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Tenant Storage Lockers for Apartments, Condominiums and Coop Residential buildings in New Jersey and New York City. Transform your building's common storage area or basement into efficient, organized, additional sources of income with Condominium Tenant Storage Lockers. Single-high, walk-in style lockers are perfect for storing tenants' out-of-season belongings.
Storage Lockers eliminate clutter and allow for proper aisle space throughout common storage areas. Rent storage lockers to tenants at typical rates & recoup the cost of storage cages and installation in under one year! Is your building's common storage area accumulating clutter and in desperate need of cleanup? By installing Condo Storage Lockers in your New York City building, Giant Industrial Installations offers you a way to unlock your basement's potential while providing a valuable amenity to residents! Tenant Storage Lockers are the ideal solution for organizing and storing residents' personal belongings in New York City condominiums, apartments, and multi-family buildings.
The open and secure design of our wire mesh storage lockers allows for existing lighting, ventilation, and fire suppression systems to function effectively throughout the entire storage area. Single-high, walk-in style storage cages are perfect for storing off-season belongings and items that you'd like to keep, but don't necessarily need on hand all year round.
Double-high (stacked) storage lockers are ideal for multi-family buildings that have limited storage space, but a large number of tenants that require additional storage.
There are other options and accessories available to customize your building's storage cages, including ceiling panels, back panels, shelves, raised floors, and custom locks. Recoup the project cost in under 12 months by renting storage lockers to tenants at typical rates.
In most installations, your building can recoup the project cost in under 12 months by renting storage lockers to tenants at typical rates. As part of a no obligation site visit, Giant Industrial Installations will survey and field-measure your existing storage rooms, basement, and other common areas. Once you decide to add storage lockers to your building, the time frame is short; usually from contract signing to completion is no more than four weeks.
Storage locker ceilings add an additional level of security and are recommended for storage locker installations with overhead pipes or plumbing. Unlike most storage locker cages, all wire mesh ceiling panels are fully framed with steel angle and fastened to the storage lockers to prevent sagging. Full-depth and half-depth shelving planks are available as an option, and are constructed of either wire mesh or solid galvanized steel planks. Sturdy, heavy-duty floor options made of sturdy galvanized steel planks are also available.
Most storage locker installations utilize a provided standard padlock lug; residents simply provide their own padlock. More secure keyed locking systems are available, including 3-point padlock latches and 3-point keyed handles.

All frames, dividers, and angle supports shall be punched with slotted holes for anchoring and assembly. Visit WireCrafters' website for detailed information, product brochures, and more material specifications for Condo Tenant Storage Lockers. Tenants in my building needed a place to organize and store their bicycles and out of season items. The additional storage units added by Giant are very valuable to our tenants, and for a building owner like myself, the storage lockers are a selling point just as valuable as a fitness center. Giant came out and showed our Board President a great opportunity to not only provide tenants with additional storage space, but also to utilize an area of the building that was going unused to generate extra revenue.
Giant Industrial Installations is the leading supplier of WireCrafters Condo Tenant Storage Lockers, Bike Storage Solutions, Secure Storage Cages, and Wire Partitions in the New York Metro area and has been serving the co-op and condo industry for over 27 years.
Here are two new pieces called 'Beautiful Struggle' (above) and 'Clockwork Struggle' (below) by NYC artist kaNO. It appears the date for this great art event with artist Andrew Bell will now be Thursday January 27th at KidRobot NYC.
Theere are some new photographs floating around the interweb of artists Faile and artist Bast hitting up the streets of NYC with some freshness. Here is a wicked building bombimg by artist Love Me, this time the NYC resident hit up sunny Los Angeles, California.
Banksy filmed him, Berlusconi has collected his work, and Shepard Fairey called him 'awesome, infuriating, almost impossible to define.' The he in question is Mr. Taking on such colorful, Pop-laced iconography draws inevitable comparisons, not the least of which to Andy Warhol.
Mr Brainwash "Following his recent trip to NYC, Mr Brainwash decided to take a bite of the Big Apple and do a show there in February 2010. Double-high lockers are ideal for buildings with limited space but a large number of residents. With Condo Tenant Storage Lockers from Giant Industrial Installations, you can turn your building's basement or common storage area into organized income producers!
An efficient and organized storage area not only prevents unsightly clutter, but can also help your building avoid hazards and comply with New York fire codes. The unique construction and modular design of our wire mesh and solid (privacy) storage lockers allow us to customize the dimensions to any size; no matter how large or small.
For securing the contents of the locker's stored items, the locker is equipped with a simple padlock lug whereby the tenant provides their own padlock. Giant Industrial Installations will provide a five year profit projection with your proposal to illustrate your room's financial capabilities. We will then provide an efficient, customized storage locker layout that fully optimizes your storage room's potential. Giant Industrial Installations can field-measure and survey your space at no cost to you, and provide your board with the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Check out our Storage Locker FAQ for more information about typical the lead-time, project details, and more!

The ceiling panels are typically constructed of wire mesh panels to allow existing lighting and air flow throughout the room, and also to allow sprinklers, if present, to remain operational in case of a fire. Shelving can be installed at any height inside the storage locker, and we can equip each locker with a custom number of shelves depending on your specifications. We can even raise each entire storage locker completely off of the floor by welding steel "legs" to the storage locker! Giant Industrial Installations created the NYC storage space we always needed, but didn't think we could afford! This is a monstrous 25 color 36 x 47.5 inch screen print on 290GSM Coventry deckled edge paper with an edition size of 300, comes signed and numbered by the artists for $800 each. These will be Snub Nose prints which usually have an edition size of 500 and will run about $25 each. This a portrait by photographer Patrick McMullan, not sure when and if this will be available online. Brainwash is open to the public from February 14 to March 30 at 415 West 13th Street on the ground floor.
During installation, our team cuts, modifies, and welds components on-site as needed, allowing for lockers to be installed seamlessly around existing pipes, electrical wiring, and other obstructions. We have worked with hundreds of condo boards over the years; successfully installing thousands of tenant storage lockers in New York City and surrounding areas.
Giant Industrial Installations can provide solid panel fronts and exterior panels with wire mesh interior panels and ceilings. The exuberant, French, chain-smoking, paint-splattered chatterbox whose street-meets-Pop art is, like any good hyperbole, larger than life.
Another section features variations on the cover art Brainwash designed for Madonna’s greatest hits album Celebration. The subject matter is hit or miss, I much would have prefered a Sub Rosa print instead of this.
Spinning off a motoscooter piece from his last LA show Life is Beautiful is a yellow taxicab encased in a giant plastic package like a Matchbox car.
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