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City Centre Sheds make Timber Dog Kennels and  Covered Runs is a family business with an excellent reputation with a wide range of customers built up over 35 years. Most of us her are Dog Lovers as well ( i have 3 ) so we know the ins and outs of owning and caring for a Dog. As we have been manufacturing Timber Garden Buildings for over 35 years now we have a massive amount of experience in this field , so timber dog kennels where a natural expansion .
Yes we are fully aware of a lot of cheap and nasty dog kennels out there in the market place now, the likes of ebay is full of them . All our Premium Timber Dog Kennels are made using 22 mm  Thick T+G compared with the rest of the Dog Kennel Manufactures who generally use 12 mm .
The fact our Timbers are nearly Double the thickness of most other providers will make a massive difference to the overall strength and durability of your new Timber Dog Kennel .
Any thing you are not sure about please send us and email or pick up the phone and we can sort our your concerns .
We offer a wide range of fencing panels to suit all tastes and budgets including pressure treated fencing and posts and a full range of concrete fencing products. At Conquest Joinery we manufacture a wide range of bespoke and standardised heat treated pallets and wooden packing cases.
Specialising in the design and manufacture of new wooden pallets and recycling of used wooden pallets we offer quick and efficient turnaround times on deliveries, with a nationwide delivery service.
At Conquest Joinery we can offer a full garden design service including any decking requirements. Conquest Joinery, based in Manchester, specialise in designing and manufacturing heat treated wooden pallets, wooden packing cases, sheds, wood fencing, log cabins, timber decking materials and more. Here at Conquest Joinery, we are committed to quick and efficient turnaround times on all our deliveries of wooden pallets and other joinery products with a nationwide delivery service. Manchester is a multicultural, cosmopolitan, city with a population of more than half a million people. Shelter Solutions has helped to design, construct and install many of the shelters in Manchester city centre, so if you are considering the installation of a cycle shelter in Manchester, then why not talk to the experts.

The ShedQuarters was built entirely by me and my friend, who have absolutely no knowledge of wood work or Diy at all. In many of the cases, wheelie bins were set alight close to peoplea€™s front doors, risking serious fires and injuries as residents slept. A total of 49 people have also been injured by fires caused by the appliances in the region between 2010 and 2015.
You can rest assured all our staff  involved in the manufacture of our Timber Dog Kennels takes  pride in their work. We don’t want to be associated with this cheap and nasty end of the market place as there are simply to many complaints due to using low grade materials . Our main business is the manufacturing and distribution of bespoke wooden pallets to a wide variety of companies. Our wooden sheds and fencing are protected with a unique treatment process for unrivalled quality and durability. With so many people, getting around the city can be difficult; traffic jams and congestion abound. Each year, more and more cycle lanes and routes are appearing alongside the most popular roads.
This is something that has been cultivated on purpose – it helps to promote cycling and instil positive feelings in others about the merits of cycling.
We are looking at over a million wooden pallets each year manufactured by Conquest, however, we do our bit to look after the environment. From the floor right through to the roof, our garden sheds and log cabins are all made using the highest quality T&G timber boards. However, more needs to be done to encourage people out of their cars and onto their bikes, and one such thing is the introduction of greater numbers of cycle shelters in Manchester city centre, at businesses, and around educational establishments.
Ensuring that cycle shelters are highly visible helps to increase the popularity of cycling – people know that their bikes will be safe, should they choose to switch from car to bike, because there are plenty of places to secure cycles.
It was a standard 6 by 8 cheap storage shed for one year, but it was way too small for what we had planned for it, I,E turning it into a band practice room.

Fire service group manager Paul Starling, one of the officers at the scene, said: a€?A crew from Stretford and Sale spent over an hour putting out a wheelie bin fire on Ullswater Road, which had spread to a bungalow. You can also get used pallets from us or should you have old, broken or used pallets, you can bring them to us to have them repaired.We also supply the general public and will design bespoke timber products to buy from all other areas of the business, including made to measure garden sheds and fencing.
To further add to a sense of security, there are secure cycle shelters, with lockable, sliding doors.
Myself and my bands guitarist built decided to build a huge 8ft extension onto the side.
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said every blaze is believed to have been started deliberately.
For more details, to buy wood pallets or packing cases or to place an order, please contact us or visit our site in Bolton, Manchester which is open 7 days a week. Access is gained by those who have a key – this type of shelter works best for an organisation, rather than as a communal shelter.
I came up with several blueprints idea of what to do and in September 2009 we started work. Progress was very slow for many reasons, severe lack of money, college work, Manchester lovely weather and general arsing about.
Took a while but shes now been standing for three years, and its still not finished..
The outside is but the inside is still not quite finished as there is no carpet down and the roof is only half insulated, but its getting there slowly.

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