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This solid wood bookcase comes with a variety of advantages, featuring the smooth, clean lines characteristic of modern furniture design, that will complement your home. Most solid wood bookcases are preferable since they are more durable and long-lasting than those made of plywood. Despite their styles, solid wood bookshelves are sturdy so they can hold up many books depend on the size and shape of the bookcases. If you decide to choose solid oak or cherry book cases, there will be many things to consider. Choosing storage cabinets though is something that should be done with care, Here are a few things that you need to look for tips with these expert suggestions.
Before committing myself to a set of bookcase plans, I first decided to shop around for a pre-fab bookshelf, both online and at a few discount furniture stores in town.
Solid Pine Shelves – For first-time projects, I like to use off-the-shelf dimensional lumber from the big box stores like Home Depot.
Cutting Dadoes for Bookcase Shelves – By far the trickiest step in following bookcase plans is cutting the dadoes (that hold the book shelf ends).
Made of solid, is the sustainable hardwood for years of lasting beauty, that will withstand the stresses and strains of everyday use. You should consider about the features, dimension, and prices when you decide to buy unfinished solid wood bookcases. Even, not only bookcases, you also often put some accessories and ornament such as photos, ashtrays, candles, mini statue, and many more. Overall, the good news is that you don’t have to be a hard-core woodworker to pull this thing off. What I do think first-time builders might (and should) have is a circular saw, a router, and a power drill. Even if you decide later to upgrade to more expensive tools, your circular saw will always get used in the shop. You already know how much use (and abuse) this tool gets for literally hundreds of jobs around the house.

This is all good stuff, but for now, let me narrow down the choices for a first-time bookcase project. Pine is relatively cheap (compared to hardwood) and is precut to standard-size widths and lengths.
No one wants to spend time moving around tables, setting up sawhorses, adjusting work clamps… just to cut off the end of a board.
And a rich walnut finish that will be completes the warm, and inviting look, which will surely add to the beauty of interior design.
First, it’s the only other option I can find to buying expensive crappy bookcases, and second, I like the idea of deciding for myself what level of quality (and expense) I want to put into the project. In fact, a bookcase is a perfect starter project for someone just getting into building stuff from wood.
For a simple bookcase, you’ll be using the circular saw to cut all the boards to length, and to help make the dado cuts that hold your bookcase shelves. A router will make easy work of cutting the dadoes for your bookcase shelves, and with a few accessories, let you try out a whole load of professional-style woodworking techniques. Although it’s possible to build a simple bookcase without ever picking up a power drill, the no-screws approach to building a bookcase requires that you own an insanely large number of clamps to hold everything together while the glue dries.
That means a LOT less cutting for me to get the basic pieces of my bookcase ready for assembly. Unfortunately, any less preparation than what I just mentioned will put you in a dangerous situation. This wide bookcase offers plenty of space to display your favorite books, family photos and home decor pieces. If you have limited budget to spend for a solid wood bookcase, oak bookcase can be an ideal choice. The most important thing is they are not easy to break or bend since they are made of solid wood. The selections of the materials influence not only the price but also the quality of the bookcase.

With the finish is rustic, this open bookcase will continue to accentuate the look of your home with eco-conscious style for years to come, and will also complements the hardwood floors.
Oak bookcases are much ordered in the office furniture market especially in bookcases market and they are a tremendous choice that can frequently be purchases at a cheap price.
The elegant looks of the solid wood bookcases are perfect for any rooms in the house such as bedrooms, libraries, study room, and living rooms.
Since a bookcase is an important piece of furniture functions to keep books and store many things, the construction of the bookcase should be strong and powerful to keep the books you have. Not that you can’t do all this with another tool (like a circular saw or jigsaw), but at some point it just becomes too much work to make a zillion cuts in plywood without the bigger, beefy tools. That is, I clamp down both sides of the bookcase side by side… so that each pass with my circular saw (and router) cuts both boards at the same time.
Besides, the solid wood bookcases should be well-designed to contribute to the interior design of the home.
At a fraction of the cost, you can unleash the same clamping power on wood joints by using wood screws (or even nails) to hold pieces together while the glue sets up. This not only saves you tons of time and headache, it also makes sure that your shelves are perfectly aligned when you glue everything together. Of course, you’ll have holes all over everywhere, but most people just fill them in with putty and they look fine. The most horrific stuff happens to people who have been building for 20-30 years without a scratch. Sure, you might have some small gaps in the joinery, and maybe the case isn’t absolutely square and plumb. Then out of nowhere things suddenly go wrong… boards go flying across the room, arms and fingers get cut, and worse.

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