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In the world of furniture, we’ve been told that solid wood is “good” and veneers are “bad”. As time went on, and the majority of furniture was mass produced, there was less focus on design, and more on price.
If you have read the above information and are still a purist, then there are still options. Whether you’re buying a chest of drawers circa 1840 that’s solid wood, or you’re furnishing your son’s college digs with inexpensive bedroom furniture, just go armed with information. STILL LOOKING MORE IDEAS TO DECOR YOUR HOME.CLICK ON MY SHOP LOGO AND YOU WILL FIND MORE STYLISH AND ETHNIC STYLE OF FURNITURE WITH DIFFRENCE.
FEEDBACK: We always describe the product accurately and ship it as promised on the auction.
TEAKITA started small but keeping those qualities in mind, TEAKITA has become well known for its high quality teak furniture. Early furniture makers used veneers to get a variety of patterns that simply weren’t possible with solid woods.
Furniture could be ordered from the Sears and Roebuck catalogue to furnish your farm house in Iowa or your cottage in Maine.

When the description on the tag mentions this, it usually means that the door, drawers and probably the legs of a piece are solid wood and that the sides and top have veneers.
Know what you want, approximately how much you will have to spend and educate yourself about quality. Being a manufecture of handmade HANDCRAFTED product some time we found LATE IN DELIVERY for diffrent reason may be in workman ship process or sometime problem in logistic.WE REGULARLY TRYING TO IMPROOVE IN THIS LACKING. Crafted from solid Acacia, its sleek lines showcase naturally occurring knot, grain and color variations inherent to the timber. The surfaces of the oak, beech, and bell tree furniture undergo a ‘brushed metal’ process – a unique surface machining that creates the smooth, casual finish. You either bought a new car or a bedroom set, but few middle class families could afford both.
Many times pieces that have been displayed on the floor and become damaged, or closeouts, will be offered at a lower price. Our positive feedback is probably among the best in the industry, and talks about our dedication to customer satisfaction, quality, timely deliveries and bending over backwards if required to satisfy a customer. Teakita offers its customers an entirely new level of distinction in teak furniture to choose from. Rustic wire brushing and a heavily glazed Brick Brown finish result in a perfect balance between modern and rustic.
Tongue and groove design, handle troughs, and stainless steel edgings are all extra details which add character to the range.
The other alternative is scouring the second hand shops for older pieces that are made of solid wood.

We are always willing to listen to you, so in the rare case that you have any problem, please contact us and we shall do our best to satisfy you.
This may require that you look past the present finish and look at the construction, but you can save money.
Before you buy anything, get dimensions so you know it will work, and look it over carefully. ALL OUR ITEM YOU ARE LOOKING TO BUY ARE ALMOST 50 TO 100 % LOW THAN COMPARE TO MARKET PRICE OFFCOURSE AFTER ADDING SHIPPING AND OCTROI. It allowed the furniture designers to focus on decorative details instead of just function.
Veneers got their first bad press with inferior products that didn’t stand the test of time. All of these things together will give you some idea of the quality of the piece rather than disregarding it just because it has veneers. Don’t be shy about asking the salesperson to pull the piece away from the wall so you can examine it.

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