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In the mid-1990s, Carey Blyton attempted to get a project off the ground involving children’s books, a TV series featuring Willie Rushton and a dog with a very big bark. Carey completed ten initial stories under the collective heading of The Adventures of Arnold, though this series title had become The Doggy Tales of Arnold by the time the first (and only) TV episode was created. Sadly, for a variety of reasons, the project never came to fruition and nothing was actually released. Grateful thanks are due to Maurice Stevens (see online portfolio) for providing access to all of his illustrations for Arnold and the Acorns, along with a few other resources and recollections (see below).
I visited Carey and Mary at their home in Swanley, and we struck up a friendship which escalated into an exchange of correspondence. As noted, the exchange of letters involved limericks and cartoons, a few of which are reproduced here.

I will leave you with two limericks dashed off with a few days apart, as the amazing revelations revelated, viz. This picture was first submitted by Maurice Stevens as a taster for Carey’s opening Arnold story, Arnold Makes a New Friend.
The Doggy Tales of Arnold was projected to be a series of a dozen or so stories featuring the eponymous dog, and was intended as a collaboration between Carey (who wrote the stories and accompanying music) and the illustrator Maurice Stevens. However, one of the stories, Arnold and the Acorns, was indeed filmed and we are delighted to be able to present the complete programme below. Silly names were also employed, with Maurice signing himself Moritz von Teddington and Carey responding in the guise of Cynthia Fishnet-Stockings (Ms) (p.p. When he and I met we seemed to hit it off straight away on a personal and a creative level: we were tuned in on the same wavelength about many things.

Maurice had done some experimental character rough drawings of Arnold prior to this picture to develop his ultimate appearance, but this is the first colour illustration for an Arnold story, and the only one created for Arnold Makes a New Friend. I have a file of correspondence between us that I recently read, which made me chuckle quite a lot. Later, the producers of the TV programme changed their minds and went with Arnold and the Acorns as the first programme instead, despite its being the fourth story in the series. He wrote saucy limericks and I responded with cartoons, including a caricature portrait of him that he likened to Boris Karloff!

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