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Designed by architects Scott Brownrigg , the new London offices of Google have a distinctive shedlike interior feel, deliberately designed using beach hut facades (and associated seaside elements such as dodgem cars and wallpaper with seaside images). The Fourpenny Workshop builds and restores various shedlike structures, especially shepherds' huts, but they also have experience in working on Shedworking's favourite ever design, the Boulton and Paul rotating summerhouse. Thursday posts are sponsored by Cabin Master: garden offices and studios to fit any size garden. We're only about a month away from this year's Chelsea Flower Show - last year was a particularly fine one for sheds, garden offices, caravans and indeed shepherds' huts, but at the moment 2013 doesn't look like being a classic shedlike year for the show, although the Trailfinders Australian Garden by Phillip Johnson (no relation), above, looks intriguing and features a studio structure.
Chris Beardshaw's Arthritis Research UK Garden features what is described as a "contemporary retreat" which sounds promising while the B&Q Sentebale Forget-Me-Not Garden should feature a shedlike round house.
Perhaps most shedworkingesque of all is Stoke-on-Trent's Story of Transformation Garden which takes in a massive pottery bottle kiln, see here bottom left. And finally, An Alcove Garden designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara puts a traditional tatami room centrestage.
Wednesday posts are sponsored by The Stable Company®, the UK's premier supplier of garden offices and garden rooms. Age UK is developing, piloting and evaluating sheds in three locations over a two-year period (ending April 2012) and they hope that the conference will benefit all of those with an interest in finding out more about the value of Men’s Sheds, non formal learning, and health and wellbeing. Deputy Head of School of Education, University of Ballarat, Australia and an honorary Australian Men’s Sheds Association Patron and Adult Learning Australia Board member. Workshops will include how to set up and run a shed, and how to keep a shed going once it's up and running. Tuesday posts are sponsored by The Home Office Company, manufacturers of unique garden rooms since 1998.
Shedworking is indebted to reader Alan Field who indulges the staff's delight in revolving sheds and garden offices with these photos of his Boulton & Paul shed (the kind of rotating shed owned by George Bernard Shaw). The beach huts at London's Southbank Centre which have been on display as part of their Festival of Britain all summer (and will continue until September 4) are now being auctioned on ebay (you have to pick up the hut yourself but they will dismantle it first).
A lovely slideshow at Better Homes and Gardens of ideas for decorating your shedlike atmosphere's interior and exterior including this rather spectacular wide entrance door, with sid windows and an arched top window. By artist and designer Hidemi Nishida, a temporary winter shedlike structure in Sapporo, Japan.
Eric Ravilious was one of the finest British artists of the 20th century and also a caravanworker.
North Carolina-based MorHaus sell building kits largely aimed at those interested in small prefab houses but also offer the MicroMor in either a 4' x 8' or an 8' x 8' model which they say can easily be assembled in one afternoon by two people. This is The Dog and Bone pub, a temporary 3ft by 3ft shedlike drinking atmosphere set up in the phone box of Shepreth, Cambridgeshire, to mark the closure of the village pub, The Plough. The book - which is out now and available in all the normal places - is organized into separate sections featuring small, medium and large projects, each one fully illustrated with photographs, drawings and plans. In order to think outside the box, Van Der Architects brought the box, or make the walls from an old Japanese house inside. For those of you who collect shed books, here is a collection of Chris Slane’s popular series of cartoons for The Shed Magazine. Elm Tree & Partners is a joinery company in West Oxfordshire which also offers a garden office design made of oak with a set of oak bifold doors to the front and Celotex insulation in the ceiling, floor and walls. Shedworking helped with the research for this programme about microarchitecture and shedlike atmospheres - although we haven't seen any previews yet, we've heard good things about it from people who are featured in it. This glass shedlike structure by Helen & Hard was once a 100-year-old outbuilding and stands in a preserved garden in the Valberget public park in Stavanger. The folk at Garden2office have been busy constructing this Swedish summer house with a shedworking garden office in the same style right next door to the main building (and built with their modularbuilding system). I was a little sniffy about Aarco's web site when I mentioned them last, but it's had a nice wash and brush up and is looking rather smart now and is well worth a browse (above is an example of one of their own projects based on Lugarde kits).Richard from Aarco is also concerned that the new planning rules are being misinterpreted regarding the height and proximity to the boundary. More people working and commuting smarter will lead to the demise of the Fatal Friday Phenomenon, according to Work Wise UK on the last day of Commute Smart Week. Shedworking is a huge fan of the work of Roger Deakin, not least because he slept and worked in a shepherd's hut. These marvellous garden buildings, part of a larger restoration project of a Grade II listed Tudor farmhouse, at Wakelins in Suffolk were designed by James Gorst Architects across a meadow from the main house.
Sophie Keller at the Huffington Post suggests five ways to run a more efficient home office starting with this: "Tip 1: Have less stuff!

Mandy Mitchell calls her shed in the White Mountains, New Hampshire, 'The Church of Gardening'. Continuing our recent floating office theme, here is the Schwimmhausboot from frisches Designlabel confused-direction (pictured above is a model, below the real thing taking shape). Commuting is one of the many reasons why people become shedworkers, but if you absolutely have to commute, then it's worth following the events in this week's National Commute Smart Week programme organised by the Work Wise UK folk. I've been wondering how to celebrate Shedworking's 2,000th post and I can't think of any shedworking atmosphere better than this, a bookshop in a greenhouse. Shepherds' hut maker John Judd, head carpenter for the Coombe Bissett-based Farris family, has celebrated his 100th birthday, according to Annie Riddle in the Salisbury Journal. Here's the rather special submonitor from binary which is a garden office and library with views towards the Catalina Mountain range. The 40,000 sq ft office also features sheddish meeting rooms and individual video conference booths.
Matt Plummer from Fourpenny has been in touch to say they are planning to build a replica soon as they now have two original bases. The NSPCC's Garden of Magical Childhood designed by Adam Woolcott and Jonathan Smith will have a treehouse. Your book inspired me to do something special with it and create somewhere I could work and relax. Here's what Hidemi says about it: "This winter temporary shelter leads people to gather, have a party, stay, feel something in the white woods.
Pictured above is his watercolour Caravans, recently bought by the Fry Art Gallery in Saffron Walden, which pictures two caravans which he used as his temporary home and studio during the peak of his career in th early 1930s. Carnochan saw our post on Lance Armstrong's shedlike space in East Austin and wrote in to share his own East Austin shed.
Apparently one of their customers is using the larger version to house feral cats until they are adopted but it would also be ideal for shedworking. It's a marvellous, well-illustrated look at interesting workplaces, none of which are boring, expensive or harmful to the environment (you'll recognise a few which have been featured on Shedworking over the years but the majority will be fresh delights). It's as thorough a job as you'd expect from Zumstein and Parton who are specialist design and architect journalists, familiar to many of you from their work at onoffice magazine which is one of our daily reads. The architect, Paul Coudamy, sourced scrap wood from skips around Paris to create a cave-like (or could that be shedlike) interior within an interior and a seriously cosy atmosphere. The designer, Tomas Klassnik, used inexpensive materials such as plywood, as often found in the shed, and plenty of surfaces on which to brainstorm. The Annual Road Casualties report covering 2007 shows a drop in deaths and serious injuries at peak times on a Friday. Sadly, he died in 2006, but his diaries have just been turned into a new book, Notes From Walnut Tree Farm. I’m especially interested in sheds that have something unique in their construction, such as the use of recycled materials, or that are an adaptation of a pre-fabricated kit or a variation on some shed plans.
It's true that some creatives thrive in a messy environment, but they really are in the minority. It covers the flexible working question with some interesting examples including this: "Poll after poll suggests employees rate flexible working or even home working as the most valued perk and this includes the up and coming Generation Y.
Here's what she says about it: "The Church of Gardening was built for me by my husband, Matt Kizer, in 2007 as a birthday present. If you haven't bought one yet, there's a roundup of five green possibilities at Treehugger by Eric Leech which is worth a browse (and Lloyd has a survey on it too).
More of a home than a straight shedworking atmosphere, it's still rather marvellous, coming in at 14m by 4m high and 3m wide, with sitting room, bathroom, 'loft, and kitchen. This year's winner was the Lindisfarne Castle Ticket Hut built with French Oak for the National Trust and designed by architects Simpson & Brown.
In general it aims to encourage commuters to adopt smarter working and commuting practices: today it's all about Flexible Working and Travel Plans in conjunction with ACT TravelWise .
Designed by Joshua Wright of Shed 54, it's part of The Wapping Project, a contemporary art centre and restaurant run by Julia Wright.
Pictured is one they rescued from a house in Gloucester which now enjoys the views over Chester and North Wales . Despite being forklifted over bumpy acres (twice) this 1920s original B&P required only the doors rehanging before its first ever make-over this month.

Our Plinths are LABC system approved and manufactured to British Standard BS8110 by a ISO 9000 company. The caravans were near an isolated cottage called Furlongs at Glynde in Sussex owned by artist Peggy Angus. It was designed by Robert himself and built by Shawn Somerville who owns a company in Austin called Craftsman Shed (do check out his site for plenty of other fine examples of potential garden office designs). The spec includes metal roof, concrete siding and hardwood veneer plywood, as well as a small attached arbor. The idea with the design of this office is to make the employees feel like it's a home from home, hence the domestic influences. It's an intimate space, not much bigger than your average shed, and uses quite basic materials such as rubber flooring and ceramic tiling but nonetheless manages to be an inspiring working environment where great ideas are born.
The buildings use the same stilt system that they use for their garden buildings rather than concrete. This means that most dual pitched roof home office buildings 15-30 sqm will be ok 1m from the boundary where the eaves are parallel to the boundary at 1m. Past statistics have shown that more accidents happen on a Friday, and particularly between the hours of 4pm and 6pm, than at any other time.
They were equipped with feeding buckets and bottles and a stove, and the orphan lambs were kept in the warm by the stove.
Ravilious visited her in 1934 and loved the area so much he bought the caravans - fever wagons used during the Boer War - as shedworking space for 15 shillings each from a local cement works. I have always been of the mind that if you haven't used something in the last 6 months or year at the most, then get rid of it. Polls also show that the economic downturn means more women are going back to work or working longer hours. The building is framed in timber and clad with untreated oak boards, graduated in size, which unfurl to create louvred screens over the windows. This works out as about 2906 miles per annum per worker resulting in the staggering figure of approx 78.5 billion miles travelled by the UK workforce each year. Making agricultural implements was a reserved occupation in the war, and Mr Judd served in the Home Guard. The studio one had a skylight and large window looking over Mount Caburn, and a worktable beneath the window.
In the case of an office if it is too messy, then it is very hard to think freely, have new ideas or make space for new business to come in when you are surrounded by mess. Julia Wright is quoted as saying: "As an only child I lived in my books and still have every one of them.
Sadly the caravans (which were decorated inside by his wife Tirzah) are no longer with us: they fell apart in the 1950s. That is why road traffic and congestion patterns are changing, especially on Fridays, a favourite day to work from home or to go home early. Be extra careful if you have too much furniture in there as well, as we tend to put bits on any free surface. When closed it provides security and shelter to the exposed lobby area; when open it engages with the distinctive riven oak fencing, inviting visitors into the hut on one side as they approach, and directing them towards the Castle on the other side once they have purchased their tickets. I also ran a shop in a dis-used hen house at the bottom of our ramshackle back yard where I sold jars of soapy water to myself and imagined who I would be.
The AA and Work Wise UK believe that this may be due to a change in working patterns over the last eight years. If you find it hard to start, then visualize what it would look like if it were clear and imagine how you might feel when it's done, then put time aside to do it. If you're still kicking and screaming, tidy up in stages or do one bit of clutter each day."Well worth a browse.
In the past the Friday rush hour resulted in far more accidents but more flexible working seems to have diminished the fatal Friday phenomenon.
However, in overall terms Fridays on the road still experience the most delays and most deaths.

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