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Storage container for sale kansas,southwest garage cabinets las vegas,sheds uk delivery unit - PDF 2016

Georgia Storage Containers, Inc., provides portable storage containers for rent in various sizes.
Georgia Storage Containers also offers storage containers and shipping containers for sale, storage container and shipping container modifications as well as refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers for rent. If you would like to speak with us one on one, a container specialist is standing by to answer any questions you may have. Ideal for long or short term storage, these units can be locked up and stacked on top of each other. These cheap storage containers are suitable for people who need addition storage for their home contents, or businesses needing a secure onsite storage area.
We have conex for sale in a range of colors, and we can deliver your 20’ shipping container directly to your site – America wide. If you would like a quote on any of our products then simply fill in the below instant quote form to receive our current price guide. LATEST NEWSPort Containers have just expanded it's rental fleet and have containers available for rent across the country. For more information, see our Container Rentals page and submit an online quote to see our prices. Our design company has been very creative with ways to maximize the space in such a small dwelling.
Since 1995 we have offered steel storage and Conex cargo shipping containers for sale and rent in the San Diego County area. Unlike a wooden or fiberglass crate, your contents will remain secure in our steel storage containers. We find shipping containers as close as possible to your location to keep the delivery costs to a minimum.

Giant Lock Box sells containers to the North East United States, including New York City Metro Area, Long Island, New Jersey, West Chester, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. We have three different delivery options: Flat-bed trucks, tilt-bed trucks, and crane-trucks. We offer five different grades of Shipping containers: used (basic or AS-IS), Grade-A storage containers, refurbished containers, certified shipping containers for export (IICL certified), and new containers (one-trip units).
Giant Lock Box offers specialty containers for sale: Refrigerated Shipping Containers (Reefer Containers), Office Containers, Insulated Storage Containers, Open-sided storage containers, Open-Top shipping containers, and flat-rack containers.
Our customers range from individuals for residential or recreational storage…to businesses for retail, commercial or industrial storage purposes. Regardless of your storage needs…be it short term or long term…standard or custom…We are the #1 choice for all your container needs! These containers are available in both new and used condition to suit most budgets – please refer to our container grades for more information (click here).
For additional piece of mind, we can install a security lock box to protect your pad lock from being tampered with. Once ordered, we will arrange an appropriate time for delivery and ask you a few questions regarding site access.
You may either store the container at your business, construction job site, or residence, or load it and have us pick it up to store at one of our high security storage sites.
Ask our sales staff, and we’ll be happy to refer you to a local moving service to assist you with your move.
We have decades of experience in the container rental industry and understand your storage requirements. All of our storage containers come standard with an “easy open” door handle on the cargo doors and a high security lock box.

Standard shipping containers are mainly used for general storage of non-perishable items such as furniture, clothes, office equipment, machinery and personal effects. Our standard containers are made from marine-grade corten steel and feature double container doors that open to a large 270 degrees, timber flooring and have multiple internal container lashings to secure your load if used to transport goods.
If your site is confined we do have a few transport options that can make delivery easier when unloading.
You may keep the container at your site for as long as you need to and then use it to ship goods to your desired destination.
We have storage containers ranging in size from 20ft to 53ft in length and offer quick and easy delivery service. We offer a wide variety of sizes and customized products and purchase rent and leasing options. Ideal for storing large quantities of liquids for your home, camp or business in applications like watering, cleaning, concrete cutting, plastering, or collecting vegetable oil for WVO or biodiesel conversion.
Food grade & non-food grade watering plants, cleaning, concrete cutting, paving, plastering, hydroseeding or vegetable oil for your biodiesel conversion.
Can also be easily modified for other uses like sandblasting or dry storage of coal, wood pellets, grain. Great for storing large quantities of liquids for your home, camp or business in applications like watering, cleaning, concrete cutting, plastering, or collecting vegetable oil for WVO or biodiesel conversion.

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