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For well built timber buildings,summerhouses, garden rooms,sheds,etc.
From our base in Wiltshire Devizes Wood Products are able to provide top quality wooden garden sheds, garden rooms, outdoor offices, wooden conservatories, and many more outdoor timber buildings. Outdoor Offices - wooden garden offices, all custom designed with optional insulation and electrics. Wooden Conservatories - The perfection extension to any home giving you extra space and adding value to your home. For high quality wooden garden sheds and other timber buildings in and around the towns of Wiltshire, Devizes, Chippenham, Trowbridge and Marlborough please contact us, on 01380 730800 we will be very happy to help you. The focus on outdoor rooms continues today with a peek at unattached spaces, namely converted sheds or cabanas that are freestanding in a rear yard, often requiring a short but worthwhile walk to the destination. Converting a shed or erecting a breezy cabana are two ways to get creative with an outdoor room when your home lacks a covered patio, screened porch, or sunroom.
Remove the walls of an old shed and use its frame to create an inviting sleeping nook for lazy summer afternoons. Hang colorful paper lanterns up above and include a daybed that also acts as a sofa for gathering or lounging with friends.
Hang an elegant crystal chandelier for contrast against the rustic wood paneled walls and include cozy linens for catching up on your summer reads or stealing an afternoon nap.

Sheds also make wonderful playhouses for children – include all the adult amenities like curtains, window boxes, and bistro sets for summer fun on a small scale. Cabanas are readily available from many retailers and a wonderful way to enclose a small deck. A comfortable sofa or sectional is all you need to make your cabana style space a welcoming one. Posed under a favorite tree, a small yet sophisticated black and white cabana provides both shelter from the sun and a stylish spot to chat for hours.
Later this week, we’ll wrap up the series with some inspiring ideas for uncovered alfresco spaces, including patios and balconies!
Wonderful ideas to brighten up your days and make life a lot better because Summer is about having fun closer to nature. Garden sheds offer such a great opportunity to experiment in architecture, to do something completely different, to have a little fun as well as serving the practical purpose of getting a little more space.For example, this little gem was designed by Stiff + Trevillion Architects, a homage to Mies Van Der Rohe's iconic Barcelona Pavilion. After sweeping out all the cobwebs, slapping up a fresh coat of paint, and filling it with some thrift shop finds, your shed will be a beautiful backyard oasis before you know it! Across the country, ladies are carving out a special place for themselves, one free from all stress and concern. Now, what's usually reserved for old tools and greasy car parts is being used for refined relaxation.

No matter your aesthetic, the She Shed is meant to be a peaceful island amidst all the noise and hurry of life. If you're a bookworm, fill your special place with books, both well-worn favorites and new bestsellers.
Though it's your choice to share it with others, it's meant to be a private retreat from everyday life.
If you live outside of the Wiltshire areas we can still help as we deliver nationwide, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. In an attempt to find some calm in their chaotic worlds, women all over are transforming ordinary sheds into blissful retreats.
On display we have a fully equipped model, fully insulated, electric and complete with a wood burning stove. Right here you’ll find features in great design and interior decorating coupled with fresh and inspiring ideas for sprucing up your home one project at a time. All our rooms can be manufactured to suit your style and made exactly to fit your space in a wide variety of materials.

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