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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. While the primary reason we encourage our readers to make more use of solar energy is to generate some renewable energy for their home, DIYer Grant Thomson of King of Random has tried to showcase the power of solar energy by coming up with a solar powered death ray that heats stuff at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re not aware of how much heat that is, consider that the solar-powered death ray can melt coins, boil water in just seconds, burn hotdogs and also burn holes in concrete. Having found an old and broken projection television for free, the inventor dismantled the set to separate the four foot-wide acrylic lens, which was then mounted on a wooden frame custom-made for the purpose.
Last week in the California desert, a $2.2 billion solar plant opened that creates electricity by harnessing solar energy. That water inside the tower is turned into superheated steam by the 1000°F temperatures to turn a steam generator, making electricity. The entirely serious plan to collect solar energy by spaceship and beam it back to Earth with lasers. One of the world’s most ambitious plans for harvesting clean energy is largely stuck in the lab, despite decades of work and tens of millions of dollars in research spending.
As with many alluring energy technologies, the hurdle doesn’t appear to be the underlying science. Chapman himself cites the giggle factor as perhaps the most significant challenge facing space solar power. The concept of harnessing space solar power is generally traced to Peter Glaser, who worked at the consulting firm Arthur D. In 2009 came a seemingly obscure legal agreement that, among space-solar-power devotees, qualified as liftoff. Last May, George Nield, the Federal Aviation Administration’s associate administrator for commercial space transportation, listed space solar power as one of the big things that might emerge from space before the current decade is out.
Jeffrey Ball is scholar-in-residence at Stanforda€™s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance.
Solar battery characteristicsThe current design has pretty good characteristics: It produces plenty of power and energy, and the battery portion of the device has a lifetime comparable to existing rechargeable batteries.
You don’t need fossil fuels or nuclear when you have hydro like we do in Quebec and a lot of other places world wide.
Not necessarily, I’d think Germany, as it is of a rather precise construction, especially the trade-off sequence. Often we find that integration brings us the best of both worlds AND the worst of both worlds at the same time. People should really start reading prior comment before posting, it’s like youtube these days. Unfortunately I didn’t see the other note from Marco discussing the same thing, but thanks for your constructive criticism.
Would be interesting to know how much say 20 sqm of solarpanel can store in KWh, when they are done with the optimizing process. Unfortunately I see the solar component outliving the battery component by at least several times. Currently there are grid tires that feed directly into the grid which do not work when the grid goes down.

Kenan Wang has designed a concept called Eco – Twinkle Light which is the mixture of the pencil sharpener and crank up battery. MonkeyLectric have developed a new bike wheel display system for cyclists to show stabilized images and videos on spinning wheels. The death ray has made using convex screens from an old projection TV to concentrate and direct sunlight on a much smaller area, thereby increasing the heat of the incident light. The inventor states, that his home-made solar cooker, can easily burn stuff including coins, beer bottles and even concrete. Rather than using traditional solar panels, this facility has hundreds of mirror-like reflectors that shoot the sunlight at a tower filled with water in the center of the mirror arrays. Researchers working on the project said that they expected the heat could result in some dead birds. Researchers are currently conducting a study to determine how to reduce the threat to local avian populations. Panels on rooftops already turn solar energy into electricity, and several experiments have transmitted electricity through the air.
He resigned from NASA in 1972, in large part because he disagreed with the agency’s decision to move forward with the Space Shuttle. If solar power were harnessed at large scale in space, he says, it could prove cheaper, more reliable, and more productive than solar power on Earth, which today serves up significantly less than 1 percent of the electricity the world uses.
Large pieces of a space-solar-power station would be shot from a launch site on Earth into space.
A 2011 report for the International Academy of Astronautics concluded that space solar power could reach working at scale within about 20 years—if governments and investors committed to ramp it up.
It concluded that technological improvements in the intervening two decades had made the idea of space solar power more plausible. With the approval of state regulators, California utility PG&E signed a contract with Solaren, a California-based space-solar-power startup. This past November, in a move that raised eyebrows among the space-solar-power set, Chinese officials proposed working with their Indian counterparts on a program to harness space solar power. But the rhetoric does evoke memories of the Cold War brinkmanship with the Soviet Union that a half-century ago led the United States to send a man to the moon.
Maybe with a more propper chemisty, like Lithium-Sulfur and halide salt anodes, so the cycling can be 20x that of Lithium ion and last as long as the panel itself. Smaller more efficient turbines lining up along the river, allowing the water to flow down the stream… no interruptions. It can’t destroy any object or building, but it can create a blinding flash of light which draw its power from a 330v power source.
By sharpening a pencil or rotating the handle you will get the power recharged, hit the big button at the top and you will get the light on. The impediments are scale, which would need to balloon, and cost, which would need to plummet.
By eclipsing another mission he was working on, the shuttle was killing his own chances of making it into space, he concluded. Chapman also contends that if the industrialized world doesn’t develop space solar power first, other nations will, with potentially serious national-security implications.

Many people today oppose large-scale solar projects because they don’t want acres of glass panels blanketing the landscape.
Solaren agreed to provide PG&E later this decade with 200 megawatts of space solar power. Geopolitical rivalry, history suggests, tends to spur action—both in the energy hunt and in the space race.
Eventually, these will become Plug-n-Play – with just Master Electrician connect, if need. Remote control, green army men and a million dollar bill were sacrifice for the test, an iPod as well Better not to try such thing at home but maybe with a fire extinguisher beside you. Unfortunately, dozens of birds with singed and charred feathers have already been recovered at the site.
Given the world’s vast energy needs, harnessing meaningful amounts of solar power from space would require shooting solar-array components into orbit multiple times a day, over years, some studies suggest. In addition, he says, he objected to the shuttle’s use of technology he regarded as outdated. He was struck by the fact that spacecraft in the right type of geosynchronous orbit could collect sunshine essentially all the time. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency announced several years ago a goal of supplying solar power from space to hundreds of thousands of Tokyo homes by the 2030s. It become necessary to use batteries which have their own environmental issues and huge costs. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. The system comes with a starting price of around $2000 per video system and $60 for basic lights system.
They’d send the electricity they produced back to Earth either as microwaves or as laser beams. If the battery cannot last as long as the panel, or last at least long enough to make it cost effective to cover the more frequent replacements that would be required, then is it really going to replace current solar pV tech?
The enthusiasm has tracked the ups and downs in the price of a more earthly energy source: fossil fuel.
If Solaren succeeds in supplying the celestial surge, PG&E will pay the company for it. When the battery discharges, the lithium reacts with the oxygen to create lithium peroxide (Li2O2) and electricity — in effect, it breathes in. The solar cell itself is fairly simple and cheap dye-sensitized titanium dioxide panel, with iron oxide (rust) as the dye. Wu says the design will be licensed to industrial partners, where it will help bring down the cost of solar power.

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