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Aim Steel Buildings is your cost effective, convenient and speedy source of pre-Engineered steel buildings.
The Fountain of Life Church of God expansion, constructed by Keeton Construction Services and pre-engineered by AIM STEEL BUILDINGS. Ironbuilt Steel designs and manufactures a full spectrum of agricultural metal buildings including steel barns, farm metal buildings, equipment storage sheds, hay storage, farm workshops, livestock shelter, dairy buildings, grain storage and produce storage buildings. Ironbuilt steel frame farm buildings are a solid I-beam construction and offer many benefits for agriculture over wood frame pole buildings when used for metal barns, equipment, grain and crop storage.
With no horizontal chords or knee braces Ironbuilt's sleek frame design eliminates area for birds to perch above your expensive equipment.
Call us today at 1-800-805-0084 for pricing and information on how Ironbuilt can help with your next agricultural building. RHINO steel buildings provide extra protection from rain and condensation, lightning, fire, high winds, mold, heavy snows, earthquakes, aging, and termites and other vermin.
Not only are RHINO’s prefabricated steel buildings highly sophisticated in design, but also produced with high-quality steel materials. Steel’s superior strength allows RHINO prefab steel buildings to achieve column-free designs, for maximum interior flexibility. Reduced cost of construction, new and environmentally friendly materials, and precise manufacturing standards make RHINO an excellent choice whatever your building project. With our unique MultiBuild™ Computer System we now offer our customers a very fast & efficient quoting service. Ironbuilt's metal recreational buildings are the perfect fit to house an indoor tennis court, ice hockey or skating rink, swimming pool, indoor soccer facility, bowling alley, horse riding arena, volley ball courts, gymnastics facility, indoor basketball court, driving range or any multipurpose gymnasium for a school or church. A gymnasium steel building from Ironbuilt is easily customizable with doors, large glass windows, vents, skylights and several exterior looks such as stucco, block or brick veneer can be incorporated into the design.

A recreational steel building from Ironbuilt is designed and built for a lifetime of maintenance free enjoyment.
Precision manufactured and sealed tight, our pole metal buildings do not allow insects or rodents in. Foam and metal closures that seal your building tight ensure that moisture, rodents and insects stay outside away from your grain and produce.
All our prefab metal building kits are cut to length, welded to shape, drilled, and punched at the factory. All RHINO framing is guaranteed to meet or exceed all existing local building loads and codes for the lifetime of the prefab building structure. Open, spacious interiors can span 200’ or more without needing any cumbersome support columns. Economics is a big concern when planning for a recreational building because they typically require large open widths and heights as well as enormous lengths to accommodate the activities inside. The wide open area of an Ironbuilt metal building allows for multiple basketball courts to be laid out under one roof without obstructions.
Ironbuilt pre-engineered metal storage buildings do not contain wood members that can warp, sag or rot.
Your hay and grain will stay dry in your Ironbuilt farm metal building kit due to our superior panel overlap, extra-wide mastic sealing tape, Lifetime fasteners with neoprene washers and metal and foam closures. The “kit” is shipped from the nearest shipping point directly to the job site for assembly. Steel is not only the most recycled material in the world, it can be recycled again and again without losing any of its innate properties or strength.
With one supporting column in the center of the structure, RHINO metal structures can be up as wide as 480’.

Heating and cooling units and ducts as well as retractable basketball goals, sound systems, lighting and heavy video equipment can be suspended from or placed on the roof. With our buildings you don't have to worry about wood screws backing out and causing leaks like in a pole barn. Non-combustible materials help to eliminate the risk of fire consuming your all steel metal storage building. Our metal buildings can be up to 40’ tall even on a standard design, while even taller structures are possible with a custom quote.
An Ironbuilt recreational steel building is easily insulated saving you on your heating and cooling costs over the lifetime of the building. The whole building is erected step-by-step in a logical manner using high-strength bolts and self-drilling screws, much like using a giant erector set making our prefab buidings easy to assemble. With the optional RHINO Pro-Value Insulation Package, these structures can also be super energy efficient, slashing utility bills by as much as 50%. Energy Star® approved cool roof panels are available in colors that reflect the sun for areas that are extremely hot.
A RHINO metal building typically requires one third less time to build than other structures, providing both speed and affordability over traditional construction stick-built methods.
Future expansion is simple and economical: simply add more RHINO steel framing at either end wall. Many do-it-yourselfers opt to erect the framing themselves with a few friends, saving time and money on the construction project.

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