any worries about the ground where you are installing the structure. This is not a huge shed, but it does what it does very well and for a garden that is lacking in space we think this is something that would be idea. This is actually a couple of inches higher than you normally would get on a shed of this size. Also they offer an installation service where for, ?89.99, you will not have to worry about building the shed as they will.

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