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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It is a fact that over two thirds of the estimated half million bicycles stolen yearly in the UK are taken from in or around the home.
The dilemma is how do you store your bike securely while at home, without it being in the way or depositing oil onto clothes or upholstery etc. As gardens and gardening have grown in popularity, so the price of machinery like lawnmowers has increased. Leave a sign or sticker in your window or where it can easily be seen stating that all items in your property have been marked.
There are some beautiful pieces of garden furniture available which can add up to quite a large amount of money. Crime prevention experts agree that it is wise to lock valuable articles away in a secure garden storage building.
Securing items to a secure anchor point is extremely useful and will foil the most persistent criminal.
The above prices are delivered flat-packed to your door including VAT; the installation cost is an optional extra.
Delivery surcharges apply to offshore destinations or areas in Scotland that are outside Glasgow or Edinburgh postcodes. If you are planning to install new storage sheds then metal storage sheds are the best option. It should be noted that big metal storage sheds can get heavy so they must be given proper support. Though metal storage sheds are considered more durable but when large storage sheds are required, they can be devastating as they require good support and may fall due to its own weight. On the other hand, plastic storage sheds are also good, but they may require some maintenance and repairs at regular time intervals.
These come in various sizes, design and colors and you may choose the one that suits your need. Metal Sheds Online Sutton Green Garden Centre, Whitmoor Lane, Sutton Green, Guildford, Surrey.
July 9, 2013 By Dave Ellis Leave a Comment Garden sheds are essential for the storage of garden tools and machines. Sheds that are made from wood can be quite beautiful and often resemble small cottages as with summer houses. Wooden sheds are sturdy enough to withstand high winds, hail and heavy snow; however, they are susceptible to other damage. While not as attractive as wooden sheds, metal sheds can be less expensive and require less maintenance.
Since each type of garden sheds for sale has advantages and disadvantages, the gardener must decide which is right for his needs. All 3 product ranges are available in standard or heavy duty material and serve a multitude of different end uses from cushion boxes, bike storage, workshops, general outdoor garden storage to larger garages and workshops. 6x4 Pent Roof Shed - Practically designed storage shed with a sloping roof which allows water to drain away from door opening. 8x6 Apex Roof Shed - Extremely popular shed size covering many different kinds of storage requirement. 8x4 Pent Roof Shed - All the benefits of a pent roof shed with wider opening sliding doors.
8x6 Duramate Apex Roof Shed – The most versatile and popular plastic garden storage shed. Keter Store-it-Out - Best selling plastic storage option over many years, with top and front access doors. Keter Deluxe Cushion Box – Practical, light-weight storage option, with side handle and wheels.
10x13 Woodbridge Apex Roof Shed - A more spacious vinyl shed option in the Woodbridge range.
Duramax VDM 10x16 Vinyl Garage - Integral foundation kit, window and ramps, completes this plastic garage option.
Leisure Box 130 - Storage box which can be used as a seat, made from top grade, hand pressed steel. Europa Steel Apex Shed, Size 3 (8x5) - The best quality and most stylish apex roof garden shed in the market. Avant Garde Pent Roof Building - Flagship model of the heavy duty garden building range, providing superb quality and styling, including standard accessories.
Equipment Locker - Supplied with a standard tool rack, this model ranks as the most desirable outdoor tool storage facility available in the market.
Easy Kit 6x8 Shed - Most recent inclusion in the heavy duty shed range, providing an easy to build, secure, utility storage shed. Storemax 120 - The smallest size Storemax is a smart piece of furniture for a terrace or veranda as well as providing a useful storage facility.

SELENE ARBOUR - Specially designed to bring a low cost arbour option for an adult couple to sit comfortably. POSEIDON SWING SEAT - The most competitively priced swing seat in the market, including steel anchor feet.
ARTEMIS ARBOUR - Comfortable garden seat ideal for shaded seating with attractive back trellis and solid side panels.
HELIOS ARBOUR - Attractive slatted, curved roof arbour, consistent with the solid build of the complete timber range. Metal Garden Storage Sheds, Plastic Garden Storage Sheds, Plastic Garages, Metal Garages, Plastic Workshops, Metal Workshops. FLOWER HOUSE   Picture on the right is of a very unique product in my opinion because it may be the world's first portable plastic storage shed. BJ'S WHOLESALE CLUB   This is an American company which i have never heard of and they are located on the east coast of the USA. GROSFILLEX   This business based in the United Kingdom has some really fancy plastic sheds. SHEDS FOR LESS   This company has a very good selection of sheds not only in plastic (resin), but they also carry many other types and styles of sheds.
AFFORDABLE SHEDS SOUTHSIDE   This Australian business specializes in steel sheds or buildings, but has now expanded it's line into some plastic sheds. This is especially handy if you have to move house at any time as you can simply pack it up with the rest of your possessions and move to a new location which is specially great for rented properties. Keter manufactures quality plastic outdoor storage buildings, sheds, boxes and accessories in a variety of styles and sizes. STORAGE SHEDS OUTLET   This business based in the North East US, Connecticut specifically, has a very nice website with plenty of pictures.
Ace Hardware sells the commonly available plastic and metal prefab shed kits such as Arrow Sheds, Rubbermaid, & Suncast brands. This business offers a good variety plus they take credit card purchases and have a delivery system for your shed.
Rubbermaid is one of only 100 companies named as having an impact on the American way of life. BETTY MILLS   This online business has a large amount of shed buying options plus shed accessories.
LIFETIME   This company sells poly tables and chairs and also has a nice looking line of polyethylene plastic sheds.
GRAINGER INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY   Grainger is an old company and they sell Suncast sheds made from Polypropylene Durable Resin. Picture on the right is of their US Leisure 10ft X 8ft Stronghold Resin Shed Model #157479 Storage Shed.
They are also selling the Lifetime sheds which are made with steel A-frame trusses and polyethylene plastic.
Sears Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: SHLD) is the nation's fourth largest broadline retailer with over 4,000 full-line and specialty retail stores in the United States and Canada. Lowe's has been helping our customers improve the places they call home for more than 60 years.
This is always a problem as a bicycle is generally seen as an outdoor item, yet is usually a valuable possession.
Even communal hallways are not that safe and despite designers best efforts there are still not many burglarproof options to protect your bike.
This can be very attractive to thieves, making it important for householders to check that their home insurance also covers items kept outdoors.
This should put burglars off as they prefer an easy life and may warn anybody planning to buy the stolen goods. Another reason to ensure that burglars cannot get access to tools is that they can be used to break into your home. Incidents of garden and patio furniture being stolen are increasing and the Nationwide Building Society have stated that outdoor furniture tops the list of all the claims it receives for thefts from gardens. Top quality heavy duty garden sheds and bike stores, like the Asgard Security Range are manufactured from 1.2mm steel and are exceptionally secure. The Stronghold 500mm underfloor locking kit is perfect for protecting any valuable items kept in your outdoor building.
Although you may get a lot of variety in plastic storage sheds and vinyl storage sheds, metal storage sheds are economical and durable. So if you are looking for storage shed to protect your plants or keep your car from rain, get a vinyl storage shed now.
They can be a simple, utilitarian structure, or they can be an ornamental feature that is incorporated into the design of the garden. They are relatively easy to install and can be configured to meet the needs of the gardener. 2 metre high walls with assorted lengths provide every conceivable option for a 10’ fronted metal building, establishing the best value.

Aluminium moving shutter opening mechanism provides an attractive and effective lockable structure. Part of an extensive range of 9 sizes, providing functional and secure storage with a standard inclusive range of accessories in 4 colour options. Integral foundation kit, absorbent roof wadding to reduce condensation and PVC coated steel cladding, contribute to this great value model. Bike Storage, Log Storage, Cushion Storage, Garden Storage Boxes, Compost Bins, Swing Seats, Garden Seats. Reformed thieves have attested to roaming the streets in order to identify unattended bicycles, only to return in a van after dark armed with angle grinders and bolt croppers. It is a good idea to mark items with an invisible pen and take photographs to help identify recovered stolen objects.
Dense bushes, fences, gates and security lighting all provide great barriers between an intruder and your property. For similar reasons ladders should not be easily removed from where they are stored and are best secured to an immobile object.
These items are not only more secure from theft when placed in garden storage, but are also protected from damage by the elements.
The Asgard Centurion has reinforced hinges and panels, toughened doors and a strong five point locking system, with a pick resistant mechanism.
These innovative security features can be attached to the floor or wall and when used with cable, chains and padlocks, will give you peace of mind. With a little bit of imagination, you can figure out many more uses of metal storage sheds for you. You can even customize them by making requests for designs provided by you if you are creative enough. This includes small sheds, little huts, garden sheds, workshops, garages, bike sheds and motorcycle sheds in plastic, metal and steel with apex, pent or lean to styles. This choice should be kept in mind when choosing the type of material and shed that is desired. Gardeners who live near the sea can also expect corrosion to shorten their shed’s durability.
The popularity of these garden sheds has produced a greater number of styles and colors from which to choose. Next, he must decide whether the shed is to be integrated into the design of the garden or used only for storage. From our vast experience in metal buildings we know that metal sheds should only be manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel.
Many of these types of crime are opportunist meaning the burglar is helped by people carelessly leaving items lying about. The Biohort collection of tough garden sheds includes the Biohort Europ a, which will keep all of your stored items dry and safe, with ease of assembly, secure twist handle lock and spare key. Lawnmowers, bicycles, machinery, ladders and tools will remain safe and sound when stored in this way. Plastic storage sheds are the cheapest option if you are not willing to spend much on them. The maintenance for wooden sheds can cost the gardener time, as well as money over the lifetime of the shed. Then he should consider his budget and the amount of maintenance he is willing to do to preserve the shed.
Accessories – Shed Windows, Shed Skylights, Shed Shelves, Tool Hangers, Bike Hangers, Shed Canopies. They often need no tools as the cycle has merely been leaned up against a wall in the front or back garden, or placed in an unlocked or ineffective garden shed. Finally, he should think about whether the shed will need to be heated for use during winter months. Both Metal sheds and Plastic sheds are usually supplied in kit form and at SM Garden Sheds we can offer an installation service to build your product for you. Despite this variance in cost, many gardeners prefer wooden sheds as a decorative and traditional touch to the garden design.
Timber sheds may be supplied from standard or pressure treated timber like our range of garden Arbours. The reason for this is that these are industrial buildings quality and the larger you go the more economical they become, BUT, it does give you the option to get the size building YOU want.
I have overseen the refurbishment of our house which has taken a depressingly long two years. Luckily, we haven't had to live in it during that time but once the shed arrived - so promptly and easily - we considered moving in there!

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