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Antlerless Deer Permits Crossbow Permit Application 9-2-15   Who Needs a License? While canine rabies has been eliminated in the United States, many cases of rabies in domestic cats are reported each year.
Be aware of some of the signs of rabies in wildlife, such as swallowing issues, excessive drooling, being more tame than expected, having increased aggression, as well as trouble moving or paralysis.
Since putting this page together as a training course for a specific group in the UK, it has been viewed by a wider audience, and I have gotten a number of suggestions on content to add. There are seven lyssaviruses, all of which are capable of causing encephalitis with clinical signs or symptoms of rabies, but 'classical rabies' is caused by Rabies Virus, genotype 1. Rabies viruses are bullet shaped, contain a strand of RNA, and glycoproteins are among the 5 proteins they produce, which coat the surface of the virion and facilitate fusion with host cells.

Now that we have an understanding of how rabies is distributed in the UK and EU, this section will provide a broader review of rabies across the globe.
Bat Lyssa viruses are discussed above in the UK and Europe section, but as a reader has pointed out, similar viruses, incidents of human infection related to contact with bats, and vaccination precautions for those interacting with bats exist in Australia, and indeed in a number of other countries.
Did this course meet your needs or were you left with additional questions about rabies after this course? Please provide additional comments in the box below, including any suggestions you might have on ways to improve this course.
It is also important to keep pets away from wildlife, especially those that are at higher risk of carrying rabies, such as raccoons, skunks, bats and foxes. Infection through transplantation of infected organs has also occurred. Where is the virus?

Do not feed or put water for pets outside, and garbage should be securely covered to detract from wild life visitors, including raccoons and opossums. It is present in salivary glands and moves through ducts to the saliva of the infected animal. Also, if you like the site, you can "like it" on facebook by clicking the icon at the top of the page. People working in animal control, veterinarians and veterinary technicians, and laboratory personnel are at increased risk of exposure - whole heads are often requested for submission to diagnostic laboratories for rabies testing, and veterinary clinics are often charged with overseeing quarantine.

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