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Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person.
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As gardeners, plant habitat designers, and co-founders of The Horticult, we, Ryan and Chantal, know this dilemma all too well.
We also built a custom frame for a super-size installation that’s now wild with glossy tropicals like anthurium and black gold philodendron.
Now that spring is here, what better way to take advantage of the nice weather than to enjoy a cup of coffee (or wine) out on the balcony. I am excited to partner with IKEA to share a variety of exciting ways to stylishly maximize a small balcony area, to ensure you are able to truly enjoy your outdoor living space while the weather, and the wine, is good!
5) If your kiddo is a bit younger and wants to help you water the garden, this project is for you.
8) I had to share this full list of backyard games that Better Homes and Gardens put together from 14 different blogs. 9) Kids go through bubble solution FAST and it’s kind of a pain to be refilling it non stop. 10) My daughter doesn’t really like drawing with chalk on our walkways (we do have chickens walking around bugging her), so this framed outdoor magnetic chalkboard would be perfect! I have a new found respect for trunks since writing my last post about adding vintage character to your little ones spaces. What a conversation piece to use a vintage trunk in your living room as a table, with a bonus of extra storage.
As summer approaches and we begin to entertain again why not use an old trunk as a place to serve drinks. Lets continue with the outdoor theme and entertaining, why not use a variety of perfectly worn trunks to set the stage for an outside wedding.
I don’t know what the weather has been like in the rest of the country, but here in western Oregon, it has been H-O-T this week!
I can’t even tell you how many pictures I have pinned or how many instagrams I have liked that have globe lights strung over an outdoor dinner table.
This is one of the first backyard photos I pinned when we started designing our house and backyard.
Everything about this back patio makes me weak in the knees, from the giant, rectangular umbrella over the table to the stone tile on the floor. When I was growing up, my parents had a big hammock under the second story wrap-around balcony. We offer complete truck scheduled maintenance, NYS and Federal inspections and heavy duty truck repairs all at affordable prices.
Hello, I am interested in your ad (4933209) (MODERNA BODEGA Y SHOWROOM - EN VENTA O ALQUILER). Modernas bodegas con su showroom en complejo comercial para empresas que desean realizar su operacion en el mismo lugar. Innovative, flexible and just darn cool, the Outdoor Room take shipping containers and transform them into anything from a retreat or home office, to a spare bedroom and chill out zone. Available for purchase or rent from late this year, the 20-foot modular units are decked out with power, lighting and air conditioning and feature timber flooring, superior insulation and glass sliding doors. Delivered to your door as a blank slate, the portable and secure container solutions can be used and furnished by consumers to create whatever type of room is needed, with colour-customisation available to suit any setting. Available to buy from $19,950 and hire from $133 per week, they are the perfect solution for those looking for either permanent of temporary extra space. I’m a long time lover of the shipping container and those pictures demonstrate how versatile and gorgeous they can be.
Dephna Storage Solutions offers self storage units and cold storage rooms depending on your requirements.

We also provide other spaces for rent including serviced offices, virtual offices and commercial kitchens on a flexible hire basis. Room for Rent Equipment Leasing, Inc., offers trailer storage and rental equipment for customers in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas. At Room for Rent Equipment Leasing, Inc., all of our storage trailers and equipment are well-maintained and secure. Housed on the property, Southridge Mini Storage has a warehouse with space for a business for lease. They also have a funny way of multiplying, taking over every surface, including your ground, patio floor, and garden tables, until your place becomes a sea of clay containers. In searching for ways to design with clay pots in attractive, space-saving ways, we hit a wall. We strung our clay pots together using all-thread rods, and turned plastic test plugs (found in the plumbing section of the hardware store) into drainable flanges that, in tandem with nuts and washers, secured the pots in place. Attaching the hanging plants to a frame with casters makes it possible for renters to take their garden with them during a move.
Pick up the April issue of Better Homes and Gardens now for the full DIY, including instructions, photos, and pro tips!
Balconies are an extension of the home, and can provide a peaceful place to grab a bite to eat or a quiet location for curling up with your favorite magazine. Pull inspiration from your favorite street-side cafe and look for small bistro tables that are sized perfectly to hold dinner for two. Take advantage of the area’s vertical space with the help of slender cabinets and shelving.
Four years ago I made this small raised garden bed for my daughter (she’s so small in the photos) and she still loves it!
Your backyard is now the kid friendliest backyard around, but where are you going to store all those toys? I wrote the piece with the intent of sharing ideas and ways to make a kids room feel complete {since I was in the midst of making over my boys rooms}.
I struggle with this all the time & the great thing about trunks is the size, add some casters to the bottom and you now have a piece that is accessible and functional.
We are such wimps when it comes to warm weather that my kids think 70° is too hot, but it was in the mid-80′s today, so it was legitimately summery.
I can’t even see what’s going on anywhere else besides this little corner, but it looks amazing! Dephna Storage gives you more space, more solutions and better service than any other self storage company. Our state-of-the-art service facilities and experienced maintenance personnel ensure you receive high-quality equipment – fast! Features include a 5200 square foot warehouse with loading dock, a heated and cooled work area, and an office space and lounge area. Oversized lounge chairs can quickly eat up limited balcony living area, so select pieces that are compact and can be sweetened by adding a throw cushion or two. Although your table may be on the smaller side, roll out a small cart stocked with beverages and snacks or throw blankets and games for a perfect afternoon outside.
Adding a cabinet to your balcony can provide you quick access to gardening supplies, grilling tools, outdoor serving pieces and seasonal textiles.
By adding a few planters or a trellis, you are able to create some natural privacy for your balcony. But, what I was left with was a fascination with trunks, especially after seeing this room reveal below. If extra height is needed you can always add legs to the bottom to give your piece an added boost.

You can also layer a few for added height and even bring this great idea outdoors for your next event. They add a layer of charm and character with their rich patina, plus they are easy to transport and store items for the big day. And all of this warm weather has been longing for a dreamy back patio on which to spend the evening.
El metraje total es 384m2 con un Showroom en planta baja, tiene mayor area de almacenamiento que showroom, altura libre de 7.5 y 9 mts. Welcome to Room for Rent Equipment Leasing, Inc., Buffalo New York's leading trailer storage and rental company.
We ended up designing a screen that turns a collection of clay pots into a vertical garden in which the pots seem to be levitating on top of each other. Characterized by their bamboo fretwork design on the back, they normally feature an upholstered seat and may or may not have arms. Folding chairs that can hang in-between uses are extremely beneficial when space is tight, while outdoor cushions can triple as seating, a footrest or a table when paired with a tray.
The shelves can display greenery and lanterns day-to-day, and then set up as a serving station while hosting a few friends for dinner.
Even if you live in the middle of a big city, planters and table top green houses make it easy to add some vegetable and herb plants to your balcony, and your home cooked meals. I knew a trip to my favorite local salvage shop was in order, as they have a huge selection of vintage trunks. Bubbling over with flowers like nemesias and petunias, it’s also the friendliest kind of privacy screen.
We’ve hung our floating planters from the eaves of friends’ balconies and attached them to our own rolling arbor.
While they’re available new from a variety of retailers, you can almost always find vintage versions as well by searching on sites like eBay, Etsy, Chairish, 1stDibs, etc.
Another space saving solution is to utilize storage benches, which not only offer seating, but double as a place to stash away seasonal outdoor supplies. Jackpot, I found a beautifully weathered piece with a green patina, it was used in WW2 to hold electrical supplies.
But one of our house goals for this year is to get a concrete slab out back, to drag our furniture out there, and to string up some pretty globe lights. Originally designed by prolific English cabinet maker Thomas Chippendale in the 18th century, the Chinese Chippendale chair is a classic design that can work in practically any style of interior. In addition to using vintage trunks in kids spaces, there are many other clever ways to use them, here are some fun ideas to incorporate them into your home or for a special event….
Most of the images I found while doing a little Pinterest hunt led me to dining rooms like this fun Palm Beach-inspired room designed by Maria Barros. Pairing a Chinese Chippendale chair with the uber-modern Saarinen tulip table is a fun and unexpected combination of modern and traditional. A big modern farmhouse table in a natural wood finish is an interesting and unexpected match for the white Chippendale chairs.Stunning and bold red chippendale chairs are a statement-maker in this traditional dining room. But if you prefer something a little more natural, go for an unfinished bamboo chair – I saw a ton of this particular finish at market, too. Dorsey)For a more subdued or monochromatic interior, go for contrast with bold black against a crisp white table (via The Zhush).

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