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Construction is currently underway on a new multi-storey ‘Big Box’ self-storage Stor-Age facility in Claremont at the intersection of Brooke and Main Roads.
At an estimated cost of R80 million, the new seven storey 12,500 m? self-storage facility will enjoy excellent exposure and will also be easily accessible from Cavendish Street, a busy ro…ad leading to the popular Cavendish Square retail mall. Situated on a 3,000 m? erf, the new store will offer upwards of 850 self-storage units ranging in size from 3 to 30 m?.
A blog for the new South Philly by an East Passyunk maven, new-store stalker, guide, newshound, clairvoyant and arbiter of taste.
The size of the structure posed its own set of challenges as Ott started to design how the storage units would lay out.
But he found a clever way to overcome that issue – designing the storage space with a Philadelphia theme. Then there are the details that take the situation beyond the ridiculous and into the absurd.
A few weeks ago I spent some time with a woman who lives on the Lower East Side of New York in a rent-controlled apartment on a block that is still primarily populated by people like her, that is to say, those who live at the other end of the ultra-luxury spectrum, at least financially.
In a system that has formed around the desire for personal wealth and the assumption of infinite growth, this is not surprising.
An industry based on taking up space for stuff that’s not being used would lose about $24 billion per year in revenue (the Self-Storage Association proudly provides this figure), and those who have been paying for storage would save $24 billion. If we stop spending on stuff and start circulating what we already have, the planet may actually get some much-needed relief and regeneration. Innovation and creativity would be drawn like a magnet to the logistical, organizational, pricing puzzles of circulation.
A mini storage facility is a highly recommended option for those who are looking to run a less strenuous business. Make sure that you have a decent credit history because it always proves to be a plus point in the eyes of the loan providing firms. Your ideas will always be encouraged by the lenders, hence create a well analyzed business plan.
The choice of choosing a lender is up to you, hence go for someone who offers the most affordable rates.
Stor-Age Claremont will trade into the established suburbs of Claremont, Bishopscourt, Newlands, Rondebosch, Kenilworth and Wynberg.

When Ott purchased the building in February, it wasn’t int the best shape, having been vacant since Dubin Paper Company closed in 2012.
In New York City, high-end means millions and not just seven figures, and the residential housing market is segmented much like the 1%. The Times article mentions one of the developers, Adam Gordon, who is described as having shifted his focus. At One57, there are 21 of them up for grabs, but those who need the subterranean space to stash away their bric-a-brac can expect to pay big. At one end of the spectrum are ultra-luxury apartments for part-time residents with storage units that cost more than most people’s houses. Gordon might build low-income housing or something else that’s really needed in New York City. For any business to start one has to invest a certain amount of money, depending on the size and the structure of the business, hence the start-up capital is of pivotal importance. You should know this for a fact that the commercial mortgage lenders are interested in two things, one is the credit score and the other is your ability to repay the money you have taken as loans. It is a common practice that the lending agencies give a thorough look at the business plans made by the companies in need of loans. The mini storage loan quotes should be reviewed thoroughly and then compared with the interest rate. The owner inspects this location almost daily, and has an excellent reputation with the Oakland County Sheriff.
With a highly desirable location and modern aesthetically pleasing design, the new store will add significant value to the Stor-Age brand. With various city code violations, Ott has had his fair share of work to do on this building. That’s what happened after I read a New York Times article about the current spate of building and selling of high-end condos in Manhattan. There are now luxury, super-luxury and ultra-luxury units with prices starting at about $3 million, $5 million, and $10 million respectively. Rather than developing luxury buildings, he’s chosen to take an 11-story building on 61st Street and convert it into a luxury storage facility. She and her friends excitedly sorted through the “discarded” household items on the sidewalks as they do whenever a neighbor leaves stuff out for the taking.

They represent “stuck money” – vast amounts of wealth sunk into spacious rooms and stuff to fill them even though there’s no one home. So why not start imagining what would happen if we let some of that surplus wealth flow more freely through our world?
The investment adviser, salesperson or representative may not transact business in Washington unless appropriately registered, or excluded or exempted from such registration. Small business loans do require a rather good sum of money for them to function, but for the operation of the mini storage facilities, a hefty loan is required. Before applying for the loan, make sure that you have gone through your credit report and wherever there is a need to raise your score a few points, do so.
If it is not feasible for you to apply for a commercial mortgage under your name then initiate a business credit account by establishing your own corporation. To have an insight on the exact figure of the payments, you must come to an agreement that suits your cause. 300 units are opening this week, another 340 will be opened next month and in three years, the entire facility is expected to be built out. Now, I know the storage business is astoundingly large – according to the Self Storage Association, there are 2.3 billion square feet of self-storage space in the US. At the other end is “free circulation” – surplus goods made freely available to those who need it in the spirit of reciprocity and community. What might it look like if all the stuff that’s in those luxury storage units was put out onto the sidewalk for the taking? As one real estate marketing guy asked (with seemingly no sense of irony), “How many people can actually spend $25 million for a home?” Well, if you have to ask ….
Neither is all good or all bad, but it’s striking how deeply skewed we’ve become toward the belief that security and comfort come from growing our own personal pool of “stuck money”. We fail to imagine the possibilities of the flow, while those who do entertain ideas of a circular economy tend to be marginalized as outsiders and naive about the real world.

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