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Hand Made - Solid Iron - Fine Art Stairs - Residential And Commercial Hand Forged In America - Built The Old Fashioned Way "When Everything Made In America Was Built To Last Forever" And Craftsmen Were Proud To Sign Their Work All Under The Supervision Of World Renowned Design Artist H.
Scottsdale Art Factory an American manufacturer of custom doors, gates, and designer furniture all handcrafted by master artisans since 1913. Staircase makeovers pinterest staircase makeover, Most of these great projects can be completed in one weekend!
We have an collection of Modern Handrail Designs That Make The Staircase Stand Out in various styles.
If you are trying to bring more color, variety, and a particular design style into your home, choosing the perfect stair railing design style could be helpful.Whether your home has a rustic appeal or you prefer the minimal lines of cable and wire railings, choosing the right one will create a beautiful design accent to your architectural interiors. Here is some inspiring pictures about Modern Handrail Designs That Make The Staircase Stand Out.
It has been an eye-catching element from the beginning and, as its design evolved over the years, its status never changed.
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Modern Handrail Designs That Make The Staircase Stand Out interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. In fact, it became more and more important and interior designers have made it the star of their projects.View in galleryBut a beautiful staircase is defined by several aspects.
Richard McLane, design director of bespoke staircase company Bisca, explains the importance of the staircase in contemporary interiors.Once upon a time, unless you lived in a castle, a staircase was a simple thing, built of wood and standing against the wall.
Depending on your locale try searching out local artists and sculptors that are commissioned for custom projects.
Today, it can be a central design feature able to transform an interior with one dramatic statement. Your home may be the perfect place for a piece of their work!Beautiful wrought iron stairs railings for the home by R. The handrail has gradually transformed from a simple element designed to provide safety and protection to a wonderful and chic design detail.
Homeowners have historically spent a fortune on their kitchens and bathrooms, rooms that are often out of view and only have a lifespan of around ten years. Some staircases have given up the handrail completely in order to achieve a more minimalist look.View in galleryBut the handrail is an important structural component of any staircase. It can either blend in and have a subtle design or it can be an accent detail that stands out. This is an area of design that has been neglected in the last fifty years but is now gaining importance.Changing a staircase is not something one should embark on lightly. However, if it blocks out light, is not well integrated into the house or if it is in a rickety condition, it might be time to look at an alternative.

A natural time to think about a new staircase is when other renovation work is already taking place.
On the contrary! Many handrail designers have created gorgeous varieties from rustic wood varieties for a log cabin to ultra-sleek and modern for an urban penthouse loft. As aesthetic and structural implications need careful consideration, each staircase has to be planned individually. Every interior should be treated as a unique space – a sleek, stainless steel staircase works well in loft spaces and buildings with a high-tech, contemporary style whereas a very grand home with an impressive entrance hall requires something more majestic.A well-integrated product also has to take trends into consideration. For many homes the “less is more” aesthetic is desired and creating a unobstructed view is essential for home owners. It has a delicate shape with beautiful curves and it stands out with its sleek shape and elegant finish. The trend for light and spacious, open-plan interiors has in turn created a trend in staircases – the use of glass. The color is also complementing the decor beautifully.View in galleryEven though most modern staircases have sleek and minimalist designs, it’s not always the case. With the light, ethereal aesthetic of glass designers are able to create staircases which appear to float, to a stunning effect. The translucent nature of glass maximises the use of light and space and creates an ‘airy’ feel.
Both the stairs and the guardrail are made of wood and have relatively simple but strong and sturdy constructions.View in galleryIn the case of this contemporary staircase, the surprise element is the contrast between the stairs and the guardrail. A frosted, opaque effect, achieved through sandblasting, can be a good way to increase safety as it gives more friction underfoot.Stainless steel is another very popular material for contemporary staircases, remarkably useful both for its strengths and its looks. Although it is often associated with very bare, minimalist architecture, it can in fact take on a range of different looks – the trick is not to over-use it and to experiment with different finishes; bright, matt, brushed etc. It’s very charming but it also contrasts with the chic and classical wooden handrail that has a different style and finish.View in galleryFor this modern staircase, the design is cohesive and chosen to seamlessly integrate into the decor.
It is great combined with glass and also sits well with all sorts of timber and even with leather. The black accents and the clean, straight lines accentuate the minimalism of the design.View in gallery In this modern residence, the staircase almost completely disappears into the decor. All the glamour of a twenties luxury liner—this outstanding feature staircase has treads in Corian®—possibly the first time this material has ever been used in this way. It has the same color and it’s made from the same material as the flooring which also matches the walls.
The only element that stands out is the handrail which is made from a combination of glass and wood.View in galleryA similar design was chosen for this staircase as well.

The guardrail is made of glass panels mounted of metal supporting structures while the handrail is made of wood and has a simple design. It follows the structure and adds softness to the design by contrasting with the geometrical shapes of the glass panels and stairs.View in galleryA very common combination in the case of modern staircases is that between wood and metal. That’s because the resulting design is usually somewhere between classical and contemporary. This staircase has a metal structure with the stairs and handrail made of wood.View in galleryOf course, the classical design with wooden guardrails made of parallel, thin pieces placed vertically and held together by a simple handrail, also made of wood is always beautiful. It’s a design that can be easily adapted for all types of designs and decors.View in galleryA simple and stylish way to make the staircase look simple yet chic and eye-catching is to use contrasts. Contemporary and Timeless Staircase: This feature staircase rises from basement through to first floor. In this case, for example, the wooden stairs sit on a crisp white background and the metal guardrail with wooden handrail frame them beautifully.View in galleryContrasts can also be created in many other ways. The balustrade has leather clad handrails mounted on low iron glass panels and continues round all open stairs and landing edges.
This staircase is entirely made of wood but the differences in finish and color make it stand out.
It’s actually a very simple design and the metal handrail provides support as well as a subtle contrast of color and texture.View in galleryChromed metal handrails have a more clean and modern appearance but they are also more difficult to integrate into decors. A Clean Sweep: This staircase is supported by a hidden structure cleverly detailed into the wall. Continuous treads and risers of European Oak and a glass balustrade all add up to give a crisp, clean finish.
Pure Hollywood: This sweeping staircase contributes towards a wonderfully dramatic entrance. This lower ground floor staircase is clad in stone and offset beautifully against the simple white plastered parapet wall. His favourite trips include island hopping in the Seychelles, a mountain escape in Kashmir and getting lost in Hong Kong.Assif is the current editor of Adelto Magazine.

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