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To minimise the stress of moving contact us today for a free quotation to undertake your move.
This weekend marks the last long weekend of the summer, and I am totally depressed about this.
I have been trying to enjoy summer, especially since it is winding down and frigid temperatures are right around the corner (it makes me nauseous typing that). The night before we went to Montreal I mentioned on Instagram that if anyone had any tips for Mtrl shopping to shoot them my way. More vintage West German vases, Menu salt and pepper grinders from Greyhorne Interiors (highly recommend these grinders!!!), more Wonki Ware, pot by Hay from The Modern Shop, vintage hand-forged metal rose from the Gore St.
My husband flipped out when I mentioned I would love to paint the walls and the ceilings whatever room colours I choose. As much as I don't really know what to do with green walls, I am a fan of this shade of green.
We have no furniture for the guest bedroom so it is currently the stash for art and other miscellaneous items. You’ve found the right moving company in Vancouver, started packing up your belongings, and preparing your family for a new life in your new city.
But if you’re selling your home at the same time you’re moving, your stress level can skyrocket, especially when you have to worry about juggling two mortgages on top of all your other moving concerns.
To help speed up your sales process, our moving company has come up with a few tricks that will help you appeal to potential homeowners and move you into your new home faster.
Whether you are moving within Vancouver or across Canada – Our team has got you covered for you next moving day.
You can relax as Steers Afrovan Worldwide Moving provides exceptional full removal services.
No word on when the next church service will be or if the church members also moved with the church.
Now that we are settled in our new house (in case you missed my posts here and here earlier this week) all I can think about is what in the hell I am going to do with this blank canvas.
You love your hot pink bathroom walls and electric blue kitchen, but for the more conservative buyers who can’t look past the color, it can be a turn off.

If you have a spare room you’re not taking advantage of, think about how your buyers might want to use it. The moment your buyers walk up to your front door, you want them to be excited about their tour. Our state of the art facilities are available to clients across South Africa and further abroad. To distract myself, I have been thinking alot about my new house, and still pondering paint colour ideas. Anyway, I have been spending time at their pool instead of getting much done around the house but given how much we love this place, I think we will be here a while and will have tons of time. That’s a lot of weeks to keep your home immaculate, staged and organized for your potential buyers. Store photographs, keepsakes and other mementos in a storage unit while your house is on the market.
As painful as it is, cover brighter rooms with neutral paint, remove any decorative decals from the wall, and borrow simple furnishings to replace more flamboyant furniture.
Make sure baseboards and cabinet tops are clean, touch up any nicks and bumps on the walls, replace old and outdated doorknobs and features, fix leaky faucets, and change out any flickering overhead lights. If you’re appealing to younger or older buyers in more of an urban environment, borrow some furniture and stage it as an office.
Make sure the outside of your home is clean and freshly painted if necessary, keep the lawn mowed and the flowers in top shape, sweep your porch, and add some cute outdoor furniture. With a few steps, some elbow grease and a minimum investment, you can take one less worry off your shoulders and focus instead on the excitement waiting for you in your new home.
We use only the best Mercedes Benz vehicles, with highly trained staff that are equipped to perform this task effectively. I am still completely hung up on the idea of going dark throughout my house, so I thought I would share some more inspirational photos (check out my last couple of posts on this subject here and here). We scored this amazing vintage walnut credenza with a Brutalist pattern for an awesome price, along with a matching highboy for my husband's dressing room. I also have black countertops and white cabinets so this is a good representation of how it would look in my space.

The more time I spend in my new house, the more I realize that I have to completely re-think how I am going to decorate.
The rest – box up and have your moving company bring to storage to house until the big move.
It can be disheartening to look around your home and see your most beloved items missing, but it helps your buyers picture your house as their own instead of feeling like they’re intruding on another’s living space.
Keep bedrooms and bathrooms simple and gender neutral, and if possible, give your kids’ bedrooms a more grown-up feel for a few weeks. Even bruised apples in a bowl on the counter or dirty floormats can grab your buyers’ attention in a negative way. If your home is in a suburb, stage it as an extra bedroom for buyers looking to find room for their growing families. This has thrown me for a loop and while it freaked me out a bit in the beginning, is starting to become more exciting and less of a daunting task.
That can wait until we can buy a king size bed and then this one will go in the guest room.
That means everything you can live without, including knick-knacks, toys your children no longer play with, rarely used kitchen appliances, and unnecessary furnishings.
If you overlook the small stuff, people may worry how you’ve handled big issues in the home.
One thing I cannot get out of my head is how beautiful dark and dramatic colours would look in this house. As my realtor told me, you don’t want it ‘broom and dustpan clean’, you need it ‘toothbrush and cotton swab clean’.
With lots of windows and very good light coming through, I think I could totally get away with it. I won't be painting my floors (unfortunately) or the wood work anytime soon I am totally up for going to town on all the walls and ceilings.

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