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My Garden zone in my shed is the area I like the best.  Coming up with storage solutions for the shed was a lot of fun! Dave built the shelf underneath the window specifically to have a place to store the seedlings. This was the perfect door for this because it opens up on the side directly across from our three gardens. Dave put in a third raised garden bed this year so that each of the triplets could be in charge of a garden. The roof is slanted and since I didn’t want anyone to get conked on the head coming in or out of the shed by a can of Raid, I made a safety catch. Then wrapped the wire around both ends securely.  The sprays and such can just be lift up above the wire to get out or put away.
Just underneath the garden shelves I bought two rolling plastic bins to store bird feed in. Once one is empty it will be no problem to clean it out and change the label and use it for whatever I need it for. Don’t forget to use the underneath areas of shelves, or above your head areas.  Think outside the box! Dave wanted a clock in the shed, so we brought out one that he had in the basement and didn’t use much. On the shelf to the left of the window I have a green bin with sprinklers and garden nozzles in it.  One of our coolers is on the shelf above. We will be hanging bikes in the winter, use under shelf space, above head space, door space etc. Tomorrow I will finish up with the tool area and lofts.  I am also hoping to make a video of the whole shed, so you can see it all at once instead of in four different posts.
Don’t forget to link your organizing, cleaning or DIY posts to my Organizing Mission link party!

Also I’m having a huge giveaway $100 prize total, blog makeovers and necklaces up for grabs to 4 winners. We had so much we had to get in this shed to open up space in our garage I had to make as much usable space as I could. You will be amazed at how much more you’ll be able to get in… and be able to find it you do reorganize this spring!
Just catching up on all your great organizing tips and this one is near and dear to my heart!
I am re-organizing my storage shed after a renovation and was looking for ideas, which is how I found your blog.
It’ll make your home and function existence appears a lot more structured and if you use the storage sheds wisely after that your whole life may really feel much less cluttered. I want to build a tool shed but don’t know where to start, I found the info here worthwhile, I will take a quick look at your web site to see if you can aid me. I'm a Professional Organizer, Mom and Step Mom to eight, and a Senior Content Manager for Collective Bias.
Seems you always need a pair of scissors and I must have used them a half dozen times while I was working in the shed this day. Again there was a lot of space that would have gone un-used if I had not put the pegboard on it.  I plan to have Dave put another piece on the lower section, but the only piece we have left is too short to fit.
He had to put some green fencing around the beds because the dogs thought these were their own sand boxes or something. The basket is open, so it helps them dry without getting mildewy and the dirt will eventually come off and fall out of the basket and onto the floor where it will be easy to sweep out the door. We weren’t able to use this piece anywhere else because it was too small, but it worked perfect here. I will use those at this point for potting soil and any odds and ends that might be too big for the shelves. You could actually buy gloves with a pattern and be even more creative with the idea.  Hang them down across the top or something? I have the seed packs in there that we didn’t use or partially used and a pen and sharpie marker.

I like the clock, I’d need that or I’d forget to come out of there if I were you! Not that it’s the prettiest, not that you spent the most money on containers, and decorating it, but that you were practical in the way you organized everything.
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I’m sure that almost every garden has a garden shed where you store all the tools, seeds, buckets and so on. No money spent (I already had a pack of the command hooks) and I have a fun little paper towel holder.
One more place I used the Command hooks in this shed is just on the outside of the garden shelf (near the single door) I hung one for my dust pan. There is some thistle seed in the bird food and if it gets on the grass, I’ll get thistle.
I love the paper towel holder, I love how you utilized every little space, using wire to hold things in place, he he. Repositing sheds ironically don’t forever come equipped to give great and efficient Top Organizing Tips from Author Rory Tahariby MarthaStewart 17 052 views 2 45. Take in dampness rough-cut in garages and basements where tools are often stored storage shed organization ideas. Keep all your tools loose to uncovering and displayed with vogue exploitation our scout to organizing your storage shed. Of course, getting some cabinets to store is the most common idea but what about making furniture of wine or milk crates? I decided to use them as a bit of Garden Shed decor!  See them?  I was having difficulty getting a head on shot of them because it was so light outside.  It was washing out the picture too much.
Attach baskets to the wall to make some storage space, use funnels for strings and hooks to hang everything from shovel to scissors, store seeds in big mason jars.

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